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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Max's Restaurant Offers #KiddiePartyToTheMax!

When it comes to good food and ambiance, Max's Restaurant is the best place to hold our special celebrations. It's one of  our top choices. It's famous for serving traditional and contemporary Filipino dishes and most of all, who wouldn't like its "Sarap to the bones!" Fried Chicken. Max's Restaurant keeps on upgrading its meals and services through the years. It never fails to satisfy every palate of people from different ages since 1945.

Courtesy: Max's Restaurant

Just recently, Max's Restaurant launched its latest offerings on its  Kiddie Birthday Party services  to cater to the taste and preference of kids and their parents. Speaking about budget, Max's Restaurant made the prices reasonable to be more affordable even to the budget-conscious and frugal individuals. Let me give you a detailed overview of what's in store for us if we choose to celebrate our kid's birthday party at Max's Restaurant.

Max's Kiddie Birthday Party has five themes:


Party Meals come with three sets of delectable Max's menu you can choose from or you may opt to choose a la carte orders.

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
1 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or carbonara
Choice of Side Dish (2)- Fish Fingers or Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
1 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or Carbonara
2 pieces Fish Fingers
2 pieces Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

1 piece Max's Fried Chicken
2 piece Barbeque
Choice of Spaghetti or Carbonara
1 piece Fish Fingers
1 piece Mac & Cheese Balls
1 Glass Iced Tea

MEAL: 5 orders
MEAL A: Php1,175
MEAL B: Php1,500
MEAL C: Php1,875

A La Carte:
10 Quarter Chicken: Php1,400
10 1-piece Chicken: Php750
10 pieces Barbecue sticks: Php550
10 servings of Spaghetti: Php550
10 servings of Carbonara: Php550
10 pieces Mac & Cheese Balls: Php:250
10 pieces Fish Fingers: Php250
10 glasses Iced Tea: Php250

Premium Pary Package:

Enjoy a hassle free celebration by choosing an ALL-IN-ONE party offer good for 20 persons.

MEAL A: Php15,000
MEAL B: Php16,000
MEAL C: Php17,000

Your choice of meal comes with the following:

20 sets of Party Kit (20 invitations, 20 party hats, 20 name tags)
30 pieces Balloon Sticks
30 pieces Balloon Clouds
20 pieces giveaways (choice of Chickie Boy Stool or Kiddie Lunch Bag)
1 set of game prizes (12 activity booklets, 5 coin banks, 24 pencilsin cases, 3 assorted play balls)

Party Amenities:

FREE Three (3) Hours use of venue
FREE Mascot appearance
FREE use of Party Banner
FREE use of Party Standee
Themed Cake
Party Host

Party Options:
20 party meals with party kit and game prizes only

MEAL A: Php6,150
MEAL B: Php7,450
MEAL C: Php8,950

Party Kit Php300 (5 invitations, 5 party hats, 5 name tags)
5 pieces Balloon Sticks
5 pieces Balloon Clouds
GIveaway Php1,500 (choice of Chickie Boy Stool or Kiddie Lunch Bag)
1 set of game prize Php350
Themed Cake Php2,000
Mascot Appearance Php1,500

Party Enhancers:
Magician, Balloon Decor
Face Painting
Photo Video
Bubble Show
Event Styling
(Other services as available and price varies based on Max's accredited supplier's services list)

For more photos and details, you may download Max's Birthday Party Brochure.

I've noticed that aside from having more choices that suit our budget, the party favors are all useful. Sabi nga, walang itatapon. I highly recommend Max's Restaurant if you are looking for a nice venue and reasonable kiddie party package. When you celebrate in any of its branches, I assure you that you and your guests will enjoy and be satisfied. Your kid will surely have a blissful experience that will be added in his bank of good memories.

