Mrs. Patty Cuyugan's Mexican Rice Casserole Recipe

October 15, 2017
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It's been a a while since I've shared my most favorite recipes. This Mama is very, very busy for a couple of months now. As you all now, I am writing for PSST!PH since July (It's a dream come true, actually.) and our home based family business is doing good. I am striking the iron while it's hot!

While my hands were tied, I also had a quick decision to have my blog get an overhaul. It so happened that a good blogger friend and a very talented software engineer, Celerhina Aubrey, had a very nice and reasonable proposal and I took advantage of the opportunity.

While Aubrey was fixing the look of my website, Paps and I were focused on our kids while doing our own jobs and helping each other with mom on our family business. Wala kaming hangin and a day is not enough to cover all our duties. Having a writer's block from time to time also refrains me from even touching the keyboard of our PC. Sakit ko na yata ito especially when the year is about to end.

Furthermore, there are so many ongoing issues and concerns in my life. To slow down a bit, I always write my musings on my Instagram account. By the way, it's my most updated social media account and I invite you to check it out. There I write almost anything that pops on my head. I also browse my past photos from time to time and that is when I came across with Mrs. Patty Cuyugan's Mexican Rice Casserole Recipe na pagkasarap-sarap!

It has an authentic taste of a cheesy, meaty, and spicy Mexican food. Dahil nakita ko na naman ang photo na ito on Instagram I have this urge to cook it again and enjoy it with my family. I also encourage you to try this. You'll surely love this too! Madali pang iluto.

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You can convert this Mexican Rice Casserole Recipe into Burrito. Kulang na lang ay pita bread. Sobrang sarap nito, promise!

When you cook this, tanya-tanya lang.


old rice 
 pork giniling 
 taco seasoning 
crushed tomatoes 
minced onions 
bell pepper 


Saute all the ingredients except cheese in taco seasoning. When everything was mixed thoroughly, place grated cheese and a little sauteed pork giniling on top and turned off the stove. 

Isn't it super easy? When you smell and taste it, feel na feel mo ang Mexican flavors. It fits perfectly what Kate Mclennan of once said, "Mexican food is so full of colour, life, and music. It's like a pinata exploding in your mouth."

Thanks for sharing this recipe, Patty! I will be sharing again more home cooked recipes in the days to come! Feel free to leave a comment once you have tried and tasted it. Maraming salamat, Mars at Pards!

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