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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Citi Medical Center Changes the Way of Labor for Pregnant Moms

It gives me so much joy to witness an event that is full of new things to learn, old knowledge to review, and exciting things that are worth sharing to expectant moms who are looking for the best hospital that can cater to their needs that won’t hurt their budget from beginning to end.

I am so happy to announce that World Citi Medical Center in Anonas, Quezon City has launched its new Maternity Wing and relaunched its Pre-Natal Package just recently.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Guest of Honor: Doctor Rustico A. Jimenez (President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated) with Madame Arlyn Grace V. Guico ( World Citi Med President and CEO) , Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico ( World Citi Med Officer-in-Charge and CEO), Doctor Margarita Santella-Jara (World Citi  Med Medical Director ), Doctor Lorcelli Parado (Chairman, OB-GYNE Department World Citi Med), and Doctor Meadina Cruz (Chairman, Department of Pediatrics World Citi Med), the board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated, Miss Avelyn Garcia (President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleash International Corporation), Mr. Jay Eusebio (Vice-President for Sales and Marketing of UNTV), and Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro (PVED Corporate Director) led the ribbon cutting ceremony followed by Pastor Alex Tinsay’s dedication while pregnant moms learned from the series of seminars led by the OB-GYN Department.

The event was graced by different media personalities, well-renowned doctors in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics, employees, supporters, friends, and pregnant participants who brought home goodies from sponsors.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Pregnant guests were given treats from the following event partners: The Parenting Emporium, Beginnings, Cetaphil, Pampers, Huggies, Wilkins Pure, Chicco, and Mommytreats.

The pre-natal and maternity packages were well-researched and planned for a year by the World Citi Med’s OB-GYN and Marketing Departments having pregnant moms and their families in mind. Their aim was to change the “way of labor” for pregnant moms because they deserve a worthwhile health care, delivery, and stay from beginning to end. The institution would like to ease their pain and worries, giving them a “Happy Birth Day” by offering any of the packages that includes discounts, free seminars, and freebies that suit the budget of even the most frugal expectant moms.

Let me show you in detail World Citi Medical Center’s Pre-Natal and Maternity Packages.


Pre-Natal Package worth Php4,600.00 includes:

Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Gel Method ABO Typing
HBSAg Screening
Papsmear (Histopath)
Pelvic or Transvaginal Ultrasound

To make the payment scheme much easier for budget-conscious moms, they came up with more affordable packages:

1st Trimester Pre-Natal

PLAN A worth Php940.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN B worth Php1,555.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN C worth Php1,560.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

2nd Trimester Pre-Natal worth Php2,130.00 includes:

3rd Trimester Pre-Natal

PLAN A worth Php1,080.00 includes:

PLAN B worth Php1,255.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis

All Pre-Natal Package selections come with the following FREEBIES:
- Mother’s book for pre-natal check-ups
- Privilege card that she can use at World Citi Med and partner establishments for perks and discounts
- Mother’s class on pre-natal, postnatal, breastfeeding, family planning, and other classes
- Access to pre-natal education resources

With any Pre-Natal Package, moms can avail of discounts in the following procedures:

- Hear your baby’s heartbeat
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s gender
- Get black and white ultrasound images

- Hear your baby’s heartbeat more intimately
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s gender in a more revealing way
- Get 3D color ultrasound images

4D FACE TO FACE (Cash Basis Only)
- Hear your baby’s “clearest-sounding” heartbeat
- Know your baby’s biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby’s “clearest-image” face and gender
- Get 4D color ultrasound images and CD of your baby’s moving images


A. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- General Anesthesia

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

B. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- Spinal/Epidural

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

A. Caesarian Section

WARD: Php44,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php31,850.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php51,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php38,850.00 (With Philhealth)

The maternity package above is EXCLUSIVE of Professional Fees.

