Salmon HQ- Love at First Bite!

December 06, 2020
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"You can't buy happiness but you can buy sushi which is kinda the same thing." - UNKNOWN

If heaven on earth could be described through feelings, probably that was how I felt when I tasted Salmon HQ's sushi bake and salmon cake for the very first time. Grabe, as in grabe sa sarap!

Let us stop beating around the bush. Without exaggeration, if someone's going to ask me right now about my Salmon HQ experience, I can confidently say, "Sobrang sarap ng salmon cake and sushi bake ng Salmon HQ! Order ka na, now na!" Believe me, masasabi mo talagang makakalimutan mo ang pangalan mo sa sarap! 

My family and I enjoyed all the goodies that we got from Salmon HQ!

sushi bake ph, salmon cake ph, Salmon HQ, best sushi bake ph
Small Crunchy California Bake (Php500)

sushi bake ph, salmon cake ph, Salmon HQ, best sushi bake ph
Small  Aburi Scallop Sushi Bake (Php700)

sushi bake ph, salmon cake ph, Salmon HQ, best sushi bake ph
Premium Salmon Cake (Php1200)

We had the Small  Aburi Scallop Sushi Bake (Php700), Small Crunchy California Bake (Php500), and Premium Salmon Cake (Php1200). We loved them all that made us want to try all the different variants! Once we started indulging, we couldn't stop! 

These are the things that I like about Salmon HQ in general: 
- The delivery is fast and smooth.
- The packaging is superb! Super neat and clean! Pulidung-pulido!
- Like the packaging, the food is well-arranged and very presentable. Hindi mo pa natitikman, enticing na sa mata. Tingin mo pa lang eh masarap na masarap na.
- The heating instructions and how you can enjoy the sushi bake are placed on the packaging kaya mae-enjoy mo talaga nang mainit ang food at hindi ka matatakot na masunog ito.
- Siksik, liglig, umaapaw ang ingredients. Hindi tinipid.
- All the flavors literally melt and burst in your mouth. So flavorful and delectable!
- Akala mo maliit ang pack pero dahil siksik na siksik, ang laki ng serving! Three kaming kumain ng lunch, umabot pa hanggang dinner. I suggest that you order extra nori wrappers kasi bitin kung isa lang.
- Ito ang food na hindi ka mahihiyang ipanregalo o ipadala sa friends and loved ones, o kaya naman dalhin sa potluck party (soon, sana matapos na ang pandemic).
- Kahit walang okasyon, kung craving ka lang, deserve na deserve mo ang food na ito, promise!
- Sulit na sulit! You will get what your money's worth!

From the first up to the last bite, we felt the passion and love of the owners. I know that all the people who ordered felt the same way too. You have to taste it to believe!

That's why I encourage you to order at @salmon.hq on Instagram or Salmon HQ on Facebook through a direct or private message! Treat yourself and your family! Hindi kayo magsisisi. I highly recommend Salmon HQ! The best talaga!

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