World Vision Philippines' Mother's Day Made Special

May 09, 2014
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It's two days before Mother's Day. If you are still thinking of how to celebrate it like I do, would it be great if we show that we love our moms through sharing our blessings on their honor?

World Vision Philippines is dedicated to help mothers fulfill their dreams and it is possible through the gift of education and good nutrition.

Our moms raised us and gave so much of their lives in order for us to reach our dreams. There are moms out there who can't afford to make their children's dreams into reality. Would it be nice if we reach out and help them? Through our kindness and generosity, we can make other moms happy. Oh, it would be a nice feeling that somehow we are able to help and share a piece of us, a piece of something that we have.

Honor Mom with Child Sponsorship
Honor your Mom this Mother's Day through World Vision Philippines. Sponsor a child under her name and World Vision Philippines will give a special Papemelroti Mother's Day Card and Php200 worth of gift certificates from New Zealand Ice Cream. (First 20 sponsors only)

Click THIS to sponsor a child in honor of your mom. 

Moments with Mom Photo Contest

Entering your photos of you and Mom in our Instagram and Twitter Photo Contest will make Mother's Day very special.  Don't forget to caption your photo by writing a loving message to your mom.

You can win World Vision T-shirt and Php100 worth of New Zealand Ice Cream Gift Certificates to give to your mom. Winners will be announced on May 12, 2014.

Click THIS to join.

Help Another Mom Celebrate Mother's Day

You can help another mom fulfill one of the greatest gifts she can give to her child –breastmilk which is the source of baby's optimum nutrition.

Each breastfeeding kit you sponsor will encourage a mother to prioritize her own nutrition and that of her baby.  

Click THIS to sponsor a breastfeeding kit.

 Photo Credits: World Vision Philippines

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