Top 5 Benefits of Biotin That You Should Know

September 18, 2018
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Science has always come up with solutions whenever humanity stumbles upon a new problem to deal with.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is yet another name of a member of the Vitamin family, Vitamin B-7 to be precise. However, the interesting thing is that it plays a crucial role in various activities within the body, has a major say in conditions like pregnancy and is also required for healthy breastfeeding.

What makes Biotin a big deal?

It is quite important to understand that in order to get itself established in the health industry, any product has to provide its claimed solutions to its users. If it's all smoke and mirrors, it can never manage to be something people can trust.

Let's see if Biotin manages to be a vitamin that can truly transform one's health and life.

Here is the list of 5 benefits that are direct effects of consuming Biotin in any of its forms, may it be natural or supplement. Products like biotin supplements are proven to be strong defenders of this situation by providing observable health benefits in a number of ways.

How is Biotin related to health?

Biotin deficiency is related to hair loss.

Let's start with the most common health benefit associated with the use of  Biotin. It's not rare to find people who lose their precious hair because of Biotin deficiency. There is enough scientific data to support the fact that Biotin deficiency is related to hair loss. This has opened ways to take Biotin supplements because they are good at filling the gap that causes the deficiency. You may check out the best hair growth supplements and what you need to know to grow your hair.

Biotin plays an important role in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Data suggests that 50% of the women out there fail to get sufficient Vitamin B-7 during their pregnancy and breastfeeding time. Biotin requirement of the body gets pumped up in both of these conditions and more animal tests have reflected the signs of birth defects due to its deficiency. The fact is that Vitamin B-7 deficiency is caused due to its heavy breakdown during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman is encouraged to make an early visit to her doctor if she is expecting a baby anytime soon.

Biotin ensures smooth macronutrient metabolism.

Macronutrients? Let me start this off by telling what macronutrients are. They are the collective name for protein, fat, and carbohydrates. However, it turns out that these micronutrients are dependent on Biotin in order to get synthesized and that's the reason why the body requires Biotin-containing enzymes for carrying out the metabolism of various amino acids, some of them being as crucial as Leucine.

Apart from this, fatty acids also require this vitamin for their synthesis. And that's not all! Studies have shown that Biotin is extremely important in enabling the process of gluconeogenesis. By converting non-carbohydrate sources into glucose, this process provides the energy required by the body.

Biotin is the solution to chipped, cracked, split, and brittle nails.

Do you know one out of every five persons on Earth has some form of nail condition? Having a 20% probability of you being that person, the door that has Biotin on the other side should be the perfect one to knock. Various studies have shown visible improvement in the quality of nails as a result of Biotin consumption.

Biotin lowers the blood sugar level in Type 2 Diabetes.

Last but not the least, Biotin has a significant impact on the blood sugar levels in the case of Type 2 Diabetes. This is because of the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disease and Biotin helps to improve the metabolism of the body. This can prove to be a ray of hope for those who are suffering from this deadly disease and shockingly the numbers are not small.

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