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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scholastic Warehouse Sale: Book Haven for Reading Advocates

One of the events that I look forward every quarter is the Scholastic Warehouse Sale in Pasig City. Among that I attended, what made it extra special this time  was I spent it with a good friend, Kat Agdeppa Santiago of Petite Momma's World blog. 

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Like me, she advocates raising readers. Above all means of learning, we patiently teach our kids to read and love doing it. We are so blessed that our kids are growing up as bibliophiles despite the advent of the advancements in technology.

Kat and I started teaching our kids the love of reading while they were still very young. We would find time story reading aloud and expose them to the different kinds of books-  cloth or felt, board (especially the Peek-a-board books), and those who were hardbound or paperback. We experienced frustrations when our kids tore the precious books that we provided them. We didn't mind because it was part of growing up. We just didn't stop exposing them until they learned to read by themselves with a little assistance depending on our kids' capacity. It was such a pleasant sight to see them reading on their own and manipulating their books. It became a habit. I know even if there are eBooks, like us, they would go back to reading books made of paper that they could touch, feel, and smell. There is no greater experience of having books that are tangible. The texture and scent of their crisp pages can be imprinted on the reader's memory. This feeling indeed is part of learning through reading that can't be replaced by any other reading materials uploaded in gadgets.

Kat and I enjoyed our brief stay in Scholastic Warehouse. Aside from being excited of bringing home new books for our kids to read and enjoy, we shared the same feeling of nostalgia by just being surrounded by books. Books gave us bliss at that moment. Even by just standing in the middle of the warehouse, we felt peace. 

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama

Both of us availed the famous Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet. For only Php799.00, in my case, I was able to place 75 paper back story books for children and most of them are Caldecott Honor medalists or written by famous authors like Eric Carle, Tomie dePaola, and Leo Lionni. I chose mostly books for reading starters because most of the kids that I know are included in that group. I included some for Kuya too. I only paid Php799.00 for all the books in the box with the original total amount of Php7,820.00. I had a huge discount worth Php7021.00! Yay! These figures were all reflected on the receipt.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama
My Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet Haul
books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
These were my top picks.
I've bought those books not just for my kids to enjoy but other kids as well. I always give books as gifts because they never get old in benefits. They can be passed on from one generation to another if well-taken cared off. Learning from books is boundless and endless.

As an educator and mom, I believe that reading is the foundation of all subjects. If kids don't know how to read, how can they understand different concepts? If they are not capable of reading, how can they be motivated to write and draw if they don't understand the purpose of what they are doing? 

I have this eagerness to share my love for reading and teaching kids how to read and their benefits to other teachers and parents especially to those who have students or children with speech delay. There is joy and beauty in reading aloud with kids and pointing the words to them so that they can eventually know how to read words in the story and say them loudly by themselves. When kids are already hooked in reading aloud with their parents, it can be noticeable that they themselves can be motivated to mirror what their parents are doing that's why it is very important to read to them properly. In my five years of teaching and 12 years of being a mom I have noticed that kids learn best when they confidently know how to read aside from giving them other activities to do that can enhance their holistic development.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
They were all discounted up to 70% OFF! Kuya was so happy to see these hardbound Harry Potter Books. I didn't forget to choose one for Paps too. Like me, we both love Paolo Coelho. Thank you, Scholastic Asia for these! This Mama is kilig to the bones until now!

In line with this, because some parents find books very expensive, I always suggest that they should visit Scholastic Warehouse Sale and avail the Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet to start their mini library at home. Not just parents, I also encourage teachers to start collecting books which they can use as tools in teaching their students. 

I started my collection of story books for kids whenever there was a Scholastic Sale in the school where I used to teach. I used those books in teaching my former pre-school students and for my own reading pleasure as well. Who would have thought that those books would benefit my own children? Amazing, isn't it? My collection keeps on growing through Scholastic Asia  through the years without breaking our tight budget to sustain my family's love for reading.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
There is still a chance for you to visit the Scholastic Warehouse Sale until June 18! There are so many books available from different genres. Your visit will be super sulit, promise! You may find all the complete details about the sale and location HERE.

If you can't make it, fret not because according to the friendly and lovely Scholastic staff members, Miss Cathy, Miss Darren, and Sir Ryan, they will have a huge sale again in NOVEMBER 2017. Instead of two months, they will have it for only two weeks. There is still time to save for it! I hope to see you there on November.

Do you have your own Scholastic Warehouse Sale book haul? I am so excited to see it! You may tag me on Facebook and Instagram at @allaroundpinaymama. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Box All You Can Book Buffet at Scholastic A Very Merry Christmas Sale

We were always present in every Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale since 2014. We would always look forward to it because each book sale was unique and would have a lot of surprises to look forward to. Being an avid fan of children's story books that I've passed on to my kids makes it an event to remember.

