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Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Daily Basic Facial Routine to Keep Me Pimple Free

In the height of summer heat, unlike all summers in previous years, I started having pimples or breakouts. All the facial products that I use regularly caused further irritations. For the type of person who doesn't easily experience skin problems, what happened last summer made me realize that being comfortable with the products that I use for months and years isn't inevitable.

I still used those products hoping that having pimples would be temporary but I was wrong. They got worse. Then I remembered that I used feminine wash to cleanse my face and body when I forgot to bring my facial wash and soap during one of our out-of-town trips. The fresh and clean feeling that it gave me flashed back. Then immediately I tried using it again and I was so happy that the itchiness on my face was gone instantly. The zits tamed down. I didn't use any toner or moisturizer for three days after cleansing because I was afraid that the irritations might come back.

Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash is my dependable cleanser down there for almost a year because I haven't felt any itchiness at all. I am also confident that it cleanses my private part and face mildly and deeply due to the presence of antibacterial properties that came from natural sources. It's delicately formulated for daily gentle cleansing. What makes it more safe is it's paraben-free and made with anti-itch avena oats that helps soothe and prevent itching and gentle defense lactic acid to protect my intimate area and face from unpleasant odor and of course, from bacteria and fungi. It has two variants and I use them alternately, Lavander Dreams and Pink Paradise.

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

But then again, my skin type is a combination of oily and dry. I felt that there were patches of very dry skin on my face that needed to be addressed. I knew for a fact that even if there were oily areas or even if the entire face was oily, moisturizer should be part of the daily skin routine and choosing the right product fit for my skin type should be considered. When I went to the supermarket, I purchased Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer hoping that it would work for me. I was fortunate it did! 

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

Celeteque Hydation Facial Moisturizer is unscented, water-based, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, oil-free, and clinically-proven mild and safe. It doesn't make my skin oily and it can be used even during on humid or hot days. It is perfect for my combination skin type. Like using my trusted feminine wash, I haven't experienced any breakouts  while using it. It's a good primer for make-up too. My face didn't feel sticky or heavy while using this. 

I had no problem with the face powder that I use whenever I would go out. The no presence of SPF of Celeteque Facial Moisturizer wasn't a problem too because Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Powder had SPF32. The problem was despite Maybelline's excellent coverage function, I wanted a reliable product that would have higher SPF and easy to apply. Then Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen was introduced to me by a blogger friend and I started loving it to bits. Why? Because it was easy to apply, only a small amount could cover the entire face, it could adapt to any skin tone giving an even finish without caking, it strengthens skin's premature aging, and most of all has SPF50 and PA++++ to ensure broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Using only this after moisturizing could be enough. The concealing effect and flawless finish, comparable to using BB or CC cream, could last for hours despite getting very sweaty. 

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

This three products are my reliable partners to maintain my daily facial routine in no time without having pimples. They won't break a tight budget because you just need small amounts for every use. They are economical, safe, and functional. What more can I ask for?

pimple free, skin routine, moisturizer, facial wash, sunscreen, Belo SunExpert, Celeteque, Betadine Feminine Wash

They are available in leading supermarkets, malls, and drugstores. No need to order online that makes purchasing them hassle-free. 

Do you have any suggestions on how you  maintain a pimple free face? Feel free to comment below. We will be glad to know them all!

Monday, December 12, 2016

REVIEW: Basic Make-Up Workshop by Marie San Luis

I’ve attended two basic and one advanced make-up workshops but I still want to learn more. Taking an intensive make-up course is included in my bucket list because make-up is one of the things that I am passionate about. But due to family duties and financial constraints (sending two boys to school is very, very expensive), I set this big dream aside and focus on taking it slowly for the meantime while I am doing what’s important at the moment.

I kept on waiting for the right timing to attend another workshop and that right timing came when a good blogger friend of mine, Marie San Luis of, asked me if I would be interested to attend her workshop. Of course naman, I really, really liked the idea! I was not just excited but super-duper excited because it was her first ever Basic Make-up Workshop and I was so happy to know that she was starting to fulfill her dream of becoming a make-up guru. I would be very much delighted to see her share her craft with me and the other participants as well. Ako talaga, kapag masaya ang mga taong mahalaga sa buhay ko, mas masaya ako para sa kanila.

