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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Citi Medical Center Changes the Way of Labor for Pregnant Moms

It gives me so much joy to witness an event that is full of new things to learn, old knowledge to review, and exciting things that are worth sharing to expectant moms who are looking for the best hospital that can cater to their needs that won’t hurt their budget from beginning to end.

I am so happy to announce that World Citi Medical Center in Anonas, Quezon City has launched its new Maternity Wing and relaunched its Pre-Natal Package just recently.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Guest of Honor: Doctor Rustico A. Jimenez (President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated) with Madame Arlyn Grace V. Guico ( World Citi Med President and CEO) , Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico ( World Citi Med Officer-in-Charge and CEO), Doctor Margarita Santella-Jara (World Citi  Med Medical Director ), Doctor Lorcelli Parado (Chairman, OB-GYNE Department World Citi Med), and Doctor Meadina Cruz (Chairman, Department of Pediatrics World Citi Med), the board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated, Miss Avelyn Garcia (President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleash International Corporation), Mr. Jay Eusebio (Vice-President for Sales and Marketing of UNTV), and Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro (PVED Corporate Director) led the ribbon cutting ceremony followed by Pastor Alex Tinsay’s dedication while pregnant moms learned from the series of seminars led by the OB-GYN Department.

The event was graced by different media personalities, well-renowned doctors in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics, employees, supporters, friends, and pregnant participants who brought home goodies from sponsors.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Pregnant guests were given treats from the following event partners: The Parenting Emporium, Beginnings, Cetaphil, Pampers, Huggies, Wilkins Pure, Chicco, and Mommytreats.

The pre-natal and maternity packages were well-researched and planned for a year by the World Citi Med’s OB-GYN and Marketing Departments having pregnant moms and their families in mind. Their aim was to change the “way of labor” for pregnant moms because they deserve a worthwhile health care, delivery, and stay from beginning to end. The institution would like to ease their pain and worries, giving them a “Happy Birth Day” by offering any of the packages that includes discounts, free seminars, and freebies that suit the budget of even the most frugal expectant moms.

Let me show you in detail World Citi Medical Center’s Pre-Natal and Maternity Packages.


Pre-Natal Package worth Php4,600.00 includes:

Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Gel Method ABO Typing
HBSAg Screening
Papsmear (Histopath)
Pelvic or Transvaginal Ultrasound

To make the payment scheme much easier for budget-conscious moms, they came up with more affordable packages:

1st Trimester Pre-Natal

PLAN A worth Php940.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN B worth Php1,555.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN C worth Php1,560.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

2nd Trimester Pre-Natal worth Php2,130.00 includes:

3rd Trimester Pre-Natal

PLAN A worth Php1,080.00 includes:

PLAN B worth Php1,255.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis

All Pre-Natal Package selections come with the following FREEBIES:
- Mother’s book for pre-natal check-ups
- Privilege card that she can use at World Citi Med and partner establishments for perks and discounts
- Mother’s class on pre-natal, postnatal, breastfeeding, family planning, and other classes
- Access to pre-natal education resources

With any Pre-Natal Package, moms can avail of discounts in the following procedures:

- Hear your baby’s heartbeat
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s gender
- Get black and white ultrasound images

- Hear your baby’s heartbeat more intimately
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s gender in a more revealing way
- Get 3D color ultrasound images

4D FACE TO FACE (Cash Basis Only)
- Hear your baby’s “clearest-sounding” heartbeat
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s “clearest-image” face and gender
- Get 4D color ultrasound images and CD of your baby’s moving images


A. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- General Anesthesia

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

B. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- Spinal/Epidural

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

A. Caesarian Section

WARD: Php44,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php31,850.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php51,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php38,850.00 (With Philhealth)

The maternity package above is EXCLUSIVE of Professional Fees.

