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September 09, 2015
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Kids born in the 21st century are so adept in using gadgets even without being taught by their parents. They can handle computers, tablets, android phones, and other digital machines with too much ease and confidence. They are intrinsically born with it. 

Adults like me, born in the 70's and below, are being overwhelmed with the fast change in technology. It's a fact that we are amazed on how kids are influenced by those gadgets and unfortunately, in some point, seeing them getting addicted. We should not be alarmed because technology can be put into good use under close supervision and it's never too late to stay in touch with our kids though modern technology .

Encouraging our kids to download educational apps and e-books can be best if they love and need to enrich their curricular/extracurricular activities and reading comprehension skills. For kids who also like tinkering using Lego pieces,  their love for gadgets can be merged with it. Every kid for sure would love to see his or her Lego creations come to life and this is possible with the use of computers.

On the 29th of August, Kuya and I had a chance to have a two-hour tour and a trial class at First Robotics Learning Center. Before delving deeper into our one of a kind learning experience, let me share with you what FRLC offers straight from the primary source.

What is First Robotics Learning Center (FRLC)?

"FIRST Robotics Learning Center endeavors to implement the concept of learning with fun. Amidst technological advancements, kids these days spend majority of their time staying in front of computers or playing while in front of a display such as Playstation, iPad, iPhone, etc. We at FIRST Robotics Learning Center provides an alternative that purposes the kids to display their creativity through fun learning. With the center's fresh and innovative approach to robot designing, kids are assured of assimilating up-to-date information and manipulating state-of-the-art materials which are primarily utilized in the field of robotics. The center emphasizes on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in its quest to equip the students with competitive robotics literacy."

"First hands-on experience with Robotic Kits is provided. Our educators are distinguished by their functional. The lesson set-up trains kids to be team players and problem solvers. It also aims to flicker their imagination and ignite their resourcefulness. Kids will learn directly by creating, exploring, troubleshooting and making their own ideas come to life. They'll learn how to think outside the box."

"Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive knowledge in robotics makes First Robotics Learning Center an ideal choice to supplement and enhance your kid's innate skills and creativity. FRLC – the place where fun learning rules!"

What is FRLC's Mission and Vision?

"We are fun loving, passionate people dedicated in inspiring kids to be at their best through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. We are the most admired educators with the best learning centers in the field of Robotics for kids." 

What are the different course offerings?

4+   Our World of Adventures & Inventions

"Children explore ways in which people and things move - for example, how animal and human bodies bend and jump, and how machines lift or spin. They learn about simple machines in the home and local community, design and build their own models."

7+   Our World of Science and Technology

"Children will learn about information & control technology (ICT) and math by making their models come to life using basic sensors, mechanical parts and drag-and-drop software commands with a computer."

9+   Our World of Robotics

"Students will learn and start designing more advanced models by deepening their understanding of different science concepts such as forces, motion and energy. Students will also start planning and designing their own program to control robot functions or behavior."

"The most challenging & satisfying course that harnesses all the knowledge and experiences learned by the students and how they can put to good use."

You may see the class schedules HERE.

*Adapted from: www.firstrobotics.ph

How students learn at FRLC based on my observation:

- Students can play at the waiting area while waiting for their classes and fetchers.
- Classes and classroom set-up are based on student's age and level.
- The facilities are conducive for learning.
 - Aside from tinkering, building, and programming, students have more ways to enhance their  faculties based  on their learning styles and intelligence.

- Students become motivated to excel because their hard work is being recognized. 

- Experts in the fields of Engineering, Math, and Science teach the students.

- Individual, diad, and group modular learning, both guided and independent, are evident to teach students how to become more systematic, self-reliant, and team players.

- Students' tasks per session are attainable. The use of time is always maximized. 

You could see the smile on Kuya's face that he enjoyed his First Robotic's experience. He had a little exposure on Robotics and in this trial class, he was given the opportunity to create a robot and make it work with his team which he hadn't tried before! 

It was indeed a memorable experience for Kuya. Two thumbs up!

I encourage you, dear parents, to let your kids experience First Robotics Learning Center's trial classes. They will learn so much while having fun!

You may visit  the following sites for more details:

You may also inquire about rates or keep in touch with First Robotics Learning Center by visiting this address or calling the following numbers:

Unit 2, Ground Floor, Gold Hill Tower, 5 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City

Telephone: (02) 696-3333 | (0999) 884-9256 | (0917) 552-8898 | (0917) 552-8898
Let your kids learn how to "CREATE, CONNECT, CONTEMPLATE, and CONTINUE" at First Robotics Learning Center!

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