Before the workshop, Marie and I were chatting on Facebook. Makulit talaga ako kapag sobrang excited ako! I had so many requests. I was telling her to teach me concealing, correcting, eye make-up, etc. because those were the areas that I needed help. She was so willing to accept suggestions and she understood that I really couldn’t maintain my composure that time.

Moving on to the workshop, Marie created a group solely for her workshop participants two days before the event and told us to answer a survey so that she would know more about our personal details (for the certificate and documentation purposes), our make-up skills, the things we would like to learn, and our skin type and color.  She also mentioned the exact location of the venue and how to get there so that we would not have a hard time locating it. Everything was systematic and clear prior to the workshop. I was so impressed.

The day of the workshop came. It was in  the morning of the 27th of November when we convened at The Clubhouse Robinsons Magnolia. It was a cozy place perfect for dining and having intimate meetings and gatherings. The interior was nice and the food was good. Obviously, I ate first before the workshop started. (Tip: When you visit the place, I encourage you to taste its carrot cake. So yummy!) 

I wish I don’t sound defensive. Kitang-kita naman sa katawan ko na mahilig akong kumain. LOL! Well, learning is best when your stomach is full. Anyway, before I get carried away with the food, let me tell you the things that I find special about Marie’s Make-up Workshop.

The Speaker

Marie was very presentable.  Honestly, she’s one of the bloggers that I admire when it comes to dressing up. She was dressed appropriately for the event, talagang make-up artist na make-up artist ang dating. She was not puro porma lang, she knew what she was talking about. She was knowledgeable and she exceeded my expectations. She discussed the following topics thoroughly: how to choose a skincare routine, how to choose the right make-up for our skin, basic make-up skills, make-up brushes uses, and taking that perfect make-up selfie. She could answer our questions clearly and completely.

It was only during this workshop that I learned so many new things like the uses of the different brushes based on the intensity of color that I wanted to put on my face- subtle, soft, or precise for instance in applying blush. It was also during that time that I learned thoroughly the different eyebrow colors, lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows that could fit  different skin undertones. Kaya pala may lipstick ako na ang ganda ng kulay sa iba pero parang ang putla-putla ko naman kapag ako na ang gumamit. May blush din ako na kapag ginamit ko para akong sinuntok sa magkabilang pisngi. All the while I was using the wrong colors for my skin undertone pala. She made suggestions on what brands work for budget conscious like me but won’t sacrifice the quality and their high end counterparts as well.

Marie was so organized. From skin routine to applying the setting powder, we did them all one step at a time. She worked with  her model and make-up partner, Cess, that made it easier for us to follow. 

The very gorgeous, Cess
Courtesy: Marie Bella- Sanluis on Facebook

After doing the step at Cess, she assisted us one by one especially when we needed help. Ang gaan-gaan ng kamay niya when she helped me with my brows and tightline my upper lids. For me this was the best way to learn, with personal touch and the learners with different learning styles--auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, could follow effectively. She made sure that each participant learned before she proceeded to the next topic. Walang hanging sa amin at walang naiwan. As we moved on from one topic to another, the transformation on our looks became evident. We didn’t look like clowns because everything that we did and the colors that we used were in accordance to our skin types and undertones. Marie taught us to enhance our assets and still looked naturally radiant. I also liked the fact that she was generous in sharing her make-up knowledge. Hindi siya bitin, sobra-sobra pa. She tackled correcting and concealing techniques that should be discussed in advanced make-up workshops that I appreciated very much.

I should say that Marie is the type of make-up guru that wants her students to become the best that they can be. I am not saying this because she is my friend. Marie wants her students to be more beautiful and confident with their natural beauty. Si Marie ang guru na hindi lang niya gusto na siya lang ang maganda at magaling. Gusto niya, lahat tayo ay maging magaganda at magagaling lalo na pagdating sa make-up.


Pink, pink, pink… Everything was P-I-N-K and I loved it! From the mirror, hand-out folder, hand-outs, certificate, pen, and freebies, there was a touch of pink. It was aesthetically nice. It added drama and a pop of color to the set-up. I also appreciated that the hand-out pages where printed in full color. At a glance, they were perfect guides especially to a starter like me. The concepts written were so easy to follow and understand and the photos used were actual samples of tools and make-up that were easy for me to memorize. Marie let us use her make-up and brushes even though she let us bring our own make-up kits. The advantage of bringing our own make-up and tools was that Marie was able to identify whether we were using the wrong shade of make-up or not based on our skin undertone. Busog na busog kami sa bagong kaalaman because her basic make-up workshop content was uncommon and unique. She also made time for consultation and answered our questions patiently and clearly.