Max's Restaurant Offers Kiddie Party to the Max

Book at Max's Restaurant now on the branch of your choice!
For Metro Manila, you may call 7-9000
For provincial locations, you may visit

Saturday, July 8, 2017

#PakNaPak na Healthy Recipes by Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil + Giveaway (July 2017)

Most kids nowadays are picky eaters and my sons are no exception. There are days when our menu just keeps on rotating over and over and that includes Fried Chicken and Fish and sandwiches that are so easy to prepare. Paps and I do our very best to be creative in preparing our meals to encourage our kids to eat more healthy food choices but sometimes we are too tired and busy to sustain our habit. Nevertheless, we still do our best to extend our effort.

It is obvious that food preparation takes time and it is our duty as parents to do it properly no matter how very busy and exhausted we are. Hindi basta nakasanayan ay the best na.

Just recently, a friend from Uni-Pak sent me a gift bag with cans of Mackerel in Natural Oil and a desk calendar with recipes on it just in time when we were thinking of other interesting and healthy quick and easy meals to cook. I really felt happy and relieved because Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil could give us hearty meals in no time.

Why is Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil healthy and safe? An oily fish such as mackerel is known to help fight cardiovascular disease, dementia, loss of vision, and prostrate cancer. It's one of the best sources of protein, selenium, vitamins B and D, and omega-3 fatty acids--- vitamins, minerals, and fat that are necessary for good health. Uni-Pak is a flagship brand of SLORD Development Corporation, the company that specializes in toll-packing quality canned goods that is trusted by domestic and international companies since 1985. 

Moving on, here are two of the great-tasting and healthy dishes that I cooked using Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil:

***Uni-Pak Mackerel Sisig***

uni-pak, mackerel, fish recipes, home cooking, yummy, Filipino food, All-Around Pinay Mama


1 can of 425 Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil, drained and flaked
3-4 cloves garlic
1 medium-sized onion, minced
1 piece red chili (siling labuyo), minced
oil or 1/8 stick of butter for frying
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon soy sauce or liquid seasoning

Optional seasoning
2 pieces kalamansi
spring onions


1. In a cooking pan, heat oil or butter.
2. Saute garlic and onion.
3. Put in Uni-Pak Mackerel flakes, liquid seasoning or soy sauce, and red chili. Cook for 3-5 minutes
4. Remove from heat and transfer it to serving plate.
5. Put kalamansi, mayonnaise, and spring onion. Mix well.

uni-pak, mackerel, fish recipes, home cooking, yummy, Filipino food, All-Around Pinay Mama

***Uni-Pak Healthy Mackerel Sandwich***

uni-pak, mackerel, fish, canned fish, delicious, healthy, sandwich, recipe


1 can of 425g Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil, drained and flaked
2 tablespoons red onions, minced
1 tablespoon lemon or calamansi juice
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
8 slices white or wheat bread
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber (optional)
salt, sugar, and pepper, to taste


1. Mix the mackerel, minced onion, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, sugar, and pepper.
2. Spread the mackerel mixture on slices of bread.
3. Top with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber and close the sandwiches.

These recipes are so easy to prepare and so delicious and nutritious that even busy individuals can do hastily and picky eaters can appreciate. They can save the day from being chaotic! Hindi rin siya malansa. Kaya basta Mackerel, dapat tatak Uni-Pak!

uni-pak, mackerel, fish, canned fish, delicious, healthy, sandwich, recipe

Do you want to get a #PakNaPak na Uni-Pak Mackerel in Natural Oil gift pack for free and cook your own #TatakUnipak recipes? Uni-Pak is giving away a gift pack to one of you and it's so easy to join. Just do the following steps:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway is open to my readers residing in the Philippines only. You don't have to be my social media account followers to join. Giveaway period is from July 8 to 21, 2017 only. Winner will be chosen by

I'll announce the winner on my Facebook Page on July 23, 2017 and he/she will be notified through Facebook private message on the same day. Uni-Pak/SLORD Development Corporation will be responsible in shipping the prize to the winner. Thanks and good luck!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nong's Thai Kitchen- 84 Classic Recipes That Are Quick, Healthy, and Delicious by Nongkran Daks & Alexandra Greeley

One of my most favorite cuisines of all time is Thai preferably Sea Food Fried Rice, Chili Beef, and Red Wine Beef Stew. 

