New MILO® Drink Helps Get Kids Get Energized With Less Table Sugar

July 16, 2021
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Milo®, the country’s leading choco malt milk beverage, has been part of making our everyday complete for years. It gives our family the boost and zest that we need as we start our day. Who would not love Milo's delicious chocolatey and sweet taste that kids and adults crave? 

It makes me happy to know that Milo® never fails to deliver its promises for years. The people behind this brand are active in creating opportunities for families especially the kids to boost their love for healthy living and sports. Just recently, Milo® announced that it would introduce NEW MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar, a delicious new drink that would give kids the same nutritional goodness of MILO® with less table sugar content. MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar would help moms provide another choice for their kids to stay active throughout the day, and the fortified nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

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“We want to give moms more options to support their children’s growth and overall wellbeing through good and nourishing food that suit their preferences and needs,” said Veronica Cruz, MILO Business Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Nestle Philippines, Inc. “With the MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar, moms can have the confidence to give their kids a drink that offers essential nutrients and the choco malty taste they love with less table sugar.”

Serving the right balance of ‘nutritious’ and ‘delicious’, the MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar is made with the natural goodness of milk as its main ingredient, which provides the Calcium and Protein kids need to promote bone and muscle growth and development. At the same time, it is also made with cocoa which brings out the unique malted barley flavor that is distinct to MILO®.

With less than one gram of table sugar in every glass, the MILO® Less Than 1  Gram Table Sugar is packed with the same Champion Energy Nutrients that will provide the energy kids need to perform their academic tasks, chores at home, or after-school activities. MILO®’s Champion Energy Nutrients is a unique combination of energy-giving PROTOMALT® and energy-releasing Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, and Iron.

“We at MILO® are partnering with moms to nourish their children’s champion dreams through our products and sports programs that will help promote their kids’ holistic development,” said Cruz. “Along with eating a balanced diet with the MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar, we encourage kids to make physical activity and exercise part of a daily habit to be on the top of their game.”

MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar is now available in leading groceries and supermarkets in Greater Manila Area, and online at Shopee and Lazada. Kids can also enjoy the on-the-go format with MILO® Ready-To-Drink Zero Added Table Sugar.

To learn more about MILO® Less Than 1 Gram Table Sugar, visit MILO’s Facebook page or

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