There is always something special about every Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale due to Schematics, which means that in every book fair there are books being released that are not usually found elsewhere except in specific libraries around the world and there are always batches of new titles on sale.

Aside from the schematics, the recently launched BOX ALL YOU CAN BOOK BUFFET made it so worth it to visit the Scholastic A Very Merry Christmas Sale 2016. For only Php799.00, we were so delighted to place as many books as we could in Scholastic's official box. The following rules were observed.

Box All You Can Book Buffet became a craze since it started last summer. Imagine, for a small amount of money, many book worms had a chance to get new sets of books for a fraction of a price or more or less 90% off.

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When I asked Sir Jim, one of the accommodating staff members of Scholastic Asia PH, he told us that the Book Buffet was obviously a big hit and most of the clients came not just once but several times to avail the promo. There was no limit per person which made it more exciting for bargain hunters.

Despite having a lot of shoppers, the staff knew how to manage the crowd and the transaction per customer was quick and easy because more counters were ready to serve and accept payments. Stocks were replenished regularly for more choices.

By the way, we also got discounted paper back and hardbound novels but still we didn't spend that much because we got them and the two buffet boxes for less than Php3,000.00 instead of more or less Php17,000.00.

Those over a hundred books were used for our personal consumption and given as gifts and donations for the holidays and they got everyone covered. Many kids and young at heart became happy last Christmas. There was no substitute for the gift of reading and learning indeed.

We are looking forward to the next Scholastic Warehouse Book Fair and we will avail not just two but three to four Box All You Can Buffet Boxes. That will be a guilt-free type of hoarding. Do you agree?


Are you ready for the Scholastic Book Sale happening from April 18 to June 18, 2017? Yes, I am and I hope you are! Here are the details about it. See you there! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Blims Fine Furniture Holiday Sale 2016

Christmas season is officially here and one of the great ways to celebrate the holidays is to refurnish our homes with amazing furniture pieces even if we are working on a limited budget.

Yes, I know that you will agree with me that it will be nice to celebrate great savings on purchasing items like furniture this season. That will be possible with BLIMS Fine Furniture Holiday Sale 2016.

BLIMS Fine Furniture Holiday Sale 2016 will be held in the following showrooms from November 1 to December 31, 2016:

• Alabang Home Depot  Tel. No.: 771-2261
• Alabang Town Center Tel. No.: 809-3410
• Balintawak Home Depot Tel. No.: 332-4906
• Commonwealth Home Depot Tel. No.: 352-3650
• Greenbelt 2 Tel. No.: 810-8014 0r 15
• Fairview Terraces Tel. No.: 950-8114
• Fort Victoria Tel. No.: 887-0121 or 403-1067
• Greenhills Lifestyle Center Tel. No.: 705-1391
• Glorietta 4 Tel. No.: 856-0510 or 856-0324
• HK Sun Plaza Tel. No.: 556-2028
• Market! Market! Tel. No.: 856-3011
• Ortigas Home Depot Tel. No.: 634-8133
• Robinsons Place Manila Tel. No.: 525-0007
• Robinsons Galleria Tel. No.: 633-8202
• Sta. Rosa Laguna CW Home Depot Tel. Nos.: (049)832-1248/ 544-4061

Then more payment schemes and discounts are available:

• Up to 50% off on selected items
• 0% interest up to 24 months on selected items, all major credit cards
• No Credit Card needed! Now available through AEON Financing
• Buy Now Pay in 2017, all major selected credit cards

I've enjoyed my shopping on a budget at Home Factory Outlets (HFO) and I'm sure that you are going to enjoy shopping on this furniture sale too. For your information, BLIMS is the company behind HFO!

Don't forget to visit  BLIMS Furniture on the following websites:


Happy Furniture Shopping, Mars at Pards!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Home Factory Outlets: A Haven of Premium Home Essentials at Very Low Prices

While everyone’s attending Halloween events, I am starting my biannual general cleaning. Our home badly needs organization despite decluttering and cleaning often. Having three boys in the house is the main reason, I guess. No explanations needed! LOL! We also need a new dining table and sofa ASAP. When talking about purchasing new furniture or furnishing, budget is the number one consideration especially to moms like me who work on a very tight budget. Not only that, most of the furniture available in malls can’t fit a tiny home like we have. When there are available, they are cheap but the quality is not good. Most big furniture depots have good selections but they are too expensive. So after two years of planning to change our dilapidated furniture that we thought would remain a dream at the moment, an invite from Home Factory Outlets (HFO) made it happen in an instant.