To put the maternity package in detail, it is INCLUSIVE of the following:
- Two (2)days stay for Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) and three (3) days stay for Caesarian Section (CS)
- Preoperative, Intraoparative, and Postoperative Care
- Expanded New Born Screening
- Newborn Hearing Screening
- Nursing Care
- Immunization (BCG, Hepatitis B vaccine, Vitamin K
- Maternity and Nursing Kit

Let me give you a glimpse of the Maternity Wing located at the 6th floor. You will notice that it is different from the wards that you’ve seen in other hospitals. When clients stay here, they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, like having a staycation, after hours of experiencing labor pains and other stressors related to delivery.


The spacious, neat, and organized Nurses’ Station is located on the spot where it is easily accessible to the clients and vice versa. The ambience can tone down the work related stress of every health care provider.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


Each private room has its own flat screen television set, sofa, modern comfy patient bed, side table with chair, fixtures, cabinets, and bathroom.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Who wouldn’t love to stay in this private room? It feels like you are in a five star hotel room. What I love more about it is the bathroom. It’s spacious and safer for pregnant clients due to its slip-free flooring. Amazing!


The ward consists of three patient beds which are separated by curtains to promote privacy. Each portion has its own side table, cabinet, and chair. Patients share in one spacious bathroom.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


The difference between a private room and suite is just the space, presence of a telephone line, and bigger table and sofa. 

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


The Maternity Wing hallway is filled with beautiful photographs featuring the beauty of pregnancy, delivery, and raising a child.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity

World Citi Medical Center values medical and nursing care standards which include proper patient identification, safety, lighting, ventilation, and sanitation through the presence of properly labelled trash bins, clean and well-lit rooms and hallways, strategic placement of wide windows, and presence of fire exits. Bottles of hand sanitizers are placed everywhere making them accessible to health care providers, personnel, and even visitors to keep their hands clean before coming in the rooms to avoid cross-contamination. The entire 6th floor including the hallways is air-conditioned. The lights and doors are opened through access cards. The use of pastel colors creates a more cozy atmosphere, so cool and pleasant to the eyes.

The institution promotes the importance of breastfeeding. Formula feeding is not allowed along its premises.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity

I suggest that you visit to see the Maternity Wing yourself. But first give the hospital a call (+632)913-8380 locals 380 and 210 prior to your visit, for booking your pre-natal check-up, or if you want to learn more about the maternity or pre-natal package. You’ll surely have a “Happy Birth Day” at World City Med! #CelebratingMOMents there will be more fun, fruitful, meaningful, and memorable.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MUST-READ: Family Goals, Embracing the Imperfections of Family Life by Michele S. Alignay

"If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”
- Mother Theresa

The family is the core of the society. What makes up a family including its values and principles can contribute in any way for the good and happiness of the community. It's the responsibility of the husband and wife to fulfill their duties to themselves and their children out of love and not by mere obligation. The members of the family should grow together and reach their goals as one. Together, they can live their lives to the fullest, pulling one another up, and must be willing to pull back a family member that is becoming out of sync. 

The family members must be mindful. In my own words it means that they should be physically, spiritually, psychologically, and mentally present whenever they are together. Spending time with one another should be quantified by time and quality. They should know their priorities and be always there for everyone. Therefore, nobody should be left behind.

Problems arise but resilience, understanding, patience, respect, love, and most of all, making God as the center of the family makes the relationship among its members more happy, fruitful, and meaningful.

Reading the book, "Family Goals, Embracing the Imperfections of Family Life by Michele S. Alignay", made me realize so many things. It prompted me to reflect on our family's condition, validate that somehow our family has been doing the right things when it comes to facing challenges, and answer so many personal questions as a mom.

Are we living as a family that God wants us to be?
Are we having a harmonious relationship?
Do we deal with trials and problems properly?
Am I fulfilling my duties as a wife and mom?
Do I fully understand that each member of my family is different and be treated with utmost respect, loyalty, and love?
Am I a mindful person all the time?

I am not being hard on myself but sometimes I feel inadequate as a mom and wife. I am not perfect. I also feel tired and burned-out. When I am so exhausted, sometimes I do things only out of obligation.

I also whined, felt so empty that nothing was left for myself figuratively and literally. Maybe, you had the same experience. Like me, surely you also felt guilty.

