Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, A Pocket Full of Fun and Surprises

Yesterday afternoon, Kuya and I were happy to join other mommy bloggers and their kids at Gardenia Pocket Sandwich Pocket Full of Fun in Fun Ranch Ortigas. 

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

This fun afternoon was filled with games, food, prizes, magic show, mascot appearance, etc.--- a great way to spend quality time with our kids that made our tummies and memories full. 

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

The theme of the program "Pocket Full of Fun. Pocket Full of Surprises" described very well the mission of Gardenia's new product, "Pocket Sandwich" that comprises the wonderful things that a mom could bring to  her kids, family, and herself too.

The main inspirations of Gardenia to come up with Pocket Sandwich are the busy moms. Moms are the masters or multitasking. They are very efficient in juggling different roles like doing chores, taking care of the kids, handling finances, scheduling activities for the family, earning for a living (may it be working at home, business, or in a company/institution), taking care of the family members and their needs, and of course, planning and preparing meals. 

One of the meals that moms prepare for their kids in school or at home are sandwiches. They are so easy to make and kids love them. But most of the time, kids remove the bread's edges because based on experience, they don't like eating them and they just throw them. There are also times when their sandwiches get squished in their lunch boxes or bags making them not appealing to the appetite or worse, make a lot of mess. There are also instances that moms wake up late (I am guilty of that! LOL!) that they just give money to their kids to buy food in school hoping that their kids make the right choices. 

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is the best snack to give to our kids. It's easy to slip in their lunch boxes, bags, even in their pockets. It is not vacuum sealed, meaning there is air inside that acts as a cushion that makes the bread's appearance intact and fresh. The brown edges of the two breads have been removed and they are sealed together firmly by machine to make its filling intact inside.

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is a soft, freshly baked bread that is delicious and nutritious. It is high in the following vitamins and minerals:

Iron- for normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

Vitamin B1- helps release energy from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

Vitamin A- essential for eye function

The kids will surely feel their mom's pocketful of love when they eat it especially that it has two great-tasting variants that kids go gaga for--- chocolate and peanut butter. Definitely it is a yummy, healthy, spill or mess-free snack, convenient for munching everytime, everywhere.

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

Because it's made by Gardenia, it is guaranteed safe because it is made in a sanitized and clean environment.

Gardenia understands moms' eagerness to prepare healthy snacks for their kids despite their very busy schedule and Gardenia Pocket Sandwich truly takes some of their load as busy individuals. I guarantee that you and your kids will love it like we do. Super yummy talaga!

For an affordable amount of Php15.00 each, kids and their families can now savor the healthy-yummy goodness of Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores. For more information about this product and other Gardenia breads, you may like Gardenia on Facebook or visit its website,

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

I am looking forward to know your feedback about Gardenia Pocket Sandwich! Feel free to leave your comment here. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Bringing-up our kids provided us so much learning through experimentation, lots of patience, a mountain full of prayer, and creativity. The joys and trials that we have endured as our kids grow up have become avenues of so much learning. For my blog entry today, I have invited my ex-boyfriend, best friend, confidant, and husband to share a portion of our parenting experiences in his perspective.

As a little boy, I never enjoyed the ritual of brushing my teeth. Agonizing were the moments when Tatay Jun, my dad, would ask me to brush my teeth with the minty toothpaste that we used to have back in the day. One time, we were watching a cartoon program on Saturday television and Tatay asked me who my  favorite cartoon character was, and I told him that it was Donald Duck. Later that day when my brushing schedule was coming, he told me that Donald Duck's teeth were perfect (Later on, I learned that ducks don't have teeth.) and that he would want me to be like Donald and Donald would help me. With that I became very excited. So come brushing time, Tatay gave me a Donald Duck toothbrush. I diligently brushed  my teeth since then knowing that I would have the same teeth as Donald's.

Times have changed. I am now a father with two bouncing, very active, and assertive boys. 

minions, colgate, toothbrush, toothpaste

Teaching them the importance of mouth hygiene is a daunting task. I remember how my father has encouraged me to develop the habit. But boy, kids nowadays have a way of circumventing on every logic, notion, or rationale that are imposed by their parents. They simply don't listen and follow. It's more like listen and ask, "Why?" The trick is, if the reason does not conform to what they want, then so long reason. 

As for the "mouth hygiene" thing, my eldest Ross taught me one important lesson on how to do it. During one of our heated arguments on why he should clean his teeth, he argued, "Why can't it be fun?" At that moment, I realized that my dad a long time ago taught me and my sisters mouth hygiene by engaging us in somewhat "role playing" activity. Whenever we brush our teeth, he would pretend to be Donald Duck and would even imitate the character's manner of speech.

Ross at four
As for the care of my kids, my wife and I agreed to brush with them together. To enhance the experience more we bought them their favorite character themed toothbrushes. Then while we brushed together, we would pretend that we belonged to a family that would always do the same things one at a time. It so happened that my son Ross's favorite character then was Mickey Mouse.

