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October 03, 2015
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On the same day that we attended the First Robotics Learning Center trial class, Kuya and I had a privilege to be part of Celebrity Mom Breathe Mama event at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Most of the guests were first time and expecting parents. I already gave birth twice but still I learned something new from the experts.

Miss Maite Tamparong-Uy, Celebrity Mom Magazine's Publisher, started the event by giving us an idea on what to expect.

Miss Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Celebrity Mom Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, welcomed us warmly

Dr. Terri Ribano, MD, discussed about the growth and development of newborns including proper care, hygiene, diapering, burping, and swaddling. I had a chance to do a swaddling return demo and was able to win a Tiny Buds gift pack!

I have here some photos and articles on how to burp, swaddle, and change the nappy of newborns. These are closest or somewhat similar to the tips that I've learned from the event.

You may read Baby Basics: BURPING YOUR BABY for more details.


Swaddling makes newborns sleep longer because they feel that they are still being snuggled tight in the womb. It promotes less crying. Newborns' arm and leg movements make them feel startled which is very upsetting and causes over stimulation. They cry in an attempt to block out the stimulus. Swaddling them keeps the jerky arm and leg movements to a minimum making them cry less. Newborn nails are sharp and grow fast and they scratch their faces while they are asleep. Swaddling keeps the newborns free from scratches.

Here's a nice article about PROMOTING POSITIVE NAPPY CHANGING.

Miss Irina Otmakhova, Certified Childbirth Doula, introduced to us the natural option of giving birth or Gentle Birth. It is delivering a child without the aid of artificial or mechanical means. I learned that it could be more advantageous especially to the child because it could leave a positive psychological imprint that would come out at later in his or her lifetime.

To know more about what is a doula, why hire a doula and its advantages, you may visit http://www.consciousbirthmanila.com.

Miss Denise Gonzales-Bernardo, one of the mompreneurs behind Indigo Baby, gave us a  quick but very informative presentation on how to use baby pouches and their benefits to active moms and dads who could conveniently bring their kids wherever they go.

Here's a video on how to wear a baby pouch the way she demonstrated it at the event.

You may check out Indigo Baby's baby pouches and other products through http://www.indigobabyshop.com.

Highly recommended products for mommies, babies, and kids were also displayed by The Parenting Emporium.

Our minds were full and also our tummies. We were treated with a very satisfying meal.
We also went home with lots of insights learned and a bagful of goodies from the generous sponsors. 

It was indeed a memorable learning experience for Kuya and I. Thank you, Celebrity Mom, for having us!

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