How to Make You New Year's Resolution Work

December 30, 2020
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Perhaps last year, you said to yourself that you should start losing weight not just to be fit but also to be healthy. You spent your time googling about the latest trends in fitness, diet plans that worked for many and even asked your health buff friends for some tips. You were already set that you would start your fitness journey when all of a sudden you were bombarded with so many tasks and eating was your means to cope up with exhaustion and stress. Until finally, your new year’s resolution became history. 

In line with this, it is common in our society that the new year’s resolution doesn’t work at all although it is possible. I can show you how to make it work. 

Plan about it. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Writing down the steps that you’re going to take to reach your goal and putting them down right on schedule are the best ways to start succeeding. Do your best to make those steps SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) or else you are just putting too much stress on yourself and you’re going to end up not doing them at all. 

Goals can be achieved when they are SMART. (Courtesy: Newfound Balance) 

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Act on it. 

Stop making excuses, dear. If you don’t act on your plan, nothing is going to happen.

Act with all your might. Be patient. As you do the steps towards your goal, don’t give up easily when you don’t see immediate results. Sometimes it takes time to see positive outcomes. You just have to be patient and resilient. Always believe that you can make it! 

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Patience is a virtue. 

Keep working on it. Don’t stop when you already see positive results. Work on it until it becomes a habit so that you won’t go back to where you have started. Always keep moving forward. Journaling is one of the best ways to chronicle your achievements. When you feel like giving up, you can go back to your journal. By reading your entries, for sure you can be motivated. 

Chronicle your new year's resolution journey through "journaling". 

Share your story. 

Isn’t it nice to see people close to you fulfill their new year’s resolutions too? Make your social media account of good use. It can be a tool for others to see your total transformation or change, not to brag about it but to inspire them that reaching your goal is possible. You may share the details that you have done including resources that you use, and other things that you are still acting upon that they may follow too especially if your new year’s resolution is the same as theirs. If you already post it in any of your social media accounts, you can also inspire yourself to keep going. 

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To sum it all up, here’s a piece of additional advice and motivation… 

“To begin, begin." - William Wordsworth 

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