To put the maternity package in detail, it is INCLUSIVE of the following:
- Two (2)days stay for Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) and three (3) days stay for Caesarian Section (CS)
- Preoperative, Intraoparative, and Postoperative Care
- Expanded New Born Screening
- Newborn Hearing Screening
- Nursing Care
- Immunization (BCG, Hepatitis B vaccine, Vitamin K
- Maternity and Nursing Kit

Let me give you a glimpse of the Maternity Wing located at the 6th floor. You will notice that it is different from the wards that you’ve seen in other hospitals. When clients stay here, they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, like having a staycation, after hours of experiencing labor pains and other stressors related to delivery.


The spacious, neat, and organized Nurses’ Station is located on the spot where it is easily accessible to the clients and vice versa. The ambience can tone down the work related stress of every health care provider.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


Each private room has its own flat screen television set, sofa, modern comfy patient bed, side table with chair, fixtures, cabinets, and bathroom.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity
Who wouldn’t love to stay in this private room? It feels like you are in a five star hotel room. What I love more about it is the bathroom. It’s spacious and safer for pregnant clients due to its slip-free flooring. Amazing!


The ward consists of three patient beds which are separated by curtains to promote privacy. Each portion has its own side table, cabinet, and chair. Patients share in one spacious bathroom.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


The difference between a private room and suite is just the space, presence of a telephone line, and bigger table and sofa. 

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity


The Maternity Wing hallway is filled with beautiful photographs featuring the beauty of pregnancy, delivery, and raising a child.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity

World Citi Medical Center values medical and nursing care standards which include proper patient identification, safety, lighting, ventilation, and sanitation through the presence of properly labelled trash bins, clean and well-lit rooms and hallways, strategic placement of wide windows, and presence of fire exits. Bottles of hand sanitizers are placed everywhere making them accessible to health care providers, personnel, and even visitors to keep their hands clean before coming in the rooms to avoid cross-contamination. The entire 6th floor including the hallways is air-conditioned. The lights and doors are opened through access cards. The use of pastel colors creates a more cozy atmosphere, so cool and pleasant to the eyes.

The institution promotes the importance of breastfeeding. Formula feeding is not allowed along its premises.

world citi medical center, pregnant moms, expectant moms, baby, childbirth, maternity

I suggest that you visit to see the Maternity Wing yourself. But first give the hospital a call (+632)913-8380 locals 380 and 210 prior to your visit, for booking your pre-natal check-up, or if you want to learn more about the maternity or pre-natal package. You’ll surely have a “Happy Birth Day” at World City Med! #CelebratingMOMents there will be more fun, fruitful, meaningful, and memorable.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

AAPM Top Picks at A Handmade Affair

Due to our customs and culture, June has always been considered the most preferred month for having a wedding. But as years pass, many couples plan to get married based on their own convenience and their guests' as well. Hard times would never hinder the couple's desire to have the best wedding because it's once in a lifetime. When we say best, details like venue, decors, flowers, food, and most of all souvenirs and keepsakes can never be out of the picture. It is but natural for Filipinos to be so thoughtful and most of all, they love to personalize their gifts. As a giver, he wants the recipient to feel extra special. As a recipient, accepting personalized gifts makes him feel that the giver has made  time and effort to produce something that he can call his own.

In my visit to a crafty celebrations and wedding expo, A Handmade Affair, a couple of months ago, there were six unique handmade and personalized gift ideas for the couples, parents, secondary sponsors, guests, our loved ones, and even for our own consumption that caught my attention. Here they are:

Tomato Time made my eyes twinkle due to its latest collection and services. Imagine for only Php950, we could customize our own or our loved ones' watches! It also offers couple watches for only Php1,800 or we could have the leather straps of our purchased Tomato Watches stamped to make them personalized! Awesome!

The products that we tried on Neutraorganics' booth made us feel that we could have the best of beauty and health at our age by simply using its products! 

The gift of natural skin care products is best for the bridesmaids and secondary sponsors so that they can look fresh and rejuvenated before the wedding.

I fell in love with these unique handmade magnets by The Art Boutique PH! These could serve as personalized table markers and souvenirs for the guests.

Studio 925  made me swoon over its handmade accessories! Their creations were beautifully crafted and super affordable! I would like to get them all! For only Php8,000, couples could have their own customized wedding rings! The necklaces and bracelets would surely be appreciated by the female secondary sponsors. Yay! So nice and dainty!