Aside from the high quality workshop certificate, hand-outs, new knowledge, we went home with a bag of freebies from her generous sponsors- DEARBERRY, KOHL INDUSTRIES, and PUREPOWER VENTURES.

With all honesty, seeing Marie in front of us doing her passion made me almost cry. Well, almost because I held my tears. Hindi kasi waterproof ang mascara na ginamit ko. LOL! Seriously, Marie nailed it and that made me almost cry tears of joy because a dear friend did for the first time one of the things that she would love to do right in front of me and my companions.

Our final workshop photo. L-R: yours truly, Marie San Luis, Alaine Alejandrino, and Nina Ricci Bunsoy Courtesy: @mamaneesnest on Instagram

If you are looking for a make-up guru that is going to teach you basic make-up application in a different perspective and doesn’t charge you so much, Marie San-Luis is probably one of the best of the best to contact. She and her make-up model, Cess, are partners and they also accept hair and make-up services for all occasions. You may contact Marie and Cess through Marie’s Facebook page.

Marie is brewing her next Basic Make-Up Workshop and first Advanced Make-Up Workshop. They are so affordable, way cheaper than the others but I assure you that you are going to learn a lot. Stay tuned! I will announce the schedule on my social media accounts soon. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

REVIEW: Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer and Eyebrow Gel

According to internationally renowned make-up artist, Bobbi Brown, “Defined brows instantly make you looked polished.” Yes, it’s so true that eyebrows speak louder than words. It can make or break your look if not groomed properly. Due to this notion, a few years ago, I really did my best to learn how to groom mine the scientific/professional way because I had a tendency to over-pluck or over-shave them, making them so thin that I looked like too old for my age.

Aside from maintaining and grooming our eyebrows according to the shape of our faces, having the right eyebrow tools and cosmetics that are reliable, easy to apply, smudge-proof, waterproof, has long staying power, and most especially affordable can keep our eyebrows on fleek in no time!

I’ve been using only two brands of eyebrow pencils with the same shade of dark gray for years, which I find not just very convenient to use but cheaper. I am frugal when it comes to purchasing cosmetics but I don't sacrifice quality and safety. I haven’t tried powder and gel forms yet. Sabi nga, nakasanayan na bakit kailangan pang humanap ng iba?

Not until Fashion 21 sent me a Perfect Brow Bundle through PerCX-Perfectly Creative X-tras. It was composed of one Duo Eye Enhancer (Dark Copper), one Eyebrow Gel (Copper Brown), and one eyebrow shaver (not seen on the photo). 

By the way, this Perfect Brow Bundle is the latest promo of Fashion 21 that has started on October 21 and shall last until October 31, 2016. This is available in all Fashion 21 Outlets nationwide.

When I saw the shades, I was quite hesitant to try them at first because based on experience, brown didn’t look good on me for some reason despite the fact that my hair color was black and darkest brown could fit me aside from dark gray. I referred to the color chart of eyebrows from Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, by the way. But due to review purposes, I had no choice but to give them a shot!

First, I used Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer (Dark Copper) on its own.

Description: This dual-purpose eye pencil is gentle on the skin during application, and doesn’t feel greasy despite its creamy texture. While it’s got its glitter on, don’t let that stop you from using it on your brows—the glittery element actually helps make your brows look fuller! This eye enhancer comes in six natural shades that will complement any brow color, hair color, and skin tone, as well as a brush for the brows.

Available Shades: Blonde, Dark Copper, Honey Blonde, Light Brown, Mahogany Brown, and Natural

Net Weight: 1.65 grams

- It’s easy to apply.
- It easily adheres to my eyebrows and skin although I need a few swipes to cover my entire eyebrows.
- The built-in brush can spread the product evenly without the fuzz.
- It’s buildable and workable.
- Surprisingly, it looks good and natural on me despite being brown in shade.
- It can be used in tight lining too.
- It’s sealed with a plastic where its ingredients are printed. This can guarantee that the item is fresh, unused, and new.
-  It’s super affordable at Php125.00! Not bad to purchase especially when you want to experiment on different shades. It’s highly recommended for starters in make-up application.

