It's Simply By Being Honest

March 25, 2012

I am very blessed to have loyal, loving, and trustworthy friends and loved-ones. I think the topmost secret for this is HONESTY.

We have to be HONEST to OURSELVES. We have to be HONEST to OTHERS by showing who we really are.

If you will ask me, "Do you have a car?", I will answer NO, because I only use my feet and public transportation to go to places where I want to go. I will proudly say, I can have different drivers and vehicles everyday, unlike you!

If you will ask me, "Do you have an Iphone?", I will answer NO, I don't have. My cellphone does not even have a camera. I only have a less than a thousand cellphone because I only use it for its basic purpose, just for calling or texting.

If you will ask me, "Do you have a big house?", I will say NO, I don't have, because I only live in a small place that I don't even own.

If you will ask me, "Are you rich?", I will answer YES, I am. I am rich with people who love and care for me. I have a good mom, a loving husband, adorable kids, caring in-laws, loyal friends, and other things that money can't buy.

I would like to share a story that I heard recently about a teacher who was asked by his student, "Sir, do you have a car?". The teacher answered, "Yes, I have. Just check out my Facebook account.". The student saw the luxury car that the teacher posted and he was surprised. He believed that the teacher really owned the car. After a few weeks, the student discovered that the photo was just uploaded from Google.

The bottom line is, DON'T PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE THAT YOU ARE NOT. Be HONEST...Let people accept you for who you are and not by what you have. In the long run, those people whom you got pretentious with will discover the facade that you created was untrue.

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