Jaz Arts andCrafts was one of my most favorite exhibitors. On its booth we were able to create our very own floral headbands for free and shopped very affordable scrapbook materials and tools. Crafters, kids, and young at heart would love its products.

The last time that I drank alcoholic beverages was in 1999. I didn't even try to do it again even a sip until Sir Jeremy of AWC Philippines convinced me to do so. Believe me, I enjoyed the experience! Codoniu Clasico Semi Sec was the bomb! I really, really liked it! AWC Philippines' wines could make any occasion livelier and they could be the best gifts for the primary sponsors and male secondary sponsors. 

You may visit A Handmade Affair on Instagram to see other exhibitors creating unique handmade gift ideas perfect for all occasions. If you are a handmade junkee like I do, you'll love everything there and that's for sure!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Yogo and Cream Fresh Tea and Juice Meetup

I've been blogging for quite sometime and one of the things that I love about it is I get to discover other bloggers who are exceptionally inspiring. They are bloggers who live their lives to the fullest and at their best in what they do. It shows on the way they take photos, curate their social media sites, compose their articles, and most of all, show how sincere they are to their readers and followers. It is but innate that who they really are shows through their craft. 

I am not ashamed to express my deep "fan-girling" to my favorite bloggers. It is my way of expressing my thanks and gratitude for making me very happy through the learning and inspiration that I get from them. 

Just recently, my most favorite couple blogger, Yogo and Cream also known as Lloyd Urbino and Me-An Clemente, had their first meetup and I was jumping for joy when I was chosen to be one of the 15 fans to be part of the said intimate event.
This was the invite that I saw on @yogoandcream's Instagram account that made my heart flutter.
All I wanted was to see them again in person and would be able to talk to them and tell them face to face that I really, really like them because when I saw them in Blogapalooza, I was starstruck and didn't have the courage to do so.

Coco Fresh Juice and Tea, Gold Stack Potato Chips, Say Cheese MNL, Yogo and Cream, All-Around Pinay Mama, Gateway Mall

What made me more excited was the event would be the best time to meet amazing people who would love to talk about blogging, food, sight-seeing, photography, and love life/loving life--- the things that I consider interesting.

Coco Fresh Juice and Tea, Gold Stack Potato Chips, Say Cheese MNL, Yogo and Cream, All-Around Pinay Mama, Gateway Mall

I seldom attend events but this one I made time for. It was indeed a memorable experience. For two hours, all my expectations were met. It was indeed a time well spent.

It was full of fun and opened doors for new friendships.

I felt young because most of the participants were millenials including Yogo and Cream. Their energy was contagious and it was nice to see charming and friendly faces. The meetup wasn't too rigid or structured. It was light and personal. The eagerness of Yogo and Cream and all participants to know everyone was evident. 

It was laden with a lot of inputs and ideas.

Yogo and Cream were very accommodating in answering our questions even if they were too personal. Even though I was a seasoned blogger, I learned so much from this couple particularly about the ins and outs of blogging which most, I must say, were similar to what I practice and believe in. Those made me admire them more.

Yogo and Cream consider blogging as a hobby first and they haven't thought that this endeavor could give them so much opportunities that they haven't expected. The simple love for food for Lloyd and travel for Me-An combined together have made their blog as one of the best source for food trips and travel destinations in the blogosphere. It is obvious that they love what they do. It doesn't feel like they are working that makes more brands notice them. More opportunities come their way and they deserve it.

Like I practice, Yogo and Cream don't post on social media or blog about the products that they haven't tried or liked. They don't deceive their followers. What you see in their sites are purely honest and true. 

They also curate their photos on Instagram well that revolve on people, places, and food, three things that describe their main focus as a couple blogger. I also curate my Instagram photos but they are randomly posted and I've realized that they don't look visually enticing. From now on, I will improve in curating my photos which will also focus on my niche as a blogger.

Bloggers have different motivations to blog and I share the same motivation with Yogo and Cream. Blogging is a lucrative business but it should not be a venue for individuals to solely get something out of it and fool people or even brands. It should not be an endeavor to compete with others but rather, it is a job to be enjoyed and treated with utmost passion, integrity, and professionalism. 