- It can’t last longer on its own and I need to set it with powder to make it stay put and hide portions with hair scarcity.

See how Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer works for my eyebrows! It's close to the color that I usually apply on my them. It's not too light or dark. I also like using it for tight lining. Great product and very affordable!

Next, I applied Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel (Copper Brown).

Description: This eyebrow gel is perfect for adding fullness to your brows. It comes in six natural shades to complement your hair and skin. The mascara-like applicator keeps you from putting on too much product by accident, and it’s smudge-proof too.

Available Shades: Blonde, Clear, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Reddish Brown, and Copper Brown

Net Weight: 8 grams

- It’s very quick and easy to apply.
- It easily adheres to my eyebrows and skin although I need a few swipes to cover my entire eyebrows.
- The built-in mascara-like applicator can spread the product evenly, hassle-free.
- It’s super buildable and workable.
- It can be used on its own.
- It’s really smudge-proof and lasts for hours.
- It’s sealed with a tight plastic that guarantees that the item is fresh, unused, and new.
- The durable acrylic bottle is where the ingredients are printed.
- It’s a great brow product that is affordable at Php165.00! Trying on different shades won’t break your budget. It’s highly recommended for pros and starters in make-up application.

 - Copper Brown is too light for me. I’d prefer dark or light brown perhaps, the shade closer to Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer Dark Copper.

Finally, I used both at the same time which reinforced their staying power and being vibrant. To make it look natural though, I had to blend them with the Duo Eye Enhancer’s built-in brush. It could also look nicer if I got a darker shade of Eyebrow Gel. I just needed to tame the color by swiping a bronzer/dark brown eyeshadow.

To sum it all up, I am so happy that I’ve tried this Perfect Brow Bundle. Now I can have another affordable and effective alternative in grooming my eyebrows. 

For more updates and deals, join Fashion 21 Cosmetics Community on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Monday, October 3, 2016


I am in the state that I am into using moisturizing soap, body wash, and lotion due to my age. I am almost  40 thus my skin needs a lot of moisture. For months, I'm already stuck with using only two brands. I am loving them because they fit me and satisfy my needs and lifestyle as well. Aside from very effective, they are affordable too.

Just recently, I was given a chance to try and test a local brand, COCOLINE Naturals, that honestly, I didn’t hear of. These were the company’s advocacies that made me decide to say yes to the collaboration:

- to provide better health and beauty alternatives in personal care that will delight the modern consumers through sight, smell, and feel
- to increase awareness on the importance of using natural ingredients in products
- to create a local trend of real world class quality product not only in looks, but also in formulation
- to compete in the world mass-market arena with the credibility of the quality of coconuts
- to help our economy and grow the Philippine coconut industry

After a few weeks, the products were delivered right on our doorstep and the package smelled really, really good! On that same day, I started using the products.

First and foremost, let me tell you more about the company and its humble beginnings before I proceed with my thoughts about its products. The following information and excerpts were lifted from  


Miss Rica King, Entrepreneur and President of Coco Health Products, Inc., has worked most of her career managing a global skincare brand to leadership positions during her stint. She played an integral part in marketing, research, and product development in this highly competitive personal care market. She has then retired in 2010, to spend more time with her family. Unknowingly, her interest and studies on Natural Alternatives would propel her to come back with an advocacy ready to ride against tough competition.

Here are some wisdom-filled excerpts compiled from various press and consumer interviews with Miss Rica King.

Q: What sparked the idea behind COCOLINE Naturals?

RK: “Upon retiring from 25 years in the corporate world, I embarked on adapting a holistic lifestyle for my family. The search for Natural Alternatives for health solutions is endless. I personally wanted products that are natural, safe, and effective, but are also pleasant to use.”

“I was fascinated by the unmatched powers of coconut oil and the facts surrounding it. It was two decades of managing a skincare brand in the past that spurred more curiosity in me to do further research. The biggest nudge, however, was the devastation brought about by the storm Yolanda to the coconut farmers in 2013 that made me decide to put all gathered knowledge into action.”

Q: Why zero-in on Coconut?

RK: “Numerous studies revealed Coconut oil as the most powerful oil you can put on your body for intense health and beauty benefits. Scientists call it ‘The Miracle Fruit’ as it far outweighs the benefits of other more popular oils. Hollywood celebrity A-listers are now claiming coconut to be their best beauty secret, which propelled its moniker the ‘it’ fruit.”