So while we were brushing, I would usually ask him to discuss things about Mickey Mouse. Then at certain instances, my wife and I would give quick instructions to Ross the manner on which he should clean his teeth. So every night, we would gather around near the sink and brush our teeth together. It became our bonding time or ritual before sleeping. Our brushing time became a fun-filled and anticipated activity everyday. 

Nowadays, Ross has developed the habit of cleaning his teeth regularly even at times without us telling him. My wife and I together with him are still doing it but with one more "trainee" in the guise of his younger brother, Ice. Same routine, same fun but with a twist since Ice has Mild Autism. he has the tendency to stick to routines. On top of the routines that I have mentioned, one particular aspect of our brushing session with Ice is his fixation to a particular brand of toothpaste. Among all the brands that we have tried and tested on him, he prefers with utmost reverence, Colgate Original. So far, my kids have developed strong, white teeth on top of their good brushing habits.

The latest "Minions" themed toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste can be motivating factor for young kids who love the adorable Minion characters like Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Carl, Phil, and Lance to see brushing as fun-filled health-laden activity. Furthermore, Colgate has customized oral care by coming up with two (2) variants of their themed product, both available in Lazada Philippines---

Colgate Minions 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack  and Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack (This is definitely a must-have for Ice who is currently six years old.).

These packs were specifically designed through research to address the oral hygiene needs of kids while keeping them happy and inspired as they brush their teeth.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Taste of History by Senyor Juan Suman Latik

I grew up in a Nueva Ecija, the Rice Granary of the Philippines, where rice cakes of all sorts were part of my daily living. They were being sold on wet markets or peddled on streets. They were considered common that when I started living here in the Metro, even though I could buy from reputable bakeshops and some supermarkets to satisfy my craving, I still couldn't taste their authenticity. 

Above all the rice cakes that I love, Suman sa Lihiya is my number one favorite. It's soaked glutinous rice treated with lye and mixed with coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves which is boiled for at least two hours. It's served with Latik, a sweet sauce with a mixture of coconut milk and Muscovado Sugar, and topped with Budbod (dried coconut pulp). It's not easy to find it here and I have no time making it due to my very hectic schedule.. I only have a chance to taste it when friends give it as pasalubong and it happens rarely. I miss eating it always. 

Not until I discovered the branch of Senyor Juan Suman Latik near our home.

It was love at first bite when I tasted its one piece Original Suman Latik a.k.a. Senyorito (Php35.00). It's closest to the flavor of my favorite Suman sa Lihiya  and  on that moment, I knew that Mom and Paps would love it too so I bought a box of three pieces, Senyorita (Php95.00), as pasalubong. I was right, They liked it so much. From then on, whenever there are special occasions like reunions or small gatherings, Mom always brings Senyor (Box of 12- Php375.00) or Senyora (Box of 6- Php188.00) as her pot lock contribution. Senyor Juan never fails to delight anybody's appetite, the old or the young ones alike. It has the taste of history that can be passed on through generations.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Just recently, I had a chance to taste not just my favorite Original Suman Latik but also five Senyor Juan's Espesyal and Fried Suman Latik Flavors

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Brace yourself because the photos that I am going to show you are drooling! Believe me, they all taste so good! Here they are:

Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, Ube, and Macapuno

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, Leche Flan, and roasted peanuts

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, ripe mangoes, and roasted peanuts

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Fried Suman Latik Cheese
One piece fried Suman topped with Latik and grated cheddar cheese

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Fried Suman Latik Chocolate
One piece fried Suman topped with Latik, chocolate bars and sprinkles

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Among the flavors that I tasted, my favorites were Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik and Fried Suman Latik Cheese. I shared them with my family and they were all amazed with the explosion of flavors inside their mouths, truly a one of a kind tasting experience. Paps loved Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik while Mom liked Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik but she told me that she liked the Original Suman Latik more. Kuya said that Fried Suman Latik Chocolate was his first choice that obviously, I thought that he would like. 

These Suman Latik were best paired with Gourmet Hot (Php35.00), Cold Barako Coffee (Php45.00),  or Choco Tablea (Php99.00)

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Although there were Mangosteen-Dalandan (Php45.00) or the award-winning Dalandan Honey Juice (Php35.00) available, I preferred drinking them as is while chilled! They were definitely great natural thirst quenchers. 

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Apart from serving great-tasting Suman Latik variants and natural drinks, I can attest that Senyor Juan Suman Latik follows a strict food handling protocols and good customer relations which I have observed on my visit in its SM Mall of Asia Branch.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Miss Katrina, the staff who was in charge knew how to keep her stall clean and she prepared my food properly. She was great in suggestive selling and client relations. No customer left without ordering or dining in.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan's tagline impresses me, "This business is owned by God, managed by Senyor Juan." Senyor Juan Suman Latik walks its talk. I, as a loyal customer for months, feel happy and satisfied whenever I purchase or dine in.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

I highly recommend Senyor Juan Suman Latik . We can have #TheTasteOfHistory without breaking our pockets. You may visit any of its branch near you.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

You may find Senyor Juan Suman Latik  on Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. You may also visit for more details.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

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