Hygiene Hacks for Men

January 22, 2020
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Going around the supermarket, one can practically get anything. From makeup of all sorts, different types of soaps for all your personal hygiene preferences, as well as hair care needs, disinfectants, even janitorials are easily accessible. Indeed, most department stores and supermarkets nowadays truly live up to their name “super”. For a stay at home mom, a quick stop at a supermarket almost always solves a quick evening meal, a school requirement for the kids, some refreshing snack, and even medical needs for the sick members of the household. Now as you might wonder, are there items that most supermarkets, department stores, and even sari-sari stores don’t have? Actually there are! Take note of these items that are neglected and unconventional to many people. 

Masculine Wash 

Like women, men are also prone to bacterial and fungal growth due to the nature of their body fluids which is slightly acidic. In line with this, unpleasant odor can easily develop on the genital area aside from armpits due to bacterial growth. Sweat is not the cause of that unpleasant odor because it is odorless. It’s the presence of bacteria on the skin that makes it stink. The irony is that in the present market, very few products cater to this need. 

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Hygiene Hacks for Men

What can be used as an alternative? 

To eliminate bacterial growth and odor emanating from such an area, one alternative is the use of toothpaste in cleaning and disinfecting it. The best type is plain “white toothpaste”. Please don’t use the one with white crystals because it can cause irritations. You know what I mean!

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White toothpaste is good at eliminating bacteria on a man’s intimate area since it has been developed to clean teeth, disinfect the entire mouth, and protect the tissues lining it. You can use it directly like soap and rest assured that you can feel refreshed down there. Moreover, since toothpaste is way too expensive than soap, you may wash your genital area with soap and water first then wash it again with toothpaste and rinse it thoroughly with water. 

Hair Degreaser

Men love to use different hair-styling aids like wax, pomade, and gel which are very difficult to remove upon washing. It’s such a waste of resources, money, and time if they wash their hair several times using shampoo or ordinary soap and water. Despite doing it repeatedly, traces of those styling aids remain seeded on the hair strands making men prone to dandruff. Good news is, there is a cheaper and reliable alternative. 

Do you know that Green Papaya Soap can do the job? Yes, you read it right! Green Papaya Soap is made from raw Papaya that has more natural enzymatic qualities compared to the orange variant that is made from ripe Papaya. Papain, the enzyme that is found in Green Papaya or the papaya that is not quite ripe that has been used for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties is also used in cosmetics, toothpastes, and enzymatic soft contact lens cleaners because it’s a good tenderizer and exfoliant. On one hand, these properties of Papain soften the wax and removes dirt. On the other hand, soap is made of saponified fat that aids in binding the wax and taking it off from the hair strands.

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Aside from its degreasing power, Papaya in general is good for the hair. It’s rich in Vitamin A that promotes the development of Sebum, the body’s natural oil that keeps your hair soft, hydrated, and conditioned. Its Folic Acid content promotes hair growth and improves circulation to the hair follicles while Papaya’s antifungal properties, particularly found on its seeds, help control dandruff formation. 

These are two of the tried and tested male hygiene hacks. There might be more. 


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