Honestly, I didn’t hear about HFO before. It was the very first time that I visited the place with Loley today to check-out its Grand Celebration First Anniversary Sale and the people behind the company didn’t lie that we could avail the following!

  80% off on a wide range of of furniture and furnishing
• Buy 1 Take 1 items
• Bargain Corner (50% off and up)
• PISO Madness Deals (with minimum purchase)


After enjoying the best deals, these are the things that I consider the strengths of HFO:

1. It has wide array of premium but very affordable, as in super cheap, home and office furniture, furnishing, appliances, dining wares, sofas, beds, and more that fit big and small homes. 

Here is the LINK TO THE PHOTOS of some of the products that you can purchase there. These are just a few or shall I say tip of the iceberg.

2. Its staff members are very accommodating and friendly. Despite being tired due to so many customers, they remain enthusiastic and very much willing to serve.

3. Its systematic and organized. It follows an order so that every client can be served properly. There is no need to wait long. Transactions can be finished smoothly and quickly.

4. Installment plan with so many payment options to choose from are available aside from cash. Here they are:

Credit Card
For Php5,000-Php19,999= three months installment, 0% interest
For Php20,000 and up= six months installment, 0% interest

Other Banks
For Php5,000-Php49,999= three months installment, 0% interest
For Php50,000 and up= six months installment, 0% interest

Non-Credit Card
You may avail of this when you have a bill minimum of Php5,000. These are the requirements:
- A Filipino citizen
- 18-68 years old
- Employed (at least three months), self-employed, businessman, pensioner, or a remittance beneficiary

Just submit minimum of two IDs (at least with address)
a. At least one primary ID: SSS card, GSIS card, driver’s license, voter’s ID, passport, UMID, PRC ID
b. Supporting documents: Philhealth card, credit/savings card, postal ID, NBI clearance, company ID, remittance slip, salary slip, certificate of employment, bank/account statement, electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, mobile bill, barangay certificate/clearance, Pag-IBIG/HDMF card

For inquiries about payment options, you may call (02)753-5711.

5. Delivery service is available at reasonable price for commuters like me and to those who don’t have a vehicle to bring home their purchases. Delivery fee depends on the location but it starts at Php420 within Metro Manila regardless of how many items you purchase. The more you purchase, the more sulit the delivery charge. Delivery schedule is not on the day of purchasing itself. In our case, the delivery of our purchase is after seven days.

6. It’s accessible to all types of clients, with private vehicles or commuters alike. From Shaw Boulevard going to Pasig, alight at Pioneer Street, Unilab is the landmark. Turn left. From there, ride a tricycle going to 14 Williams Street where HFO is located. Unilab Bayanihan Center is the landmark on the right and the first street after the establishment is Williams Street. Turn right. HFO is so easy to see. The ride costs Php20.00. Actually, the location can be reached through walking. It's three blocks away from Shaw Boulevard corner Pioneer Street.

HFO is indeed the best place to shop for home and office essentials when you want to revamp your home or office. The Grand First Anniversary Sale is only until tomorrow, Oct. 31, 2016, from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM for you to save more on your purchases. It assures its clients that within the anniversary sale, the prices of its products are very, very low although it still remains on sale on ordinary days. 

Here are some tips that might help when you visit.

1.  Visit in the morning so that you can get the best deals and steals. It's so convenient to go around the warehouse and choose without the presence of too many people. It’s colder to shop in the morning because it’s not air conditioned although industrial fans are strategically located everywhere.

2. Bring water and wear comfortable clothing especially when you visit in the afternoon. As I’ve mentioned, the place is not air conditioned.

3. Bring at least one valid ID especially when you are going to use your credit card or the requirements needed for your chosen payment method mentioned above.

4. Have a list with you on what you really want to purchase so that you can focus on what to look for. The selections are overwhelming and having a list can make you stick to buying only the things that you really need.

5. If you think that you can’t stick with your list, please bring extra cash if you don’t plan to avail the installment plan. Honestly, going there can make you realize that there are things that you still need. But please, stick with your list as much as possible to avoid overspending.

6. Be decisive. Make sure that when you choose a particular item, it’s final already. See to it that the staff marks it SOLD with your name on it. Items come and go so quickly that when you are fickle minded, your choices may be taken by other clients. Ganoon siya kabilis! It happened to us this morning but it was a blessing in disguise and we were able to see a better option.

I hope this information helps. I guarantee that you are not going to regret visiting HFO. HFO upholds to its mission: "To turn every Filipino's house into a home" without breaking your budget.

I will show you through a blog post our purchases. Stay tuned!