This enticing Seafood Fried Rice photo is owned by Miss Lesly of  The BuckEat List blog. She loves S.R. Thai Cuisine too!

Our college days in University of Santo Tomas would not be complete without tasting the food from different restaurants and food joints around the campus. I tasted the above-mentioned dishes in S.R. Thai Cuisine located in Padre Noval Street. During special occasions, group/class meetings, it was one of our top choices not just due to the peaceful ambiance but most especially due to the scrumptious budget-friendly meals that it serves.

Paps, who was my college classmate, would  always wanted to come back to dine there with our eldest. It was a sort of exposing him to our past. Due to that, he began to like Thai food. Unfortunately, S.R. Thai Cuisine closed and I heard from a good friend that the owner together with his family already migrated to USA. Its closure broke my heart. But despite of missing Thai food, I didn't even try cooking any at home. I don't know why.

Well, my love for Thai food and the good memories that it has given me and my family have come to live again when the cookbook,  Nong's Thai Kitchen 84 Classic Recipes That Are Quick, Healthy, and Delicious by Nongkran Daks & Alexandra Greeley has landed on my hands. This makes me inspired to prepare my favorites in the comforts of our home.

cookbook, Thai food, Thai cuisine, Asian food, home cooking

I love everything about this extraordinary Thai cook book. The ingredients are easy to find in our country, since the dishes are close to Filipino cuisine. For the special ingredients that are commonly used in Thai dishes, basic recipes, methods, and techniques are written clearly and supported with photos like the ingredients so they are very easy to follow. 

cookbook, Thai food, Thai cuisine, Asian food, home cooking

If you love eating authentic Thai dishes whether you are a pro or non-pro in cooking, this book can get you covered. As I've mentioned, there are 84 yummy dishes to choose from which include Thai appetizers and finger food; salads; poultry, meat, and seafood; curries; noodles and rice dishes; vegetarian dishes; desserts and drinks. Everything you need to know and cook that is Thai, is written in this book. It is the cookbook that I recommend if you want to learn more and cook Thai dishes on a whim!

Like Easy Chinese Recipes by Bee Yinn Low, I am so impressed with how the authors, contributors, and people behind this amazing cookbook compiled, cooked, photographed, and described everything in detail to come up with this masterpiece. 

cookbook, Thai food, Thai cuisine, Asian food, home cooking

Every cook from starters to professionals can surely be motivated to try every single dish found in it. If you are a foodie like I do, the colored photographs can make you drool and when you read on how the dishes are made, definitely you'll be surprised that they  are easy to make! We can surely enjoy authentic home cooked Thai dishes without breaking our pockets and taking so much of our time. Nice! Very nice indeed!

I strongly agree that the recipes in Nong's Thai Kitchen- 84 Classic Recipes That Are Quick, Healthy, and Delicious can capture the hearts, minds, and palates of different people from all walks of life and race. There is a balance of salty, spicy, sweet, and sour tastes of the recipes which are lovingly and passionately composed to provide explosion of flavors and textures. 

If you are a home cook or you know someone who loves cooking, I recommend that you should have a copy of this cookbook for your own or a loved-one's perusal. It's a useful tool to be added in your cookbook collection.

It's available online at $14.95 in and here in Philippines through leading bookstores like Fully Booked (Rockwell and The Fort) and National Bookstore (SM Mega Mall, SM North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria).  By the way, Tuttle Publishing offers free shipping if you order books worth $35.00. Aside from this book, there are so many amazing reads available there. 

For more updates, you may join Tuttle Publishing's growing community on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Aunt Cely's Easy Homemade Cheese Pimiento

My sister-in-law, Lady, is married to my brother for four years but we haven't seen each other in person because they live in the US of A. When time permits, because both of us are so busy with mom duties, we usually exchange messages on Viber. Both of us have so much in common. We both love staying at home with our family, crafting of all sorts, experimenting in the kitchen, sight seeing, reading books, and watching movies at home. Frugality and simplicity make us jive. We enjoy simple pleasures in life and appreciate the blessings that we receive no matter how small they may be. Like me, I know that she is also married to a good guy (I hope so. His husband is my one and only little brother! He has to be a good dad and hubby because if not, kukurutin ko talaga siya sa singit! LOL!). 

