Snippets on Manners Matter: A Children’s Self-Guide to Social and Personal Conduct by Dr. Shubhra Sharma

March 10, 2021
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A few years ago, I attended a workshop of an award-winning writer about "How to Write a Children's Storybook." I dreamt of writing a series of storybooks for children that would tackle Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC). I thought that those reading materials would help parents and teachers teach children manners and character-building because, for quite some time, GMRC was not included in the DepEd curriculum. Due to this, kids and the younger generation nowadays tend to forget what is essential and that is to live mindfully and intentionally without sacrificing being a good person. Furthermore, I thought of writing stories that would enrich values formation because it would be one of the easiest and best ways to tap the intellect and emotions of the kids starting at a very young age so that the lessons that they would learn would be innate in their character. Unfortunately, that dream of mine was put on the shelf due to a lack of time or confidence perhaps because I thought I was not credible yet. 

In line with this, I always believe that what you think, you will attract. God has His way of connecting you to the right people who share the same passion and belief as yours. I feel truly blessed and honored because Dr. Shubhra Sharma, lecturer, anthropologist, and children's book author, shared with me her passion project, Manners Matter: A Children’s Self-Guide to Social and Personal Conduct, which coincides with what I want with a "manners book for children" to be written. It’s a children’s etiquette book, a self-guide, that breaks down common social interactions - and how one should behave in them - into bite-sized pieces of information along with colorful images/graphics that even the youngest readers can understand and appreciate. I got a digital copy and it was awesome! For sure, it would look awesome in paperback too! Then I realized that I should not feel regretful for not pursuing my postponed plan because this book gave justice to it. This book perhaps is what should parents and teachers include in their children's reading list.

Manners Matter: A Children’s Self-Guide to Social and Personal Conduct, Dr. Shubhra Sharma

What amazes me more is that it is made possible by an aunt and niece tandem. Dr. Shubhra asked her 10-year old niece, Zoya, to draw the illustrations of the book. I love the way she has expressed how excited she is for the opportunity. She also loves the idea of an etiquette self-guidebook for children. She has mentioned that this book has the answer to the following questions that she has never thought about, "What is etiquette, how do we learn it, who teaches us, why is it important?" I also like the idea that the book teaches children how to behave properly. Parents letting them learn through "Self-direction" is a form of positive discipline. Positive discipline gives children a feeling of empowerment to solve their own problems. This becomes a learning opportunity to learn acceptable behavior in different circumstances which helps them become confident, independent, and self-directed (Eaton, 1997). When a person becomes good to his peers, it builds relationships, and it brings a feeling of fulfillment.

This book is made of 24 etiquette lessons in a detailed manner that revolve around gratefulness, mindfulness, accountability, respect, appreciation, hospitality, politeness, kindness, empathy, evolving learning, happiness, thoughtfulness, responsibility, leadership, patience, resilience, attentiveness, and more. There is also a part where the reader may write his thoughts about a specific virtue. This book is not only perfect for children 5 to 13 years old but for adults as well who need to be reminded of how they should express and act with prudence and in conformity with societal standards. I am already in midlife but still, I've learned so much from this book. 

Manners Matter: A Children’s Self-Guide to Social and Personal Conduct, Dr. Shubhra Sharma

Manners Matter: A Children’s Self-Guide to Social and Personal Conduct, Dr. Shubhra Sharma

I invite you to get your own copy of this book. All the things your children need to learn about manners may be included in this book. This is probably an "all for one book of manners" that we have in the market today. You may purchase it from Amazon


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