After reading this book,  I felt that there's nothing wrong with acknowledging our true feelings. What would matter most would be knowing how to channel our efforts positively and making sure that we would be basing our decisions for the good of the entire family.

Obviously, there are so things to be done and learned as I live with my family. This book has helped me in so many ways to improve my relationship with my spouse and kids. Honestly, I am still a work in progress. I would like to share some excerpts from the book that struck me.

1 "The heart of family bonding is more than the place where the family is or the occasions we celebrate. It's more than the food on the table or the activity we share. The heart is that portion of ourselves we willingly share with our family, without losing the essence of individuality. That 'I' in the family builds the healthy beautiful 'we'."

2  "You can enrich your relationships and converse in a deeper gut level by having the guts to talk, to laugh, to whine, and to mutually connect with the very people who hold you dear. Go and talk. Share yourself, especially what you feel. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Listen to the other person. Free yourself from judgments and giving opinions. Listen more and empathize. Just be who you are. Then see the wonders it does in deepening your relationship!"

3  "Mindfulness is being present in the moment. It is not fretting over what could have been. It's not judging ourselves for what we should be. It's allowing our thoughts as they are, observing them and checking ourselves against taped ideas."

4  "Family and relationships are fluid and flowing. We live. We learn. We are rebirthed. We grow. We retool. We relearn. As we go from one cycle to the next, it's a must to prioritize our intimate relationship with our spouse and our loving relationships with our children. To quote Anthony Brandt, 'Other things may change us, but we begin and end with the family.'"

5  "The emotional exchanges are crucial to our relationships. Sometimes, our relationships gets scarred, bitter, or estranged when we have more unpleasant emotional outburts. But why do we exhibit more emotions and become more transparent with our feelings when we got closer to someone? Because intimacy in relationships and the feelings of closeness only happen if there is a sharing of emotions. Our feelings are part of who we are. That feeling is uniquely ours. These feelings are actually part of God's great design for us."

6  "A resilient family views stress and crisis as opportunities for inner transformation and growth." 

7  "'It's not that we are busy, but what are we busy about.' Our core values will always be the center from which our life energy will flow. If we sre deadlocked in decision-making, aligning our realities snd priorities to our core values should make things clear." 

 8  "Why settle for spark when you can have fire."

9  "The best gift parents can give their children is a happy marriage. Happy parents and fulfilled married life bring about happy children and fulfilling parenting."

10 "ACCEPT. ACKNOWLEDGE. AFFIRM. They're like a magic formula for unloving the mysteries of loving relationships. It's living beyond the box. It's a conscious decision we live out each day as we express appreciation for our spouse."

11  "Moving on is a decision, not a feeling. And since it's a decision, we can sue our mind (more than our hearts) to think of how we get from point A (hopeless situation) to point B (a better state). Changing our mindset will change our patterns, habits, decisions, and emotions." 

12  "Let's forego of our 'shoulds' to see and appreciate what is in front of us. Let's allow ourselves to be free from our to-do list so we can connect with our loved ones. We need to touch them, to look at their faces, to connect not only with what we say but connect through their eyes, mind, heart and even their soul. And our nonverbal communications do not lie. Relationships will not thrive if we do not experience the other person-- in the flesh through our senses."

Alignay, M. S.(2016). Family Goals, Embracing the Imperfections of Family Life. Cubao, Quezon City: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.

I recommend this book to all parents, husbands, wives, and those who are planning to get married and raise a family. I agree with what Brother Bo Sanchez said, "I'm so happy that Michele is giving us this important gift: clear, powerful, and wise guidance on how you can make your own family great." His statement sums up the magic that this book can bring to every family.


About the Book

Wouldn't it be great to have a perfect family? But now and then we got stuck with issues and problems that make it imperfect. Sometimes it can seem like downright hell!

Our family means the world to us, but they're the same people who get on our nerves. We want to improve the situation, but the very people we want to help are part of the system that keeps us trapped.

So how on earth can we understand and embrace our far-from-perfect family? Finally, here's a book that points is where our relationships have gone wrong, what we can do to revamp them and what goals to aim for to have a perfectly imperfect family we all dream of.