Our family is our top priority and we are doing our best in all that we do. Despite our very hectic schedule, we see to it that we prepare meals that are yummy and healthy. 

Just recently, I saw on my niece's Instagram account that she prepared Cheese Pimiento, a cheese spread recipe that was passed on to her by her Aunt Cely. Looking at the photo made me drool! It was such a long time since I prepared that spread, Mom and Paps' favorite. I promised her and myself that I would cook it because I thought that her aunt's version was better than one of my most-viewed recipe, my no cook Easy Homemade Cheese Pimiento.

A few weeks later (Boy, I was so forgetful!), I remembered her recipe because we had lots of bread but no spread. I immediately asked Paps to buy the ingredients. Then it was fast! I cooked my own version of Aunt Cely's Cheese Pimiento in less than 30 minutes. It was so Y-U-M-M-Y! All the people who tasted it told me that it was the best tasting Cheese Pimiento that they ever tried. I'm not exaggerating.

With Lady's permission, here is the recipe:


3 bars (230 grams) Eden Cheddar Cheese, grated
1 bar (200 grams) Magnolia Butter
approximately 3 tablespoons Alaska Condensada 
1 big red bell pepper, minced


1. In low flame, melt the butter.

2. When butter is almost melted, put the minced red bell pepper. Saute it until almost wilted. Stir occasionally.

3. Put grated cheddar cheese and cook until they melt. Stir continuously. Put condensed milk.

4. Remove the pan from the stove and let it cool down.

5. Transfer in a clean glass container.

Look how rich it is! It tastes really, really good!

Lady preferred to blend the cooked mixture through a food processor or blender  to make it smoother

Courtesy: @babysakura20 on Instagram

In our case, we wanted red bell pepper chunks in our spread so we omitted that procedure. You may add condensed milk based on your preferred sweetness.

This Cheese Pimiento is perfect as spread on toast or crackers and also a perfect dip for veggies, nachos, and chips.

When Lady asked me our feedback, all I could tell her was, "Panalo! (Winner) We love it!" 

Thank you, Sis, for sharing your aunt's recipe to me! It's one of the quickest, easiest, and yummy recipes that I've tried that can surely satisfy every palate.


"Cheese is milk's leap toward immortality." - Clifton Fadiman

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, A Pocket Full of Fun and Surprises

Yesterday afternoon, Kuya and I were happy to join other mommy bloggers and their kids at Gardenia Pocket Sandwich Pocket Full of Fun in Fun Ranch Ortigas. 

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

This fun afternoon was filled with games, food, prizes, magic show, mascot appearance, etc.--- a great way to spend quality time with our kids that made our tummies and memories full. 

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

The theme of the program "Pocket Full of Fun. Pocket Full of Surprises" described very well the mission of Gardenia's new product, "Pocket Sandwich" that comprises the wonderful things that a mom could bring to  her kids, family, and herself too.

The main inspirations of Gardenia to come up with Pocket Sandwich are the busy moms. Moms are the masters or multitasking. They are very efficient in juggling different roles like doing chores, taking care of the kids, handling finances, scheduling activities for the family, earning for a living (may it be working at home, business, or in a company/institution), taking care of the family members and their needs, and of course, planning and preparing meals. 

One of the meals that moms prepare for their kids in school or at home are sandwiches. They are so easy to make and kids love them. But most of the time, kids remove the bread's edges because based on experience, they don't like eating them and they just throw them. There are also times when their sandwiches get squished in their lunch boxes or bags making them not appealing to the appetite or worse, make a lot of mess. There are also instances that moms wake up late (I am guilty of that! LOL!) that they just give money to their kids to buy food in school hoping that their kids make the right choices. 

