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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Summer Checklist For Tweens by Mommy Blogger Pehpot

It is not easy to raise up a child as it requires a high-demand and lots of hard works to do. From the moment a child was born to toddlerhood, the challenges are double up as they become strong-willed and starting to learn things on their own. But wait, it is not yet over, from childhood, tween years will come. It is the moment when your child is not yet a kid anymore but not most likely a teen.


Tween years is the most crucial time of your childs progress. How can you handle a not-so-child and not-so-teen? It is delicate to mess up with their tweenhood. Any parent knows the struggles. However, you can make it fun for your new tween to grow up and take small responsibilities by this time.

Summer may be the perfect season to start teaching your tween how to manage oneself, how to deal with people, how to be open to parents, how to handle responsibilities, and how to enjoy life. You can start by giving particular chores he is fond of, like for example planting the garden, taking care of small brother or sister, washing the dishes, or folding the laundry. The responsibility should not be a huge issue if he handles it well or not, what matter is how willing he is to take it. After he had learned it, it is now time to teach him how to aim for a fantastic result on his responsibility.

Make it slow, just one step at a time, it is not that hard to teach a tween. It may sound complicated at first, but eventually, when your tween is familiar with the changes he will embrace it. After responsibilities are excellently done, give him a reward. It may be something he strongly desires of or something big for him.

To help your child enhance his skills, attitude, talent, and make some discovery to himself, you can engage him in a summer activity. By doing so, he might enjoy while he learns. There are some summer workshop and courses perfect for tweens and teens who are growing up and developing oneself.

There are some business-related summer workshops that your kids can get into; some fast-food chains offered summer workshops to enhance the childs interest in working and engaging in business. It is a good start for your tween. I found a list of some exciting summer activities that can help enhance our childs capability which is very relevant to their age. Mommy Blogger Pehpot enlisted more than 20 schools and establishments offering fantastic summer courses for toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and even for adults.

Now, heres a recap of our summer checklist for tweens:

·         Self-management
·         People Management
·         Transparency to parents
·         Handling responsibility
·         Enjoyment

Treat your tween at their age, remember that they are no longer a baby, but they are not already a grown-up who can take full responsibility for their action. They are fun-able but be sure to guide them all the way!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Arrowland by Gandiva- The Newest, Hippest Archery Range in the Metro

On November 12, 2016, Arrowland, a brand under Gandiva Archery Range that was exclusively created for SM Malls, had the grand opening of its first store at 5th Level SM Mega Mall Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City.

The spacious range has 10 lanes with 10 meter distance and also consists of well-equipped armory that can cater to all the clients archery needs.

 No need to worry for begginers because highly trained staff is ready to teach them the basics. Barebows are available for them while mid to high end range of bows are available for more seasoned clients. In line with this, Gandiva is so proud and pleased to announce that it has been awarded exclusive distributorship in the Philippines for FIVICS and KROSSEN archery equipment. That means Arrowland offers equipment sales and after sales services to all its clients.

During the event, Kuya had a chance to channel his inner Green Arrow for the very first time and while we were travelling home, he asked me if we could come back. I said yes, definitely. He also expressed his desire to study more about the sport and he couldn’t wait to start doing it. For a non-sporty kid as he was, that eagerness made me feel so happy that at last, he found the sport that he would love to learn. Arrowland ignited Kuya’s desire on a sport  that he never thought he would like.

I promise you that you will love the experience too. You may head on to Arrowland with your family and friends and it promises fun that is right on target. 

Fret not, budget conscious Mars at Pards! The range offers very affordable beginner’s lessons, private or corporate parties, and school tie-ups.

New targets will soon be available like tic tac toe and zombies to make shooting more enjoyable and not boring. 

I also encourage you to follow Arrowland on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM for more details, promos, events, and updates. You may call 02- 5770956 if you have questions.

*Photo and Video Credit: Arrowland by Gandiva

Another great idea that isn't like archery is skating, check out some great resources for women here.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Review + International Giveaway (November 2016): KidloLand App

Our world is now fast paced. Technology changes in a blink of an eye. People from all walks of life especially the older ones do their best to cope up with it while the youngsters, which include my son, are born with. We can’t deny that apps using our phones, laptops, and tablets become part of our lives now and they are here to break or make us especially the kids. What I mean is, there are those who are trashy and don’t teach our children the right values or skills and there are those who help us to develop them cognitively and wholistically.

I have two sons, eleven and five years old. With all honesty, I don’t expose them too much on gadgets because they have the tendency to get addicted. In the case of my eldest, I have no choice this year but to give him his own tablet because his class uses e-book in school. What  I do is I give him an hour during weekends and ten minutes during weekdays to enjoy his favorite videos on YouTube, read articles online, or play games. Paps, Loley, and I are still monitoring him despite of trusting him that he can control his urge to play instead of studying. While my Bunso, who has been diagnosed with Mild Autism Spectrum, is not allowed by his Developmental Pediatrician to get exposed to television shows or watching videos online and offline because his speech and fine motor skills are delayed. Sadly, he has the tendency to get hooked on gadgets that he doesn’t like to stop. He needs to do activities that require communicating and tinkering.