This book will give you practical and wise lessons to help you confront sticky issues and conflicts that tear your family apart, increase your intimacy with your partner, apply healthy ways of coping with life's stresses, especially those that attack your family's well-being, have crucial conversations with your kids and teens on growing-up pains, sexuality and other issues on digital age, and maneuver through critical family matters that will inspire you to deliberately work to achieve your family goals so you can go from OK to great!

About the Author

Michelle S. Alignay is a registered psychologist (RP) and a registered guidance counselor (RGC). Ichel contributes her expertise on family life as a columnist in Kerygma magazine, as administrator of Bo Sanchez's Family Reborn Club, and one of the board of experts of Mommy Mundo. She is also an in-demand speaker, an author, and a part-time lecturer for graduate and undergraduate students. Above all, her favorite roles are being a wife to Koots and a mom to Migo and Maia.

Max's Restaurant Offers #KiddiePartyToTheMax!

When it comes to good food and ambiance, Max's Restaurant is the best place to hold our special celebrations. It's one of  our top choices. It's famous for serving traditional and contemporary Filipino dishes and most of all, who wouldn't like its "Sarap to the bones!" Fried Chicken. Max's Restaurant keeps on upgrading its meals and services through the years. It never fails to satisfy every palate of people from different ages since 1945.

Courtesy: Max's Restaurant

Just recently, Max's Restaurant launched its latest offerings on its  Kiddie Birthday Party services  to cater to the taste and preference of kids and their parents. Speaking about budget, Max's Restaurant made the prices reasonable to be more affordable even to the budget-conscious and frugal individuals. Let me give you a detailed overview of what's in store for us if we choose to celebrate our kid's birthday party at Max's Restaurant.

Max's Kiddie Birthday Party has five themes:


Party Meals come with three sets of delectable Max's menu you can choose from or you may opt to choose a la carte orders.

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
1 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or carbonara
Choice of Side Dish (2)- Fish Fingers or Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
1 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or Carbonara
2 pieces Fish Fingers
2 pieces Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
2 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or Carbonara
1 piece Fish Fingers
1 piece Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

MEAL: 5 orders
MEAL A: Php1,175
MEAL B: Php1,500
MEAL C: Php1,875

A La Carte:
10 Quarter Chicken: Php1,400
10 1-piece Chicken: Php750
10 pieces Barbecue sticks: Php550
10 servings of Spaghetti: Php550
10 servings of Carbonara: Php550
10 pieces Mac & Cheese Balls: Php:250
10 pieces Fish Fingers: Php250
10 glasses Iced Tea: Php250

Premium Pary Package:

Enjoy a hassle free celebration by choosing an ALL-IN-ONE party offer good for 20 persons.

MEAL A: Php15,000
MEAL B: Php16,000
MEAL C: Php17,000

Your choice of meal comes with the following:

20 sets of Party Kit (20 invitations, 20 party hats, 20 name tags)
30 pieces Balloon Sticks
30 pieces Balloon Clouds
20 pieces giveaways (choice of Chickie Boy Stool or Kiddie Lunch Bag)
1 set of game prizes (12 activity booklets, 5 coin banks, 24 pencilsin cases, 3 assorted play balls)

Party Amenities:

FREE Three (3) Hours use of venue
FREE Mascot appearance
FREE use of Party Banner
FREE use of Party Standee
Themed Cake
Party Host

Party Options:
20 party meals with party kit and game prizes only

MEAL A: Php6,150
MEAL B: Php7,450
MEAL C: Php8,950

Party Kit Php300 (5 invitations, 5 party hats, 5 name tags)
5 pieces Balloon Sticks
5 pieces Balloon Clouds
GIveaway Php1,500 (choice of Chickie Boy Stool or Kiddie Lunch Bag)
1 set of game prize Php350
Themed Cake Php2,000
Mascot Appearance Php1,500

Party Enhancers:
Magician, Balloon Decor
Face Painting
Photo Video
Bubble Show
Event Styling
(Other services as available and price varies based on Max's accredited supplier's services list)

For more photos and details, you may download Max's Birthday Party Brochure.

