Reasons to Choose Rings Made of Moissanite Gems Over Diamonds

June 09, 2021
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Moissanite Rings

When selecting an engagement ring, you may want to check all the available options comparing them to diamonds because diamonds are pretty expensive and might not fit your budget. One of the choices that you may consider is moissanite. Moissanite may be compared to a diamond in terms of durability, hardness, shininess, and much more. This gem that looks like a diamond was discovered 120 years ago. It is made of silicon carbide and may occur both naturally and artificially. 

Here are some of the reasons to choose rings made of moissanite over diamonds:


Engagement rings are designated to be worn every day after the engagement and are vulnerable to harsh environments and treatments. Thus, choosing materials that are resistant to scratches is important. Moissanite rings are resilient, therefore fit to be worn daily. Compared to diamonds, moissanite gems have a hardness of 9.25 while diamonds have ten, meaning they are quite as compact, hence, durable. 


Fire disperse refers to the amount of white light dispersed in the gem reflected on its inner surfaces. To measure how much a gemstone refracts light at various angles is a gem's brilliance refractive index. In line with these, moissanite rings sparkle more than diamond rings. Moissanite tends to shine like a vibrant rainbow while a diamond does not. When the two are placed together, they are indistinguishable, only different in refractive colors. 


Diamond and moissanite have different weight compositions. Moissanite rings are ten times lighter than diamond rings. By the way, a carat is a measurement of a stone's weight, not the size (as often perceived); a 1 carat ideal round cut diamond measures 6.5 mm while the same diameter would be 0.88 carat in moissanite. Therefore, moissanite rings are lighter, hence, more convenient to wear with daily activities.

Ethical Concerns

Speaking of ethics, it may be inferred that the term "diamond" is somewhat "unethical" due to natural mining and environmental concerns. Mostly, moissanite is lab-made and its silicon carbide element makes its abundance limitless. Thus, moissanite germs are more environmentally safe and convenient than diamonds.

Availability of Different Designs

Just like diamonds, jewelers can cut moissanite in different shapes according to your preferences. It is also possible for you to choose or customize the moissanite engagement rings' setting and band to ensure they fit your lifestyle and personality. 


Diamonds are expensive, especially the natural ones that are mined compared to lab-made. Diamonds are also sporadic, hence, prices often fluctuate and you need to save up for months or even years before you may purchase them. Moissanite is cheaper and meets the qualities that are comparable to diamonds such as hardness and appearance.

Moissanite Rings

Therefore, not all precious stones are expensive and moissanite gems are among them. Moissanite rings may give you the look and satisfaction that diamond rings may give without you breaking the bank.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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