Tips on Choosing and Using Colognes and Perfumes

May 28, 2013
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All-Around Pinay Mama: Tips on Choosing and Using Colognes and Perfumes
Tips on Choosing and Using Colognes and Perfumes

My loved-ones like my brother and mom-in-law always give me perfumes as gifts. Lucky me!

I've tried different brands like scents from Marc Jacobs, Ellen Tracy, Avon, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works. But not all of them fit me. Some are too strong that others notice. 

There was an instance when I had an embarrassing experience in wearing the wrong perfume. I was riding a jeepney on my way to school when two female passengers sat right in front of me. First, they were whispering to each other and suddenly they conversed loudly.

Woman 1: "Grabe, ang tapang naman ng amoy no'n!"

Woman 2: "Alam mo na kung sino 'yon! Ang sangsang ng amoy!"

And they were staring at me. They were not tactful enough to consider my feelings. I felt so ashamed! Ouch!

From there on, I became conscious and careful in choosing and wearing the right perfume or cologne. Let me share how I did it:

Make sure to choose the right perfume or cologne for your body chemistry. I learned how from the article below: 

A Guide on How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry by Fashionisers 

Ask a close friend, special someone, or loved-one if you smell good or not. That person will never lie.

I suggest you choose authentic brands and not imitation or fake ones. Scents of fake versions may fade easily or may smell differently from authentic ones once applied on your skin. There are imported and local brands that range from less than Php 50.00 to Php 500.00 so why buy fake ones? In my opinion, it is just a waste of money.

It is best to apply your favorite scent right after taking a bath or shower when the pores of your skin are open and can easily absorb it. Your scent will last longer if you do this. 

Apply perfume and cologne to your skin only and not on your clothes. Chemicals in the perfume may weaken fabric or change its color. 

Apply colognes and perfumes before putting on your jewelry or accessories. The alcohol and oils in your favorite scent can cause a cloudy film on both real gold, silver, or custom jewelry. 

Dab petroleum jelly, unscented baby oil, or mineral oil on your pulse points, such as the wrists, throat, sides of elbows, and the backs of knees, and then apply perfume directly to these areas. Some people also apply perfume or cologne at the back of the ears and between breasts. Don't rub it on your skin because doing this might change its original scent and its integrity. 

You may also spray your favorite scent after taking a bath or shower, while your skin is damp, 1 foot away from your head. Stay where you stand for awhile and let all the mists touch your skin. Surely, you'll smell great from head to toe. 

Some perfumes or colognes come with shower gels and lotions. These will help prolong the scent. If you don't want to use them or if they are unavailable, make sure to use unscented or mild-scented soap to avoid competing of two scents. Don't stick to one fragrance all-year long, because temperatures affect the intensity of fragrance. Use heavy scents and oils in cold months like winter or rainy season but lighter fragrance in smaller quantities during summer.

Hope the tips above will help you!

Happy Scent Hunting!

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  1. I saw this link from Michelle Phan's website. This article is very informative! Keep on writing about useful tips! Best regards...

  2. Wow! Thanks, Miss Mona! Your comment makes me inspired to write more useful and informative articles! God bless :)


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