Healthier Way to Fry Chicken

March 17, 2013
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It is very unhealthy to eat fried food everyday but kids nowadays find it irresistible--- French fries, burgers, and of course, who can say no to fried chicken?  My eldest son is not an exception. 

To make it less oily, my Mom was able to think of means to fry it a healthier way.

 This is how to do it!
1. In a skillet, non-stick frying pan, or any thick frying pan, put chicken, preferably thigh, leg, and wings, seasoned with salt and pepper.

2. Add water (1cup: 1/2 kilo chicken). Cover the pan and boil the chicken in LOW FLAME only.

3. When the water already evaporates, oil from chicken's meat and skin aids in frying. NO NEED TO ADD OIL.

4. Don't remove the pan's cover until both sides of the chicken are cooked. Always remember to check it from time to time. 
See that oil from chicken's meat and skin aids in frying when you do STEP 2. Furthermore, huge amounts of oil could be extracted as cooking continues.

4. Fry until golden brown.

5. Serve hot with steamed rice and your favorite side dish and sauce

Voila! The meat is thoroughly cooked inside and out.The skin is crispy while the meat is so tender and juicy.

Do you know that half cup of oil or more could be extracted from the chicken when you do this cooking method? That means lesser oil, lesser cholesterol, and lesser chances of getting sick and having heart problems.

Now you 're confident that your family is eating a healthier fried chicken.

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