What's In Store For You?- Working Mom Magazine July 2013 Issue

July 14, 2013
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Mothers work from sun up to sun down! It is a vocation that encompasses a lot of hard work, patience, and love. Mothers devote so much of their time to their families that sometimes they forget to give time to themselves. 

If you're a non-stop devoted mom who needs time to take a break, WORKING MOM JULY 2013 issue is a must-read!
This is definitely a page-turner! Thanks, ABS-CBN Publishing!
Why? This "YOUR HEALTH SPECIAL" issue talks about moms finding time to pamper and reward themselves (p. 14) with a lot of options to choose from like switching hair colors and how to manage it (p. 15); changing looks by choosing vibrant hues (p. 20) and knowing the five must-have wardrobe basics (p. 22); planning a DIY family trip (p.106); or exploring new places to shop for groceries and drinking a good cup of coffee (p. 111).

I am sure that some moms due to their very busy schedules may eat too much of everything just to relieve stress, always giving in to their cravings even if they are unhealthy. I admit, I was guilty of this! Because of this bad eating habit, I gained weight! Tips from "Snacks that Love You Back" (p. 38) that tackles swapping unhealthy food with food that has big benefits, "Lose the Weight--The Fun Way" (p. 34), or playing with your kids outdoors with traditional Pinoy games (p. 93) could help you shed off excess pounds!

For "Crafty Moms", they could turn their passion for crafting into a lucrative business like I did. Personalized do-it-yourself items are in demand nowadays (p.80). They may create unique stuff like doing a make-over on tin cans (p. 102). They can earn extra while saving the environment!

Laughter decreases my negative stress. Reading topics about revisiting the path of celebrity moms (p. 70) and remembering what's in during the 90's (p. 77) would surely make readers laugh too!

In times when we feel that we are burdened with so much motherly duties, it is nice to know that there are moms out there who reveal their best secrets to a balanced life  (p. 56). We are just like other moms who make things happen from outside the limelight in our own special and unique way (p. 74).

Being a mom of two boys, school-age and toddler, is very challenging especially when my eldest becomes a little jealous of his little brother because he used to have the attention all the time. Amanda Griffin-Jacob (p.47) talks about how she handles this situation and get inspired on how motherhood transformed her into an "It Girl" to a proud momma! 

My toddler tends to be autonomous. There are power struggles when I deal with him sometimes. If I get impatient, I might hurt his feelings. Tips on how to handle this (p. 90) give us ideas on how we could be firm without being too harsh on our toddlers.

This is just a tip of an iceberg! There are more helpful articles that make parenting a best experience! 

WORKING MOM JULY 2013 issue gave me a better perspective on how to balance my personal and family life. It made me realize that I should love myself more so that I could give more love to others especially my family whose care was entrusted to me. Remember, we couldn't give something that we don't have.

Aside from my own insights about the articles, I let my mother and husband read the magazine and I used it as a reading material for our "Mother and Son Bonding" that we usually do before I send my eldest to bed. Here are their favorite articles and why they love them:

Mom: "I like what Amanda Griffin-Jacob said that she should cater first to the toddler then to the baby because the baby wouldn't have a recollection of what his brother does when he's jealous. I agree with the insights of the authors of "He Said, She Said" (p. 96) about saying goodbye that the best way to help the child cope with loss is to be simply being there with him, listening and choosing the right words to say. The article of Queena Lee-Chua (p.99) is very helpful in praising the child the right way. I remember the days when you were still young. Ganyan din ang ginawa ko."

Hubby: "One of the root causes between parents and their kids is miscommunication not because our children don't want to follow but in most cases is due to our inability as parents to convey our message in the language that they understand. Magic Words (p. 90) help us understand and speak in the language of our children." 

Kuya: "I like Beijing's Kiddie-Friendly Places (p. 108). They're so amazing! I also like Awesome Stuff for the Tub (p. 85). They're so cool!"

I encourage you, moms out there, to grab a copy of Working Mom July 2013 issue! CLICK THIS to watch its TVC and have a feel of what's in store for you!

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