Preventing Home Accidents

June 28, 2018
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I am the kind of person who is very particular with details. Maybe it has become a course of habit due to being exposed to situations and responsibilities that entail details. Being the eldest child in the family with one sibling to take care of, a former teacher of preschoolers, and now being a full-time mom exposes me to situations that need to keep people dear to me safe. Hence, I've listed down the basics in preventing home accidents that I always practice .

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Preventing Home Accidents (Photo Credit: Pixabay)
- Avoid using electrical appliances near a bathtub, pail, or basin full of water.

- Never use an electrical appliance while barefoot, standing on a wet floor, while taking a shower or bathing in a tub.

- Never plug an electrical appliance with wet hands or while being barefoot.

- Turn-off the light switch when replacing a light bulb. Using a thick dry cloth or gloves can also keep you protected from being electrocuted. 

- Place a non-skid mat in the bathroom to refrain yourself from slipping.

- Always clean as you go. Wipe water, powder, grease, or oil on the floor to avoid slipping.

- Don't put containers of hot liquids like soup, coffee, tea, on top of the table covered with a table runner with the edge running down. Someone might accidentally pull the cloth and can scald himself or anyone near the area.

- Make sure that the handles of the pots are not protruding out while cooking to keep them away from children's reach. By doing this, you keep yourself from bumping into it accidentally.

- Keep all sharp objects like knives, pairs of scissors, blades, needles, tools, cutters out of children's reach. The best way to keep them is inside a cabinet with key and lock.

- Janitorial needs and chemicals must be kept in a place where they can't be reached by children. The best way to store them is on a top portion of the storage area and must be secured and locked at all times.

- Using a fan is not recommended when mixing chemicals especially when you do it inside a room with less ventilation. More chances of poisoning may happen if you do.

- Mix chemicals using disposable cups, plates, or spoons and never reuse food and beverage containers to avoid accidental ingestion.

- In case you forget a pan with oil on the stove, never put water to stop the fire. Oxygen in the air causes the fire to rise. Cover the pan to make the fire stop then turn off the heat.

- If very curious young kids are present at home and have the tendency to plug appliances, make sure to use electrical plug covers. 

- Protect yourself and your loved ones especially the young ones from bumping into table and furniture edges by placing edge guards.

- Place a double lock on top of the door, difficult for small kids to reach to refrain them from opening the door without your help.

- In purchasing an electric fan, check if small fingers can fit into its guard, otherwise, don't purchase it.

- Cosmetics are attractive to kids die to their colors and they should be placed in areas where they can't be reached easily.

I will keep updating this list. How about you? Do you have other suggestions in preventing home accidents?

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