Prayers for St. Benedict and St. Michael the Archangel Protect Us from Evil

March 18, 2014
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Hello, dear friends! Maybe you're wondering why I wasn't able to post a prayer for two consecutive Sundays. 

As I mentioned three weeks ago, my eldest son, Ross, was confined in the hospital, had ER admissions, and check-ups ten times or more for four months. His pediatrician was also puzzled why he kept on getting sick after all his laboratory examinations were cleared. The pattern of his sickness was the same---he would be discharged in the hospital on Wednesday, have his home care until Sunday, go back to school on Monday, get sick on Monday night, and be admitted again in the hospital on Tuesday.

Ross experienced lots of hardships and  weight loss due to his sickness. My husband, mom, and I took turns in taking care of him. 

When a family member is in the hospital, all resources are drenched---emotional, spiritual, physical, and most especially financial.

When all hope was lost, maybe out of desperation, we consulted a psychic/faith healer last, last Sunday. 

You may not agree with me but I believe that there are things and phenomena in this world that can't be explained by science nor religion.

It's ironic. I am into religious accessories business. My faith in God is utmost and unshaken. But I know that God sends us people who can help sometimes in peculiar ways.

The faith healer told us that someone inflicted that condition to my son. We talked about the details and events I recalled before my son got sick. She instructed us to make a concoction/herbal tea and pray over it before drinking. My son should drink that concoction for more than one week. Why? Because he ate something that was cursed by the perpetrator. We were shocked and speechless. We were peace loving people! We had no enemies. She also encouraged us to pray always. We followed it. Sabi ko wala namang mawawala. Gagawin ko ang lahat gumaling lang ang anak ko.

On Monday afternoon, my husband went to Quiapo, Manila to look for the leaves for the concoction. It's difficult to find stuff like those here in Metro Manila. My mom also asked hubby to go to the crafting store to buy some materials for her rosaries. Then he saw a red St. Benedict's cross inside the store. While he was staring at the cross, a man approached hubby and said, "That cross is nice. It's St. Benedict's cross. Do you know that it is used by exorcists to cast away evil spirits? Purchase it, have it blessed by the priest, and put it on your altar. It will protect your family. Choose the red one." My hubby asked, "Perhaps by chance, are you a priest?". The man said, "Yes, I am! If only I have Holy Water with me, I can bless that cross for you." My husband thanked the priest and bought the cross immediately together with St. Benedict's medals for the whole family.


Courtesy: ( To know more about St. Benedict's Cross and Medal, you may go here

The following day, hubby rode a cab to go to work. When he saw the taxi driver, he was startled because the driver looked like late great grandpa. The conversation went like this:

Driver: "Sir, bakit po? Mukhang nakakita kayo ng multo." 

Hubby: "Kamukha ninyo po kasi ang lolo ko. Saan po ba ang probinsya ninyo? Sa Isabela po ba?"

Driver: "Sa Quezon po." 

Hubby: "Naniniwala po ba kayo sa kulam?"

Driver: "Ah, bulong 'yun! 'Yun ang tawag sa amin sa Quezon. Bakit po, sir, may sakit po ang panganay ninyo?" 

Hubby: "Po, meron nga po." (He was surprised.)

Driver: "Ibigay ninyo nga po sa akin ang pangalan at kung sino po ang pinagsususpetsahan ninyo."

Hubby: "Bakit po? Manggagamot po ba kayo?"

Driver: "Opo, sir, buong pamilya po kaming manggagamot."

Hubby: "Talaga, sir? Naisasalin po ba ang panggagamot?"

Driver: "Ang panggagamot po kasi naisasalin. Pero dapat po ay siguradong sa taong may mabuting kalooban ito maisasalin. Kung sa masamang tao po ito mapupunta, gagamitin po niya ito sa kasamaan gaya ng ginawa ng taong nanakit sa anak ninyo." 

Hubby wrote my son's name and the person told by the faith healer who inflicted the sickness to my son.

The driver paused for a moment and said: "Hindi na po kayo gagambalain ng taong 'yan! Heto nga po pala ang number ko, tawagan ninyo po ako kapag may nangyari pa po sa anak ninyo."  

He handed a piece of paper to my husband. The driver is a retired army, Major Alvarez.

God blessed us in those three consecutive days. I felt more relieved.
I fervently hoped and believed that my son would be healed with the help of his health care providers and faith healers that we met. They became God's instruments. 

Ross went to his pediatrician this afternoon and through God's grace he was fine. We told the doctor about our decision to consult a faith healer. She said jokingly that it's okay as long as my son would not be cut open. She agreed that sometimes things unexplained by science could happen.

This experience taught me seven things:

1. Food, which is God's grace that nourishes the body, can be used by other people to hurt someone.

2. Be vigilant. Know whom to trust.

3. Be careful with what you post and whom to tag on your social media accounts. It may sound funny but you'll never know how others take your posts. Others may be happy with your triumphs but others don't. 

4. Pray as a family always. 

5. Practice your faith.

6. Spend quality time with your loved ones because life is very uncertain.

7. Learn to forgive.

In line with this, I would also like to share the prayers for St. Benedict and St. Michael the Archangel. We now include them in our daily prayers to protect us from evil.


Courtesy: (Why do we need to pray for protection from evil through St. Michael the Archangel? Click this link to know more:
God's love never fails nor falters. I hope that my son will be completely healed in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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  1. God is Good!!! He never failed you and sent angels to guide you.

  2. Thanks, Mommy Leira! God is so good! We are blessed. :)


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