I've noticed that aside from having more choices that suit our budget, the party favors are all useful. Sabi nga, walang itatapon. I highly recommend Max's Restaurant if you are looking for a nice venue and reasonable kiddie party package. When you celebrate in any of its branches, I assure you that you and your guests will enjoy and be satisfied. Your kid will surely have a blissful experience that will be added in his bank of good memories.

Max's Restaurant Offers Kiddie Party to the Max

Book at Max's Restaurant now on the branch of your choice!
For Metro Manila, you may call 7-9000
For provincial locations, you may visit

Thursday, July 27, 2017

AAPM Top Picks at A Handmade Affair

Due to our customs and culture, June has always been considered the most preferred month for having a wedding. But as years pass, many couples plan to get married based on their own convenience and their guests' as well. Hard times would never hinder the couple's desire to have the best wedding because it's once in a lifetime. When we say best, details like venue, decors, flowers, food, and most of all souvenirs and keepsakes can never be out of the picture. It is but natural for Filipinos to be so thoughtful and most of all, they love to personalize their gifts. As a giver, he wants the recipient to feel extra special. As a recipient, accepting personalized gifts makes him feel that the giver has made  time and effort to produce something that he can call his own.

In my visit to a crafty celebrations and wedding expo, A Handmade Affair, a couple of months ago, there were six unique handmade and personalized gift ideas for the couples, parents, secondary sponsors, guests, our loved ones, and even for our own consumption that caught my attention. Here they are:

Tomato Time made my eyes twinkle due to its latest collection and services. Imagine for only Php950, we could customize our own or our loved ones' watches! It also offers couple watches for only Php1,800 or we could have the leather straps of our purchased Tomato Watches stamped to make them personalized! Awesome!

The products that we tried on Neutraorganics' booth made us feel that we could have the best of beauty and health at our age by simply using its products! 

The gift of natural skin care products is best for the bridesmaids and secondary sponsors so that they can look fresh and rejuvenated before the wedding.

I fell in love with these unique handmade magnets by The Art Boutique PH! These could serve as personalized table markers and souvenirs for the guests.

Studio 925  made me swoon over its handmade accessories! Their creations were beautifully crafted and super affordable! I would like to get them all! For only Php8,000, couples could have their own customized wedding rings! The necklaces and bracelets would surely be appreciated by the female secondary sponsors. Yay! So nice and dainty!

Jaz Arts andCrafts was one of my most favorite exhibitors. On its booth we were able to create our very own floral headbands for free and shopped very affordable scrapbook materials and tools. Crafters, kids, and young at heart would love its products.

The last time that I drank alcoholic beverages was in 1999. I didn't even try to do it again even a sip until Sir Jeremy of AWC Philippines convinced me to do so. Believe me, I enjoyed the experience! Codoniu Clasico Semi Sec was the bomb! I really, really liked it! AWC Philippines' wines could make any occasion livelier and they could be the best gifts for the primary sponsors and male secondary sponsors. 

You may visit A Handmade Affair on Instagram to see other exhibitors creating unique handmade gift ideas perfect for all occasions. If you are a handmade junkee like I do, you'll love everything there and that's for sure!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lactacyd Baby: Gives the Skin What It Deserves and More

"What's meant to be will always a find a way."
- Trisha Yearwood

This happened to me a few months ago when I won another giveaway through Petite Momma's World blog despite having no winner's luck and the prize was Lactacyd's latest product line, Lactacyd Baby- 2 in 1 Moisturizing Cleanser and Liquid Powder.

Baby Lactacyd, Lactacyd, liquid powder, baby wash, baby products, baby bath, cleanser, powder, baby, hypoallergenic

Lactacyd is a known brand of clinically-proven safe, hypoallergenic, and mild feminine wash and cleanser that our family trusts for years. Never in my experience that both have caused irritations on me and my kids. That's why upon receiving my Lactacyd Baby prize, I immediately let Bunso use both and of course, shared one baby wash to my nephew and liquid powder to my best friend's daughter who has a recurring problem of suffering from rashes during summer or hot weather.