“The Philippines also happens to be the source of the best quality of coconut oil in the world. If there is any country who can come up with the best line-up of coconut-related products, it should be us.”

Q: Coconut Oil has been in the market for a while. What makes COCOLINE Naturals different?

RK: “Unfortunately, most Filipinos see coconut oil as old-fashioned, and marred with concerns on inconvenience such as being too sticky, warm, and ‘amoy lola’ or ‘amoy latik’. COCOLINE Naturals aims to change this by giving coconut oil a modern twist. Its lotions, body wash, and beauty bars are all Virgin Coconut Oil based, complemented with other natural ingredients to delightfully smell fresh, feel cool & non-sticky on skin, and pleasant to use daily.”

Q: What makes your products different from those of other brands?

RK: “It is the Power of Coconut in a bottle. It is jam-packed with benefits certified by SGS International laboratories. Our high Anti-oxidant levels help keep skin’s youthful qualities with 24-hour moisture. It provides up to 99.99% Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal qualities, helping prevent infections, breakouts, body odor, and so many other skin problems. The lab scores were so high that even SGS executives were very impressed, especially because the ingredients were Natural and skin friendly”.

“COCOLINE Naturals products are Paraben-free, making it safer to use than synthetic-laden products.” (Parabens are highly linked to breast cancer and other illnesses. It seeps deep into the skin tissues and are not easily washed away.)

Q: What values does COCOLINE Naturals stand for?

RK: “Going Natural means you care enough to live longer for yourself and your loved ones. It’s a kind of beauty care that goes way beyond vanity. This is true beauty care, inside and out.”

“In whatever you do, whether it is healing, caring, or how you act, how you give, how you pray, how you smile, or how you express beauty… Natural is always best.”

“When asked what products they should buy…we don’t just say ‘Buy us’. We would rather teach consumers how to think, how to decide what is better for their skin, health and beauty needs. It’s all about a sincere care for consumers and providing them a better choice.”

“COCOLINE Naturals upholds honesty, good health, family values, and relationships. We support our coconut farmers and rally behind them.”

“There is soul behind the brand… deep sincerity, caring, and natural.”


Now here’s my review about COCOLINE Naturals.

For your information, COCOLINE Naturals has the following variants of its beauty line:


These have the following ingredients:

Virgin Coconut Oil – effective moisturizer with Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Oxidant properties

Hydrolyzed Milk Protein – naturally hydrates & moisturizes for extra soft and smooth skin

Licorice Extract – helps soothe irritated skin and lighten blemishes


Color: white

Consistency: solid

Scent: coconut +vanilla 

Price: Php68.00 (135 grams)

PROS- I used it on my face and body for three consecutive days while my eldest son used it continuously. Only a small amount was needed to make it lather. The cleaning power was intense but didn’t dry the skin. My son loved it to bits and I let him finish the entire bar. At first we had mistaken it to smell  like “Perla”, the popular coconut detergent bar soap in the country but it wasn't.  It could leave a nice, clean, soft vanilla scent on the skin. A tweener with  changing body chemistry due to hormonal changes didn’t smell “maasim” after continuous usage.

CONS- It easily melted but waste was avoided by placing it in a soap dish without holes.

Rating: 4/5


Color: Body Wash- light green, translucent; Lotion- white

Consistency: thick and creamy

Scent: vanilla (It reminded me of Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance but a lighter version.)

Prices: Body Wash-Php159.75 (340 ml); Lotion- Php198.00 (340 ml)

PROS- I am using both for almost a month every morning. My skin feels very smooth, tout, supple, and moisturized with a nice vanilla scent that lasts for the entire day.

I only need two pumps of the body wash to make it lather using a bath sponge or face towel and cleanse the entire body. To layer the scent and to make it last, I immediately apply the body lotion while my skin is still damp after bathing. They are both moisturizing but don’t leave any greasy after-feel even if my skin is not too dry. I am hearing compliments from friends and loved-ones that I smell really, really good when I’ve started using these two.

No wonder that the lotion is award-winning. It’s Cosmo PH Beauty Awards Best Body Lotion awardee from 2015 to 2016. Yay!