For inquiries, you may call 695-1338 or 695-1346. You can also like @HFOutlets on Facebook for updates and deals.


The Home Factory Outlets (HFO) is the country's pioneer mall designed to cater factory overstocks, floor models and great finds at up to 60% off daily. This 3,000 square meter concept mall offers sofas, dining, beds, mattresses, office furniture, furnishings, housewares and home appliances from participating retailers like BLIMS Fine Furniture Outlet Store, Sogo Home and Office Center Clearance Outlet, Elba Outlet Store, and Collins International Trading Corp. Outlet Store which carry brands such as Dowell, Thermos, Moulinex, Krups and Eglo Lights among others. It is considered the country's pioneer mall for home furniture and furnishing clearance items

Monday, October 24, 2016

REVIEW: Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer and Eyebrow Gel

According to internationally renowned make-up artist, Bobbi Brown, “Defined brows instantly make you looked polished.” Yes, it’s so true that eyebrows speak louder than words. It can make or break your look if not groomed properly. Due to this notion, a few years ago, I really did my best to learn how to groom mine the scientific/professional way because I had a tendency to over-pluck or over-shave them, making them so thin that I looked like too old for my age.

Aside from maintaining and grooming our eyebrows according to the shape of our faces, having the right eyebrow tools and cosmetics that are reliable, easy to apply, smudge-proof, waterproof, has long staying power, and most especially affordable can keep our eyebrows on fleek in no time!

I’ve been using only two brands of eyebrow pencils with the same shade of dark gray for years, which I find not just very convenient to use but cheaper. I am frugal when it comes to purchasing cosmetics but I don't sacrifice quality and safety. I haven’t tried powder and gel forms yet. Sabi nga, nakasanayan na bakit kailangan pang humanap ng iba?

Not until Fashion 21 sent me a Perfect Brow Bundle through PerCX-Perfectly Creative X-tras. It was composed of one Duo Eye Enhancer (Dark Copper), one Eyebrow Gel (Copper Brown), and one eyebrow shaver (not seen on the photo). 

By the way, this Perfect Brow Bundle is the latest promo of Fashion 21 that has started on October 21 and shall last until October 31, 2016. This is available in all Fashion 21 Outlets nationwide.

When I saw the shades, I was quite hesitant to try them at first because based on experience, brown didn’t look good on me for some reason despite the fact that my hair color was black and darkest brown could fit me aside from dark gray. I referred to the color chart of eyebrows from Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, by the way. But due to review purposes, I had no choice but to give them a shot!

First, I used Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer (Dark Copper) on its own.

Description: This dual-purpose eye pencil is gentle on the skin during application, and doesn’t feel greasy despite its creamy texture. While it’s got its glitter on, don’t let that stop you from using it on your brows—the glittery element actually helps make your brows look fuller! This eye enhancer comes in six natural shades that will complement any brow color, hair color, and skin tone, as well as a brush for the brows.

Available Shades: Blonde, Dark Copper, Honey Blonde, Light Brown, Mahogany Brown, and Natural

Net Weight: 1.65 grams

- It’s easy to apply.
- It easily adheres to my eyebrows and skin although I need a few swipes to cover my entire eyebrows.
- The built-in brush can spread the product evenly without the fuzz.
- It’s buildable and workable.
- Surprisingly, it looks good and natural on me despite being brown in shade.
- It can be used in tight lining too.
- It’s sealed with a plastic where its ingredients are printed. This can guarantee that the item is fresh, unused, and new.
-  It’s super affordable at Php125.00! Not bad to purchase especially when you want to experiment on different shades. It’s highly recommended for starters in make-up application.

- It can’t last longer on its own and I need to set it with powder to make it stay put and hide portions with hair scarcity.

See how Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer works for my eyebrows! It's close to the color that I usually apply on my them. It's not too light or dark. I also like using it for tight lining. Great product and very affordable!

Next, I applied Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel (Copper Brown).

Description: This eyebrow gel is perfect for adding fullness to your brows. It comes in six natural shades to complement your hair and skin. The mascara-like applicator keeps you from putting on too much product by accident, and it’s smudge-proof too.

Available Shades: Blonde, Clear, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Reddish Brown, and Copper Brown

Net Weight: 8 grams

- It’s very quick and easy to apply.
- It easily adheres to my eyebrows and skin although I need a few swipes to cover my entire eyebrows.
- The built-in mascara-like applicator can spread the product evenly, hassle-free.
- It’s super buildable and workable.
- It can be used on its own.
- It’s really smudge-proof and lasts for hours.
- It’s sealed with a tight plastic that guarantees that the item is fresh, unused, and new.
- The durable acrylic bottle is where the ingredients are printed.
- It’s a great brow product that is affordable at Php165.00! Trying on different shades won’t break your budget. It’s highly recommended for pros and starters in make-up application.