I experienced a  lot of firsts.

It was my very first time to explore Gateway Mall because I got lost. LOL!

Moreover, I wasn't a fan of milk tea but tasting Taro Milk Tea by Coco Fresh and Tea and Juice blew my mind! I told Lloyd and Me-An that I preferred Banana Chocolate Slush that was equally delicious and refreshing, by the way. It was served late and it was blessing in disguise that made me taste Taro Milk Tea. I will definitely go back for this! I've learned from Me-An that this brand is considered the best milk tea brand in the world! Now I know why. 

Coco Fresh Juice and Tea, Gold Stack Potato Chips, Say Cheese MNL, Yogo and Cream, All-Around Pinay Mama, Gateway Mall

I always see Gold Stack Potato Chips on Instagram and I am so curious about how it taste. Yay! The Sour Cream and Onion variant is delicious and not too salty. I love it! I can't wait to try the other flavors!

It was love at first bite. Oh my, the foodie in me was unleashed again!

Coco Fresh Juice and Tea, Gold Stack Potato Chips, Say Cheese MNL, Yogo and Cream, All-Around Pinay Mama, Gateway Mall

As an OC mom, getting a 6 in 1 packing cube from The Closet Savers Company as a raffle prize made me very kilig to the bones! It was my first time to hear about this brand and based on the products that I saw on its Instagram account, traveler and organizing enthusiasts could benefit from them by solving their packing and organizing problems.

A post shared by THE CLOSET SPACE SAVERS CO. (@travel.organizersph) on

I also had a chance to meet the man behind Say Cheese MNL, the event's official photographer. When you see his and his partner's portfolio on Facebook and Instagram, you would never think twice of hiring them in events and food photo shoots.

It was my first time to attend a blogger meetup. As a fan, I am truly blessed and glad to know Lloyd and Me-An better, up close and personal. I really found more reasons why I should continue following them. They have no pretention. They stick to their values and always put their feet on the ground despite being on top of their blogging career. They are genuinely candid and generous of their time, knowledge, and blessings. What  you see is what you get. 

Thank you, Yogo and Cream! Until next meetup! Kindly bring Mommy Irene with you! I am dying to meet her! More power and God bless you in all your endeavors and adventures! Looking forward to your next #lovefoodtravel posts!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Girls Can Do Anything Like Barbie

Barbie is a doll that every girl's dream to own. It's perfectly beautiful and stylish. It can be dressed up in any way that makes it fit to do any role that a little girl assigns to her.

Barbie is more than just an iconic doll. She is the epitome of what every girl wishes to be. Every girl , like Barbie, can do anything and can be good at it because she is confident and willed to be the best person that she can be.

This was the mission of the event , Barbie You Can Be Anything, held in Lucky Chinatown Mall last October.


It was more than just a fashion event showcasing the physical beauty of kids who joined. It also promoted virtues such as...

By joining and trying the different activities, each girl participant had a chance to realize what she would want to be in the future- a chef, baker, artist, teacher, athlete, singer, dancer, scientist perhaps?

The event was a venue for girls to have a chance to meet other girls. They can bond together through chatting and joining games and activities.

There were different games in store for the girls that could develop sportsmanship. In life there were instances that people could win or lose. The lesson would lie on how they would accept defeat and focus more on the joys that games could bring rather than being sad for losing.

Parents were there to support their daughters. I observed that they let them choose from start to finish. While they were inside doing the activities, kids would stay on the station that they liked best and parents would  let their daughters try all but they didn't hinder them in doing what they really wanted.

No matter what the girls do, their confidence and grace exuded. I knew that deep in their hearts they believed that they could do anything because they were born to be a star.

