ParentTown Makes Parenting a Community Effort

November 01, 2016
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Moms and dads, do you know that there’s a new parenting app where you can ask questions and get quality answers from local experts? You can be an expert in your own right and share your parenting journey with other moms and dads too. I have joined and I am hooked, seriously! ParentTown is now one of my most favorite apps in the whole universe! A day shall not pass without reading and joining the conversations because there is so much to learn from other parents about anything about parenting! Believe me, it’s worth joining.

I believe that as parents, we don’t have the monopoly of knowledge. Sometimes we need someone to ask about certain issues such as raising children, certain home remedies for insect bites, etc., and best deals and hacks, and a lot more. ParentTown is I believe one of the best community to run to because there we can ask any parent and get answers quickly based on their own experiences that work for them and may work for us and our families too. We can also answer some questions to help other parents. The exchanging of ideas and insights is tremendous and what makes it amazing is that parents would do anything for the sake of their kids and they are so generous to share what they know to help other parents as well. In short, in ParentTown we can get quality answers. I’ve tried and tested it and it’s truly amazing.

Isn’t obvious that I really, really love ParentTown? Before I go further, this is how it works for you to understand fully.

1. You may join ParentTown by downloading the app for free through App Store or Google Play. If you have both Facebook and Google+ accounts you may continue using any of these and rest assured that ParentTown is not going to post on your social media sites.

2. You may follow all topics that interest you.

3. You can easily manage your profile based on your preferences.

4. Start browsing the conversations or ask questions and get quick answers from parents. You may look for other topics through the Search Icon.

5. You can also join the conversations by answering parents' questions, liking or sharing them, or  simply upvoting your favorite answers.

6. You can watch informative videos and get notified if someone upvotes your answers or questions, added you as a friend, etc.

7. You are free to share photos too.

ParentTown is so easy to navigate. Even non-techie parents can use it easily. It celebrates the joys and pains of parenting and assuring parents that there is always a community who supports them all the way. This amazing app is truly a blessing. 

You may join ParentTown community on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube for updates. I encourage you to join, Mars at Pards. If you do, let’s be friends! My ParentTown account it SJ Valdez! See you there and let's exchange insights! I am looking forward to learn from you! 

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