GIVEAWAY: "Fully Charged 2015: A Gratitude Festival"

April 18, 2015
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Have you ever experienced feeling lonely with no apparent reason at all? Are there mornings that you just wake up and don't have the drive to do the things that you usually do? Do you feel that things are not quite going well despite being hardworking? Believe it or not, there are instances when I feel all these. But I keep reminding myself to be always optimistic and keep moving forward no matter what happens.

Sometimes it's hard to keep going if there are things that happen beyond our control. We need to pause for a while and think of ways on how to re-energize and be motivated again.  Isn't it nice to sleep better and wake up happier and more content every morning and see ourselves enjoying great opportunities and overflowing blessings? 

"FULLY CHARGED 2015: A GRATITUDE FESTIVAL" is exactly what we need...

The RCW Foundation, Inc., also known as The Caring Group, is once again staging its highly recommended live event this summer entitled “Fully Charged 2015: A Gratitude Festival”  on May 16, 2015, Saturday, from 8:30am-5:30pm at Teatro Marikina in Shoe Avenue.

            Join the RCW family to recharge your life batteries and rekindle the fire of your inner power, personal excellence, inspiring attitude and enlightened consciousness by instilling the Magic of Gratitude!  Expect a whole day of empowering talks and energy-shifting activities led by some of our country’s seasoned life-altering trainers and transformational coaches.

            Highlights of the event are high-powered talks and presentations as follows: 

1. The Attitude of Gratitude and Inner Wellness 
2. The Spirituality of Gratitude and Abundance
3. Gratitude and Pinoy Laughter Yoga 
4. Shifting Thoughts, Transforming Feelings, the NLP way, and more.

            Break free from stress, tedium, negativity and confusion. By discovering the healing and transformative power of Gratitude, learn how to begin your journey towards an excitingly fulfilling and abundant life. 

To register, contact RCWFI at 436.0710/426.6832, (0921) 6332587 or, or visit or

I'm so happy to announce that RCWFI will be giving away two (2) passes to the said event worth Php550 each to one (1) winner. This giveaway is open to my readers residing in the Philippines
You don't have to be my follower or fan to join. Bloggers are also welcome!:)  

Here are the three (3) easy steps:  

The giveaway period is from April 17- 27, 2015 only. Participants should follow all the steps above. The winner will be chosen through

I'll announce the winner through a blog post on April 28, 2015 and he/she will be notified through email on the same day. Thanks!



THE REINTEGRATION FOR CARE AND WHOLENESS FOUNDATION, INC (RCWFI), also known as The Caring Group, offers Integrative and Transformational Programs that enhance Wholeness and Fullness of Life. Founded by Harriet H. Hormillosa, RCWFI facilitates psycho-spiritual healing through their Counseling and Coaching Services, Healing Workshops and Training Programs. The Foundation envisions a community who cares for “carers” and inspires society's care providers to cultivate a more effective, balanced, holistic and integrative way of life and to become more effective instruments in furthering positive transformation in others.

Through RCWFI’s programs, tens of thousands of individuals have already experienced both personal and interpersonal healing, growth and transformation, which, some say tongue-in-cheek, is like being “Belofied Within.”

RCWFI invites one and all to step into their greatness and unleash the unlimited abundance within them by claiming and recharging their divinely endowed personal power.

Contact RCWFI at 436.0710/426.6832, (0921) 6332587 or, or visit or RCWFI is located at Partnership Center, 59 C. Salvador Street, Varsity Hills Subdivision, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Check out RCWFI 2015 Schedule of Seminar Workshop HERE.

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