CONS- There was once I applied too much lotion especially on my thorso. I experienced stickiness when I perspired. So the lesson that I learned was too much of everything was bad. Just a little amount could do which in  turn has made it last longer. Tipid sulit naman.

Rating: 5/5


These have the following ingredients:

Virgin Coconut Oil – effective moisturizer with Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, & Anti-Oxidant properties

Papaya Enzyme – helps exfoliate dead skin cells that aids to whiten, soften, and smoothen skin

Kojic Acid – naturally lightens skin pigmentation


Color: orange

Consistency: solid

Scent: light Cucumber + Melon scent (It doesn’t smell Papaya for me. It reminds me of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Hand Soap.)

Price: Php68.00 (135 grams)

PROS- My son is now using it everytime he takes a shower after finishing the Intense Moisturizing Beauty Bar while I use it over a week on my face. He has dark elbows and I haven't seen any tremendous changes yet but I hope the skin on those areas would eventually become lighter. Like the latter, only a small amount was needed to make it lather. The cleaning power was intense too but didn’t dry the skin. It could leave a nice clean scent on my son’s skin too. As I’ve mentioned, a tweener with changing body chemistry due to hormonal changes doesn’t smell “maasim” after continuously using this. He still smells fresh after a busy day in school.

I notice a big change on my face. The dark circles on my eyes become lighter and my pores become smaller. I have convinced my mom, who is not so adventurous when it comes to trying different skin care products, to use it and feel it herself.  

After all, it can do wonders. It was a recipient of 2015 Cosmo PH Awards Best Brightening Beauty Bar.

CONS- It melts easily but waste is being avoided by placing it in a soap dish without holes.

Rating: 5/5


Color: Body Wash- light yellow, transparent; Lotion- off white

Consistency: thick and creamy

Scent: light Cucumber + Melon scent (They don’t smell Papaya for me. They remind me of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Wash and Lotion.)

Prices: Body Wash-Php159.75 (340 ml); Lotion- Php198.00 (340 ml)

PROS- I am using both for almost a month every evening. My body feels very smooth, tout, supple, and moisturized with a sweet light Cucumber + Melon scent from night until morning when I wake up. My husband loves the scent very much! With regard to the whitening effect, I can't tell because my skin is fair. All I can say is that my skin tone becomes even.

I also need two pumps of the body wash to make it lather using a bath sponge or face towel and cleanse the entire body. To layer the scent and to make it last, I immediately apply the body lotion while my skin is still damp after bathing. They are moisturizing and non-drying unlike other products with Kojic acid. 

They deserved to win last year's Cosmo PH Awards Best Brightening Body Wash and Lotion.

Rating: 5/5


All the insights that Ms. Rica discussed were inspiring and true. My son and I have tried and tested the two product variants of COCOLINE Naturals for weeks and I am so happy with the results. The scents are so enticing, not overpowering, and last longer, although personally I prefer the vanilla scent of the Intense Moisturizing variant.  

COCOLINE Naturals is at par with leading and imported brands and super affordable too. It's all natural and Paraben-free that makes it safe to use. It is locally produced that gives livelihood to our countrymen especially the coconut farmers.

It has become one of my most favorite beauty product brands and I am not going to stop using it. I am the type of person who is honest when it comes to sharing my thoughts about products. When I say that they work, they really work although what works for me might not work for you. I am also the type of person that when I start loving certain products, I continuously use and recommend them along with my other favorites. I am now a loyal user of COCOLINE Naturals and I want you to try it and see and feel the wonders yourself. I tell you, you are going to love it too!

In line with this, COCOLINE Naturals is very generous that it wants TWO of you, my readers, to win a set of any variant of its product line for the month of October 2016. One set costs Php425.75 each.

The steps are very easy:

The giveaway is open to my readers residing in the Philippines only. You don't have to be my social media account followers to join. Giveaway period is from October 4 to October 31, 2016 only. Winner will be chosen by

Winner #1 will receive the Moisture Intense Gift Pack while Winner #2 will get the Triple Whitening Gift Pack.

I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page on November 1, 2016 and he/she will be notified though Facebook private message on the same day. I will be responsible in shipping the prizes to the winners. Good luck!  

By the way, COCOLINE Naturals product lines are available in leading supermarkets, drugtores, and malls nationwide. If they are not available in your place, you may order online through

For inquiries you may send an email at You may also visit COCOLINE Naturals’ website and social media accounts:


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