Tipid Recipes to Cook for the Corona Virus Quarantine

April 01, 2020
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When crisis strikes like the current Covid-19 situation, moms become more creative and ingenious when it comes to stretching the family's budget and resources and that includes food. Moms always take into consideration each family member's preferences and think of ways on how a specific dish may be liked or appreciated to avoid putting it into waste. It is done by carefully curating a menu that is cost-effective but delectable and health-giving.

Staying inside your own respective homes during the community quarantine does not mean that you have to eat poorly but healthily instead. Cooking and eating nutritious meals can help ward off boredom while keeping the whole family healthy and strong to avoid getting sick.

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For moms out there who are not well-versed in creating a "Tipid Menu", a list of great-tasting economical meals is carefully created for you. Here it is. You may check it out.

Mommies. do you have your very own "tipid recipe" to share with us? We will be happy to know and try it. You may share it with us through the comment box below. We will wait for it. Stay healthy, safe, and optimistic. God bless. God provides all the time.

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  1. Sharing my Crispy Kalabasa/Carrot Okoy

    1/2 kilo kalabasa
    1 whole carrots
    1 cup flour
    1 onion, cut into small
    3 heads garlic tinadtad
    5 stalk of kangkong (optional)kc wala aq onion leaf
    1 pack pork savor (malasa xa, promise)
    2 pcs beaten egg
    small amt of asin
    small amt of paminta pino
    Cooking oil

    Procedure 👇
    Grate mo na yung carrots and kalabasa
    Then mixed all solid ingredients
    Pagkamix mo na lahat
    Then add the beaten egg
    Pag namix na lahat, pwede ka nang mag deep fry Lowfire lang dapat para hndi masunog.
    Pagkaluto prepare the sawsawan, i prepare "sukang pinakurat" (sarap nyan kc may spice labuyo ng kasma at timplado na) nag add lng aq ng pipino cubes.

  2. grabe andami 😍 di na mahirap mag isip..Thanks Momsh


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