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is the best snack to give to our kids. It's easy to slip in their lunch boxes, bags, even in their pockets. It is not vacuum sealed, meaning there is air inside that acts as a cushion that makes the bread's appearance intact and fresh. The brown edges of the two breads have been removed and they are sealed together firmly by machine to make its filling intact inside.

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is a soft, freshly baked bread that is delicious and nutritious. It is high in the following vitamins and minerals:

Iron- for normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin

Vitamin B1- helps release energy from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

Vitamin A- essential for eye function

The kids will surely feel their mom's pocketful of love when they eat it especially that it has two great-tasting variants that kids go gaga for--- chocolate and peanut butter. Definitely it is a yummy, healthy, spill or mess-free snack, convenient for munching everytime, everywhere.

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

Because it's made by Gardenia, it is guaranteed safe because it is made in a sanitized and clean environment.

Gardenia understands moms' eagerness to prepare healthy snacks for their kids despite their very busy schedule and Gardenia Pocket Sandwich truly takes some of their load as busy individuals. I guarantee that you and your kids will love it like we do. Super yummy talaga!

For an affordable amount of Php15.00 each, kids and their families can now savor the healthy-yummy goodness of Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores. For more information about this product and other Gardenia breads, you may like Gardenia on Facebook or visit its website,

Gardenia, Gardenia Snack Treats, Bread, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

I am looking forward to know your feedback about Gardenia Pocket Sandwich! Feel free to leave your comment here. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Taste of History by Senyor Juan Suman Latik

I grew up in a Nueva Ecija, the Rice Granary of the Philippines, where rice cakes of all sorts were part of my daily living. They were being sold on wet markets or peddled on streets. They were considered common that when I started living here in the Metro, even though I could buy from reputable bakeshops and some supermarkets to satisfy my craving, I still couldn't taste their authenticity. 

Above all the rice cakes that I love, Suman sa Lihiya is my number one favorite. It's soaked glutinous rice treated with lye and mixed with coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves which is boiled for at least two hours. It's served with Latik, a sweet sauce with a mixture of coconut milk and Muscovado Sugar, and topped with Budbod (dried coconut pulp). It's not easy to find it here and I have no time making it due to my very hectic schedule.. I only have a chance to taste it when friends give it as pasalubong and it happens rarely. I miss eating it always. 

Not until I discovered the branch of Senyor Juan Suman Latik near our home.

It was love at first bite when I tasted its one piece Original Suman Latik a.k.a. Senyorito (Php35.00). It's closest to the flavor of my favorite Suman sa Lihiya  and  on that moment, I knew that Mom and Paps would love it too so I bought a box of three pieces, Senyorita (Php95.00), as pasalubong. I was right, They liked it so much. From then on, whenever there are special occasions like reunions or small gatherings, Mom always brings Senyor (Box of 12- Php375.00) or Senyora (Box of 6- Php188.00) as her pot lock contribution. Senyor Juan never fails to delight anybody's appetite, the old or the young ones alike. It has the taste of history that can be passed on through generations.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Just recently, I had a chance to taste not just my favorite Original Suman Latik but also five Senyor Juan's Espesyal and Fried Suman Latik Flavors

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Brace yourself because the photos that I am going to show you are drooling! Believe me, they all taste so good! Here they are:

Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, Ube, and Macapuno

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, Leche Flan, and roasted peanuts

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik
One piece Suman topped with Latik, ripe mangoes, and roasted peanuts

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Fried Suman Latik Cheese
One piece fried Suman topped with Latik and grated cheddar cheese

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Fried Suman Latik Chocolate
One piece fried Suman topped with Latik, chocolate bars and sprinkles

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Among the flavors that I tasted, my favorites were Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik and Fried Suman Latik Cheese. I shared them with my family and they were all amazed with the explosion of flavors inside their mouths, truly a one of a kind tasting experience. Paps loved Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik while Mom liked Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik but she told me that she liked the Original Suman Latik more. Kuya said that Fried Suman Latik Chocolate was his first choice that obviously, I thought that he would like. 