After his diagnosis in 2014, we took away his gadget privileges. It was also on the same year when he started being afraid of hearing load sounds and getting overwhelmed with too much color and action from movies. I exposed him to more books, flashcards, and concrete educational tools like blocks and Lego.

It was only last year that I let Bunso  use my phone. I only installed two educational puzzle apps that he's still playing daily under  time limit. Presently, he is still afraid of loud sounds and hearing songs from the television or radio. Ironically he has the tendency to get addicted to YouTube firework videos so I locked the internet access. So when KidloLand, an award-winning app for toddlers and preschoolers, contacted me to review its app, I was hesitant at first. But then again, 250+ mom bloggers all over the world recommended it so why should I not give it a try. Then I accepted the offer. Seeing and exploring the app myself with Kuya before showing it to Bunso made me feel happy that I said yes.

These are the things that we love about KidloLand:

1. Versatile

- There are over 800 nursery rhymes, stories, songs, activities, and  games available for toddlers and preschoolers.

- 95+ interactive classic nursery rhymes with thousands of surprises  come alive when tapping the screen.

- Original educational songs for learning ABCs, fruits, vegetables, shapes, colors, and a lot more can be found.

- There is a complete Phonics section composed of activities and songs to help kids start or enrich their reading skills.

- Kids learn a lot through games. They enjoy playing without them realizing that they are learning at the same time.

- It is loaded with activities that help kids develop their cognitive skills like sequencing, math, picture and number, comprehension, problem solving skills, and a lot more that develop their eye-hand coordination, creativity, reasoning, and imagination.


2. Child and Parent Friendly

- There are no advertisements that may influence the child.

- The games, songs, and activities are designed for kids ages zero to five.

- It’s easy to use and navigate.

- Shows a wide array of funny animations and sounds that make children entertained.

- Animation and sound are colorful and crisp respectively.

- Parents can download activities, videos, and songs that kids can enjoy offline anywhere, anytime. 
This also assures that parents can still choose and be in control in what contents of KidloLand their kids can watch, hear, and do at the moment.


Our internet connection speed here in the Philippines is too slow and it takes longer for me to download more contents of the app but I guess in other countries downloading is faster. It’s okay for me because as I’ve said, I only show Bunso a few portions of the app daily.

3. Android and Apple Device Compatible

Kidloland may be purchased through App Store, Google Play, and  Amazon Appstore for Android.

4. Affordable

There’s a Basic (Free) Service where a limited number of songs and other content is made available to the free users of the app and unlocking any additional content requires either in-app purchase or registering for subscription service. One year subscription, for example, is US$39.99.

During the first time that I showed Bunso the activities that I downloaded from the app, I felt a little nervous. As I mentioned a while ago, he was afraid of loud sounds, too colorful animation, and could get addicted to videos so I did his exposure one at a time for him not to get overwhelmed. I was surprised to see that he loved everything about it especially the puzzles. He didn’t get afraid of the sound and color. He was hooked  but still would return my phone after a given time limit. Like his favorite old puzzle apps, he didn’t get addicted.

Our family loves KidloLand. It ‘s definitely the best educational preschool and toddler app that I’ve seen so far. No wonder that it is trusted by moms all over the world and has gained so many awards and badges from different parenting and educational institutions. KindloLand can win the hearts of kids as well as their parents.

Like us, I also like you and your toddlers and preschoolers to experience the wonders of this app. KidloLand is so generous to give three (3) AAPM Readers of the Month of November a three month subscription each to the KidloLand app. It’s so easy to join. Just follow the steps below:

This giveaway is open to my readers WORLWIDE. You don't have to be my social media account followers to join. Giveaway period is from November 7 to 30, 2016 only. Winner will be chosen by

I'll announce the winner on my Facebook Page on December 1, 2016 and he/she will be notified through Facebook message on the same day. Thanks!

Good luck and thanks for joining!



Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Day to Remember: Mommy Bloggers Philippines and The Maya Kitchen Mommy and Kid Cupcake Baking Workshop

The day that I was waiting for arrived. I prepared for it because it was another mom and son date for Kuya and I. I was so excited to see my mom blogger friends and bake with them and their kids at The Maya Kitchen and Mommy Bloggers Philippines Cupcake Baking Workshop!

We were blessed to maximize our dating day. It so happened that we also had an event in SM Mall of Asia. We left there at exactly 2:00 PM although traveling from Pasay to Makati was quick and easy. We didn't want to be late and heavy traffic might be expected.

We commuted through jeepney and finding Liberty Building along Arnaiz Street wasn't difficult to do. We arrived right on time.

Upon entering the venue in 8th floor, we thought that we were the first ones to arrive. While I was filing up the registration form, the two lovely ladies of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Joy Gurtiza and Louisa Mercado, and their kids appeared. Louisa asked me if the other participants were there already. I told them that we were the first to make it. Apparently, they were in the kitchen waiting for the workshop to start! Mali-mali talaga ako kapag natataranta! Kalerks!

