Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Help Establish Link Between Community Support and Healthy Habits

July 30, 2021
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The power of community support can go a long way in helping individuals reach their health and wellness goals. The guidance, support, and encouragement of a community are especially important for those individuals who are struggling to establish healthy lifestyle habits.

Healthy relationships have been linked to improved mental and physical health. Several studies have shown that human connection is a vital ingredient for the well-being of humans. A single healthy relationship such as a properly functioning marriage can boost overall health. Establishing and maintaining this human connection is at the foundation of Herbalife Nutrition Club, which is a community-oriented club facilitated by independent Herbalife distributors.

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As a nutrition products industry leader, Herbalife Nutrition has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of science-backed nutrition products developed with the finest ingredients and formulated to deliver optimum nutritional support for the body and mind. The company has become a preferred provider of nutritional products for customers in over 90 countries and some of the most elite athletes in the world.

History of the Herbalife Nutrition Club

The first Herbalife Nutrition Club was established in 2004 in Mexico. Two independent distributors realized the lack of nutrition-based community support, affordable healthcare options, and healthy lifestyle choices in the region, and decided to launch the first Herbalife Nutrition club. One of the advantages of the club was that customers could buy a single serving of nutrition products without having to buy the entire product. For a small attendance fee, customers could take part in fitness classes, and other health and wellness tools. Therefore, the idea of the Nutritional club was a huge success, and there are now over 75,000 such clubs around the globe. For your information, there are three times more Herbal Nutrition clubs than Starbucks locations.

Food Deserts and Community Health

Food deserts are areas that do not have access to a supermarket within a ten-mile radius in a rural setting or a one-mile radius in an urban setting. Around 23 million Americans live in such food deserts. With a lack of healthy options, these people tend to eat fast-food restaurant meals and processed foods.

In line with this, the Herbalife Nutrition Clubs are playing a key role in helping people who live in food deserts to have better access to healthier options. The success of such clubs in food deserts has been encouraging and indicates the desire of people in such regions to improve their health and wellness.

In-Person Model at Herbalife Nutrition Club

Several studies have shown that working out with an exercise partner can increase the benefits of the workout. People who work out in a community setting are also more likely to stay consistent with the workout routine. The personal connection that can be established at the health club is difficult to replicate over the internet, therefore the in-person model of the Herbalife Nutrition club is critical to the impact of such clubs on the health of the members.

Role of Independent Distributors in Nutrition Clubs

The Herbalife Nutrition clubs are facilitated by independent distributors, who help guide the members on healthy lifestyle decisions and keep them motivated to stick to their workout and nutrition routine. The independent distributors work with new members of the Herbalife Nutrition club to identify unhealthy lifestyle habits and find practical and sustainable ways to change these habits. Having such community support also offer non-judgmental accountability for the members to keep up on track with their wellness goals.

Herbalife,Health and Wellness, Herbalife Nutrition Club,AAPM Health and Wellness,

Photo Credit: Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Prhealth Watch and Herbalife

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