These Suman Latik were best paired with Gourmet Hot (Php35.00), Cold Barako Coffee (Php45.00),  or Choco Tablea (Php99.00)

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Although there were Mangosteen-Dalandan (Php45.00) or the award-winning Dalandan Honey Juice (Php35.00) available, I preferred drinking them as is while chilled! They were definitely great natural thirst quenchers. 

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Apart from serving great-tasting Suman Latik variants and natural drinks, I can attest that Senyor Juan Suman Latik follows a strict food handling protocols and good customer relations which I have observed on my visit in its SM Mall of Asia Branch.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Miss Katrina, the staff who was in charge knew how to keep her stall clean and she prepared my food properly. She was great in suggestive selling and client relations. No customer left without ordering or dining in.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Senyor Juan's tagline impresses me, "This business is owned by God, managed by Senyor Juan." Senyor Juan Suman Latik walks its talk. I, as a loyal customer for months, feel happy and satisfied whenever I purchase or dine in.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

I highly recommend Senyor Juan Suman Latik . We can have #TheTasteOfHistory without breaking our pockets. You may visit any of its branch near you.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

You may find Senyor Juan Suman Latik  on Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. You may also visit for more details.

Senyor Juan, Suman Latik, rice cake, The Taste of History

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sugar Blend Spaghetti

Today is mother's day and it's my 12th. Unlike other families who go out to celebrate to eat out or have a staycation, as usual, we choose to stay at home and do the stuff that we do daily. For me, everyday is mother's day and it's not just today that it should be celebrated. I believe that each day must be lived to the fullest as if it's our last and honestly it's one of the reasons why I am not used to considering any occasion pertaining to myself as something huge or shall I say, a big deal?

But of course, Paps reminded me again this morning that we should practice celebrating Mother's Day so that the kids would appreciate celebrating occasions even if they would be very simple. It could also be a venue to create good family memories with a dash of something special which honestly I didn't have much while growing up. I have already mentioned in one of my blog posts why but anyway, I don't want to spoil the day. It's mother's day and it's my day. Paps cooked one of his specialties but this time, used Sugar Blend instead of brown or white sugar.

Here it is:


1 kilo Del Monte or Dole sweet style spaghetti sauce 
1 head garlic, minced
2 medium red onions, minced
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
3/4 kilo ground pork
2 big carrots, grated
2 tablespoons minced coriander (optional)
165g bar Eden Cheese, grated
1/4 kilo tomato, halved
400g  Jolly button mushrooms
1 kilo spaghetti, cooked al dente 
dash of McCormick dried basil and oregano
Sugar Blend, measurement depends on your taste preference
salt, optional 


 1. Boil meat together with onion, coriander (optional), and pepper  until oil comes out. Fry until light brown.

2. Saute meat with garlic and mushrooms.

3. Add in carrots, halved tomatoes, and water until ingredients are slightly submerged. Stir occasionally while cooking in medium fire.

4.  Once it's cooked, put spaghetti sauce, grated cheese, dried basil, dried oregano, and sugar. Let it simmer. To adjust the taste depending on your preference, add Sugar Blend or salt.  

Paps doesn't mince the tomatoes always to preserve their juices. Both of us love eating them chunky while we press and mash them before serving the spaghetti to our kids. 

Instead of approximately five tablespoons of brown or white sugar, Paps put 2 1/2 tablespoons of Sugar Blend only. That would mean that he only used 1/2 the amount of sugar that was equivalent to 50% less calories! Yay!

Spaghetti, Sugar Blend, Food, Home Cooked, All-Around Pinay Mama

Sugar Blend makes our healthy beverages and dishes even healthier. To know more about Sugar Blend, I have already shared it together with my Quick and Easy Sugar Blend Polvoron Recipe that my kids like so much too.

Happy mother's day to all amazing mom's out there! Let's cherish every moment with our family and be thankful to have the best vocation in the world despite the pains and challenges that go with it. Let's also keep in mind that our painful childhood memories in any way should not affect negatively the manner we raise our kids.  Enjoy your day! Love, love...

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