My Two Year Old Son's Favorite Alphabet You Tube Videos

February 13, 2013

My 20 month old son learned all the letters of the alphabet when he was still 15 months old. He wasn't able to say them clearly because he was not yet able to talk properly but he was trying his best to learn. 

Now he is still fixated with the alphabet. He likes to watch alphabet videos everyday upon waking up until noon time aside from his other favorite videos like Hi-5 and Little Einsteins.

The following are three of his favorite alphabet You Tube videos aside from the episodes from Brainy Baby and Alphabubblies. I am so glad he likes them because the following videos are varied, not just the typical alphabet songs. Hope these help your babies learn too, Mommies!


Learn the alphabet in Fifteen Minutes by TheKenOmatic

Have fun watching and learning kids and Mommies!

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