During the event, Rich Prime Global Inc. highlighted the career related activities that girls enjoyed: Barbie Artsy Studio- You Can Be An Artist, Barbie Cafe- You Can Be A Pastry Chef, Barbie Golf Are- You Can Be An Athlete, Barbie Pink Salon- You Can Be A Model/Fashionista

Kudos to Rich Prime Global Inc. for organizing an event like this. It was such a pleasure seeing those girls hit the runway and join the activities in store for them passionately and confidently. It was clear to me that they were getting ready to be a full-grown real Barbie dolls--- girls who would do anything to be the best that they could be.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nuffnang Philippines- Building Strong Relationships Among Bloggers and Brands

If I remember it right, there were only four instances that I joined Nuffnang Philippine's Blogging Contest. The first time that I joined and won was when Globe sponsored the movie screening of Runner, Runner. For a person without beginner's luck, it was such a  great experience to join for the first time and win thereafter. I was looking forward to watch it and join other bloggers who won. Unfortunately, my kids got hospitalized and I even never had a chance inform the organizer that I would not be able to  make it.

I was still new to blogging then. I didn't know what to do and honestly, I was so nervous because I barely knew any blogger. An introvert in nature, I was so shy to interact with people especially those that I didn't know. That was me a long time ago but little by little, I started gaining friends from the blogosphere. 

I consider myself to be so blessed to meet good friends while gaining opportunities through blogging. This endeavor can make me do business with pleasure.

2017 marks my fifth year in the blogging industry and my fourth year as part of Nuffnang Philippines. I am so proud and happy to be part of this community because it has opened doors for me and other bloggers as well. It has brought 16,470 campaigns to be exact which includes hosting giveaways for reputable brands. It is giving away huge prizes like gadgets, staycation/vacation packages, movie tickets, and a lot more. The contests are solely open for their pool of bloggers that have signed up in their website. If only I can join in all, I would love to, but my hectic schedule never permits me at the moment. 

Not until I was asked by my photography mentor and one of my favorite food bloggers and good friend, Joy Gurtiza. She posted in her Facebook wall if there was somebody who liked to get three tickets for the advanced screening of Despicable Me 3. Without batting an eyelash, I immediately commented "Me!!!!" So she sent me a private message stating that for me to get those tickets, I have to join Nuffnang Philippines's blogging contest sponsored by Colgate. The requirements are clear and easy to do, intended especially for parents, so for me, I was good to go! Imagine, I could have a chance to win a prize in exchange of doing something that I love! Win-win!

Actually it was a diad effort between Paps and I. I asked him to guest post because I wanted to submit a unique article coming from a dad's perspective. I just placed personal touches and did the editing and we were able to submit our entry on time. After a few days, the result was posted and we were so lucky to be recipients of three movie tickets for the advanced screening of Despicable Me 3. Yay! 

Despicable Me 3, Nuffnang Philippines, Colgate Philippines

Kuya and I were the only ones who watched the film. We gave our extra ticket to a friend who needed it because we didn't want her one loved one to be left behind. It was indeed a great feeling to share our blessing and make someone happy.

Here on this photo were the highlights of the event. We really had fun! Thank you Nuffnang Philippines for organizing this event. Kuya and I and the rest of the moms, dads, and kids who came had a wonderful experience--- another treasure to be kept inside our bank of good memories.

Despicable Me 3, Nuffnang Philippines, Colgate Philippines

If you are a blogger, I encourage you to register and be part of Nuffnang Philippines. It is a venue for us to monetize our blogs aside from having an opportunity to join its contests. It is dedicated to building strong relationships among bloggers, its community, and brands. Nuffnang Philippines wants their bloggers to earn a passive income, gain more exposure and opportunities, and of course, have fun! By just getting an ad banner of your choice in your Nuffnang Philippines account and placing it on your website, your visitors' number of clicks on it can make you earn.

I already cashed out my earnings for the last four years for the first time and I'm currently waiting for my cheque. Isn't it exciting? You may visit and explore to learn more about it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scholastic Warehouse Sale: Book Haven for Reading Advocates

One of the events that I look forward every quarter is the Scholastic Warehouse Sale in Pasig City. Among that I attended, what made it extra special this time  was I spent it with a good friend, Kat Agdeppa Santiago of Petite Momma's World blog. 

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama

Like me, she advocates raising readers. Above all means of learning, we patiently teach our kids to read and love doing it. We are so blessed that our kids are growing up as bibliophiles despite the advent of the advancements in technology.