Kuya and I went to the kitchen quickly. I saw familiar and new faces, mommies that I had a chance to see online. I was happy to see all of them and of course, my old online mommy friend, Heart Calimlim, was there with her handsome son, Yuri, waiting for me. Prior to the event, we were chatting about our first meet-up and both of us were so kilig about it. Parang teenager lang ang peg! LOL!

Well, I was truly and sincerely glad to see her in person. We were starting to chat when moms and kids were grouped by three pairs. We decided to form our group with Berlin Domingo and her adorable kids.

The photo above and all photos that I am going to show you were captured and owned by the talented and super mom Joy Gurtiza. I'm so proud to say that she's my very first and only photography teacher. I was permitted by her to use them on this article.

Alright, let's move to how the workshop went.

Right from the start, The Maya Kitchen staff and instructor were organized and systematic. They made sure that all the materials that we needed were prepared. The teacher said that baking was different from cooking. In baking, everything must be properly measured to have a successful finished product. Bawal ang manghula ng measurements ng ingredients. To maximize our two hour workshop, we did it it one step at a time with the teacher.

Of course, we had to listen carefully. This was the very first time for Kuya and I to bake from scratch without using cake mixes. Wait a minute, parang ako lang yata ang nakikinig? LOL!

Mommies made sure that their kids took turns in following the teacher's instructions. They were so enthusiastic.

What made it worthwhile was mommies who had prior knowledge to baking gave their pointers and tips aside from the ones mentioned by the teacher. How cool!

Major chikahan to know more about one another and to catch up was evident. It was so true that mommies would never, ever ran out of something to talk about.

We were instructed to place the batter in cupcake trays lined with cupcake liners and gave them immediately to the staff for baking. After baking, we let our cupcakes to cool down. While doing that, we were asked to come in front for the Strawberry Cream Icing Making demo.

It was crowded with fascinated kids so I decided to view the demonstration through the wide monitor on top while cleaning our counter and taking photos.

Before we did our own cupcake decorating, the teacher did it first so that  we could do it correctly. I was all eyes with this portion because I wasn't confident in decorating cakes.

Look how delightful it was! I found it very, very exciting! I was literally palpitating! Tuwang-tuwa talaga ako! Promise!

The kids were asked to line up per group to get their pre-made icing. It was done by-the-book, of course.

Kuya needed a little help. After fixing his piping bag, he was the one who frosted the cupcakes.

I was the one who placed the heart sprinkles on top. Career na career to the highest level! 

While the others were busy decorating their own cupcakes, some kids couldn't help but gobble the icing because it tasted really, really good! Enticing, 'no?

Then we proceeded to the Peanut Butter & Choco Chip Cupcakes following the same system.

The peanut butter made the batter sticky and this time, the kids needed their mommies' help.

Another demo was given  for the chocolate icing making and decorating.

Kids again lined up to get their own icing.

This time they knew how to get it properly.

The cupcakes were already cold so they frosted them the way they wanted it. Kids were so creative.

Two hours passed. We were told to pack up. Box were provided so that we could bring home our baked goodies.

Additional goodies for take home were given by Yummy Magazine Philippines, The Maya Kitchen, and Glad Kitchen.


Aside from the fruitful learning experience and the joy of receiving gifts, these are the memories that we will never forget:

The friendly and happy smiles on the participants' faces brightened our day.

The precious moments that moms and kids shared were etched  in their hearts.

In my case, I had a chance to bond with kids which I truly missed. This workshop fulfilled my desire to become a teacher again to other kids and not just to my son.

Thank you, The Maya Kitchen and Mommy Bloggers Philippines, for organizing this event. It was more fun baking with other mommies and kids. Thank you for bringing mommies and their kids closer. This would remain in our memories forever.

Kuya and I will definitely come back with Papa and Bunso. I encourage you, Moms and Dads, to enroll your kids to the upcoming baking classes this June:

Kids Baking Adventures (ages 5-12)

9:00 AM – 12:00 NN

P1,000 per class

June 8 --- Cupcake Baking and Decorating 1

Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes and Double Chocolate Cupcakes

June 9 --- Cookie Baking 1

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Sandwich

June 22 --- Cupcake Baking and Decorating 2

Cotton Candy Cupcakes and Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

June 23 --- Cookie Baking 2

Chocolate-covered Candy Cookies and Sugar Cookies

Young Baker’s Hangout (ages 13+)

9:00 AM – 12:00 NN

P1,500 per class

June 15 --- Basic Cakes

Chiffon Cake & Dark Chocolate Cake

June 16 --- Basic Icing

Royal Icing and Buttercream

June 29 --- Commercial Breads 1

Pan de Sal & Ensaymada

June 30 --- Commercial Breads 2

Cinnamon Roll & Spanish Bread

Mark those dates on your calendar! For more information on this and on other course offerings, log on to, e-mail, or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City, or call 8921185 / 892-5011 local 108 / Mobile No. +63929 679 6102. Call and reserve a slot now!
Feel free to share your The Maya Kitchen workshop experience! I am so excited to know!

I guess you want to see more photos. Joy Gurtiza posted it on Facebook. Here's the LINK. Enjoy!

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