As expected, both did an amazing job in keeping our kids skin very clean, moisturized, supple, smelling fresh, and free from irritations. What made me really, really happy was Kylee, my best friend's daughter finally found the right product that could keep herself from getting those stubborn rashes. She didn't have back breakouts, experience itchiness especially upon bedtime that caused her to have sleepless nights, and feel sticky and uneasy unlike when she was using an ordinary baby powder that could only soothe her irritations temporarily. My best friend was so thankful that I let her daughter try Lactacyd Baby Liquid Powder that served as the best solution to their problem for years. The hydrating, moisturizing, and protecting properties of this dust-free powder did a good job! That made me feel so blessed and purposeful.

Lactacyd Baby is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide at very reasonable price. 2 in 1 Moisturizing Cleanser, which can be used with or without water, and Liquid Powder come in big and travel sizes, perfect to bring or use anytime, anywhere. I highly recommend both. They give the skin what it deserves and more!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Daily Basic Facial Routine to Keep Me Pimple Free

In the height of summer heat, unlike all summers in previous years, I started having pimples or breakouts. All the facial products that I use regularly caused further irritations. For the type of person who doesn't easily experience skin problems, what happened last summer made me realize that being comfortable with the products that I use for months and years isn't inevitable.

I still used those products hoping that having pimples would be temporary but I was wrong. They got worse. Then I remembered that I used feminine wash to cleanse my face and body when I forgot to bring my facial wash and soap during one of our out-of-town trips. The fresh and clean feeling that it gave me flashed back. Then immediately I tried using it again and I was so happy that the itchiness on my face was gone instantly. The zits tamed down. I didn't use any toner or moisturizer for three days after cleansing because I was afraid that the irritations might come back.

Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash is my dependable cleanser down there for almost a year because I haven't felt any itchiness at all. I am also confident that it cleanses my private part and face mildly and deeply due to the presence of antibacterial properties that came from natural sources. It's delicately formulated for daily gentle cleansing. What makes it more safe is it's paraben-free and made with anti-itch avena oats that helps soothe and prevent itching and gentle defense lactic acid to protect my intimate area and face from unpleasant odor and of course, from bacteria and fungi. It has two variants and I use them alternately, Lavander Dreams and Pink Paradise.

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

But then again, my skin type is a combination of oily and dry. I felt that there were patches of very dry skin on my face that needed to be addressed. I knew for a fact that even if there were oily areas or even if the entire face was oily, moisturizer should be part of the daily skin routine and choosing the right product fit for my skin type should be considered. When I went to the supermarket, I purchased Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer hoping that it would work for me. I was fortunate it did! 

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

Celeteque Hydation Facial Moisturizer is unscented, water-based, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, oil-free, and clinically-proven mild and safe. It doesn't make my skin oily and it can be used even during on humid or hot days. It is perfect for my combination skin type. Like using my trusted feminine wash, I haven't experienced any breakouts  while using it. It's a good primer for make-up too. My face didn't feel sticky or heavy while using this. 

I had no problem with the face powder that I use whenever I would go out. The no presence of SPF of Celeteque Facial Moisturizer wasn't a problem too because Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Powder had SPF32. The problem was despite Maybelline's excellent coverage function, I wanted a reliable product that would have higher SPF and easy to apply. Then Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen was introduced to me by a blogger friend and I started loving it to bits. Why? Because it was easy to apply, only a small amount could cover the entire face, it could adapt to any skin tone giving an even finish without caking, it strengthens skin's premature aging, and most of all has SPF50 and PA++++ to ensure broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Using only this after moisturizing could be enough. The concealing effect and flawless finish, comparable to using BB or CC cream, could last for hours despite getting very sweaty. 

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

This three products are my reliable partners to maintain my daily facial routine in no time without having pimples. They won't break a tight budget because you just need small amounts for every use. They are economical, safe, and functional. What more can I ask for?

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

They are available in leading supermarkets, malls, and drugstores. No need to order online that makes purchasing them hassle-free. 

Do you have any suggestions on how you  maintain a pimple free face? Feel free to comment below. We will be glad to know them all!
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