Kat and I started teaching our kids the love of reading while they were still very young. We would find time story reading aloud and expose them to the different kinds of books-  cloth or felt, board (especially the Peek-a-board books), and those who were hardbound or paperback. We experienced frustrations when our kids tore the precious books that we provided them. We didn't mind because it was part of growing up. We just didn't stop exposing them until they learned to read by themselves with a little assistance depending on our kids' capacity. It was such a pleasant sight to see them reading on their own and manipulating their books. It became a habit. I know even if there are eBooks, like us, they would go back to reading books made of paper that they could touch, feel, and smell. There is no greater experience of having books that are tangible. The texture and scent of their crisp pages can be imprinted on the reader's memory. This feeling indeed is part of learning through reading that can't be replaced by any other reading materials uploaded in gadgets.

Kat and I enjoyed our brief stay in Scholastic Warehouse. Aside from being excited of bringing home new books for our kids to read and enjoy, we shared the same feeling of nostalgia by just being surrounded by books. Books gave us bliss at that moment. Even by just standing in the middle of the warehouse, we felt peace. 

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama

Both of us availed the famous Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet. For only Php799.00, in my case, I was able to place 75 paper back story books for children and most of them are Caldecott Honor medalists or written by famous authors like Eric Carle, Tomie dePaola, and Leo Lionni. I chose mostly books for reading starters because most of the kids that I know are included in that group. I included some for Kuya too. I only paid Php799.00 for all the books in the box with the original total amount of Php7,820.00. I had a huge discount worth Php7021.00! Yay! These figures were all reflected on the receipt.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama
My Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet Haul
books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
These were my top picks.
I've bought those books not just for my kids to enjoy but other kids as well. I always give books as gifts because they never get old in benefits. They can be passed on from one generation to another if well-taken cared off. Learning from books is boundless and endless.

As an educator and mom, I believe that reading is the foundation of all subjects. If kids don't know how to read, how can they understand different concepts? If they are not capable of reading, how can they be motivated to write and draw if they don't understand the purpose of what they are doing? 

I have this eagerness to share my love for reading and teaching kids how to read and their benefits to other teachers and parents especially to those who have students or children with speech delay. There is joy and beauty in reading aloud with kids and pointing the words to them so that they can eventually know how to read words in the story and say them loudly by themselves. When kids are already hooked in reading aloud with their parents, it can be noticeable that they themselves can be motivated to mirror what their parents are doing that's why it is very important to read to them properly. In my five years of teaching and 12 years of being a mom I have noticed that kids learn best when they confidently know how to read aside from giving them other activities to do that can enhance their holistic development.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
They were all discounted up to 70% OFF! Kuya was so happy to see these hardbound Harry Potter Books. I didn't forget to choose one for Paps too. Like me, we both love Paolo Coelho. Thank you, Scholastic Asia for these! This Mama is kilig to the bones until now!

In line with this, because some parents find books very expensive, I always suggest that they should visit Scholastic Warehouse Sale and avail the Box-All-You-Can Book Buffet to start their mini library at home. Not just parents, I also encourage teachers to start collecting books which they can use as tools in teaching their students. 

I started my collection of story books for kids whenever there was a Scholastic Sale in the school where I used to teach. I used those books in teaching my former pre-school students and for my own reading pleasure as well. Who would have thought that those books would benefit my own children? Amazing, isn't it? My collection keeps on growing through Scholastic Asia  through the years without breaking our tight budget to sustain my family's love for reading.

books, scholastic, book sale, All-Around Pinay Mama, book buffet
There is still a chance for you to visit the Scholastic Warehouse Sale until June 18! There are so many books available from different genres. Your visit will be super sulit, promise! You may find all the complete details about the sale and location HERE.

If you can't make it, fret not because according to the friendly and lovely Scholastic staff members, Miss Cathy, Miss Darren, and Sir Ryan, they will have a huge sale again in NOVEMBER 2017. Instead of two months, they will have it for only two weeks. There is still time to save for it! I hope to see you there on November.

Do you have your own Scholastic Warehouse Sale book haul? I am so excited to see it! You may tag me on Facebook and Instagram at @allaroundpinaymama. 
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