 - Copper Brown is too light for me. I’d prefer dark or light brown perhaps, the shade closer to Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer Dark Copper.

Finally, I used both at the same time which reinforced their staying power and being vibrant. To make it look natural though, I had to blend them with the Duo Eye Enhancer’s built-in brush. It could also look nicer if I got a darker shade of Eyebrow Gel. I just needed to tame the color by swiping a bronzer/dark brown eyeshadow.

To sum it all up, I am so happy that I’ve tried this Perfect Brow Bundle. Now I can have another affordable and effective alternative in grooming my eyebrows. 

For more updates and deals, join Fashion 21 Cosmetics Community on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Home Factory Outlets (HFO) Grand Celebration First Anniversary Sale

If we feel like we need to revamp our homes and offices, this October 27, 2016 marks the 1st anniversary of HOME FACTORY OUTLETS (HFO) and it plans to celebrate with a BIG SALE from October 27 to 31 from 10:30 to 8:30 PM at #14 Williams Street, Barangay Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City (Behind Unilab). It has plenty of deals and discounts in store for us to have an enjoyable shopping experience even if we are on tight budget. This sale falls on a semestral break and it's definitely a good timing too! Yay!

We can avail of the following during the sale:
Enjoy as much as 80% off on a wide range of of furniture and furnishing
• Buy 1 Take 1 items
• Bargain Corner (50% off and up)
• PISO Madness Deals (with minimum purchase)

Isn't it exciting?

By the way, what is Home Factory Outlets (HFO)?

The Home Factory Outlets (HFO) is the country's pioneer mall designed to cater factory overstocks, floor models and great finds at up to 60% off daily. This 3,000 square meter concept mall offers sofas, dining, beds, mattresses, office furniture, furnishings, housewares and home appliances from participating retailers like BLIMS Fine Furniture Outlet Store, Sogo Home and Office Center Clearance Outlet, Elba Outlet Store, and Collins International Trading Corp. Outlet Store which carry brands such as Dowell, Thermos, Moulinex, Krups and Eglo Lights among others. It is considered the country's pioneer mall for home furniture and furnishing clearance items

Are you already convinced that you should not let this grand celebration/big sale pass? For inquiries, you may call 695-1338 or 695-1346. You can also like @HFOutlets on Facebook for updates and deals.

Mark your calendars, Mars and Pards, and see you there!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Big Christmas Blowout Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2015

I am passing on the love of books to my children and the benefits are tremendous! Reading is part of their daily routine at an early age. The children's book collection that I've started since my teaching stint in preschool has been paying off. I would never let any Scholastic Sale in the school that I was teaching pass. 

Hubby and Kuya also do the same. Scholastic books are part  of our growing collection of books.

On December 22, second to the last day of The Big Christmas Blowout Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2015, my family headed straight to the venue early in the morning to avoid the rush and hassle since it was Holiday Season. 

We made sure to bring our own drinks, snacks, extra shirts, toiletries, eco bags, and extra cash. According to the blogs that I read, the warehouse was situated in a place that there was no nearby cafeteria or sari-sari store, no air conditioning units, and would require hand-washing afterwards especially that I would be bringing my kids with me. I had to be prepared.

We arrived at 10:00 AM and unlike other warehouse sale events, the place was not so crowded and it was so easy for us to roam around and look for books that we would like to purchase.

There were wide array of books from different genres carried by Scholastic Inc. like Geronimo Stilton, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Harry Potter, Hunter Games, and Twilight. Most of the books of best selling authors were on sale at low, low price--- Eric Carle, Norman Bridwell, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, etc. For a children's book fanatic like me, the place felt like heaven!

These were the books and other instructional materials that we purchased at discounted prices.

I consider this as one of my best book hauls last year. As I always say, I never think twice in buying books and educational materials despite being frugal.

 We bought these including four children's books and a box of flashcards that we gave as gifts  for a total of Php1,647.75 . We were able to buy books for as low as Php20.00 (Original prices ranged from Php120.00 to 230.00). When we computed the original prices, the total was Php2,855.00. WE SAVED Php1,207.25! Wow na wow, 'di ba?

Guess what? Scholastic Philippines was so generous to us and the staff gave us these. We felt so spoiled and loved!

Experiencing another great Scholastic Warehouse Sale makes me more excited to go to the next!

Have you been to The Big Christmas Blowout Scholastic Sale 2015? What did you get? I am so excited to know. I-chika mo naman sa akin.
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