10 Reasons and Beyond Why I Love Aling Banang's

July 17, 2013
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  I remember the days when my hubby and I were still dating. There were times when we were so burned-out after the day's work and we would go to Aling Banang's in San Juan to savor the taste of our comfort foods--- Pancit Canton and Special Halo-Halo! 
This habit was our destressor! Savoring the delicious taste of these scrumptouous meals would bring us fond memories of  home-cooked dishes from the province . We could help but keep coming back for more because dining there was like going home! We were welcomed in its cozy ambience and our hungry stomachs were satisfied by its hearty meals!
Aling Banang's Official Logo (Photo Credits: Aling Banang's Official Facebook Page)
 For me,  Aling Banang's is different from other eating spots here in the metro  due to the following reasons:

Aling Banang's has a wide array of mouth-watering dishes to choose from---appetizers, sizzling viands, noodle dishes, and desserts perfect for dining anytime of the day!
Sample Menu (Photo Credits: Aling Banang's Official Facebook Page)
 You could taste that the food is prepared using only the finest, freshest, and high quality raw ingredients. No artificial flavoring added! The food melts in your mouth. It is just right, simply delicious, and nothing too fancy! 
It is prepared upon customers' request to make sure that it is served as fresh as possible to meet their best dining experience!

Believe it or not, price starts from Php 10.00! Perfect for bargain hunters and people on a budget!
I remember when we ordered food for Mom's birthday. One serving of Lomi (Php 45.00) could feed two to three persons; Php 100.00 worth of Lumpiang Shanghai was good for five persons,while the small bilao of Pancit (Php 300.00) could feed six to ten persons! That's real value for money!
Food for Mom's 59th Birthday, her favorite Pancit Canton with Lumpiang Shanghai. 
The owners make sure that their workers are practicing personal hygiene and proper working dress code and ethics. They also follow safety and hygienic measures in food preparation and store maintainance for the clients' welfare and staff members as well.
Miss Chiqui Mendoza-Gatchalian of Aling Banang's with her staff in uniforms at Umagang Kay Ganda 2011 (Photo Credits: Aling Banang's Official Facebook Page)
It is  true to its claim that it has the best Pancit and Halo-Halo in town! If you try its other dishes, you can consider them as its signature dishes too! They are all yummy!
The core value of Aling Banang's is its close family ties and loyal clients are treated as family. Its legacy is the close, genuine, and intimate relationship with clients and staff members
In preparation for the Summer 2012 Outing of Aling Banang's Staff in Praferosa Resort, Pansol, Laguna (Photo Credits: Ludy Mendoza Faraon)
 Aling Banang's has many branches in different strategic locations here in Metro Manila.

  • N.Domingo near SM Centerpoint----- (02)7443562 
  • Crame----- (02)7442026 
  • Shaw----- (02)7940679 
  • Sta. Ana----- (02)3538144 
  • F.Blumentrit Street ----- (02)3852171 
  • Near Aquinas School----- (02)5084451 
  • Maysilo, Mandaluyong----- (02)4099342 and 5097323
  • Kalentong----- (02)7170633 
  • Aurora and Arayat----- (02)7232004 
  • E.Rodriguez----- (02)7226398
  • Kamuning
Most of its branches are open between 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM. For branches that are open 24 hours like in N. Domingo, they close at 5:00 AM and open again after an hour.

Branches are still being put up soon to reach more people as possible 
A shot from Aling Banang's Kamuning Branch---my bestfriend's favorite branch
Aling Banang's is known for it's good and affordable meals for 80 years.
It is rooted in hard work, labor of love, and loyalty. After learning its history, now I understand why people from all walks of life love their hearty meals and go back again and again. To learn more about its rich history and other details, you may CLICK THIS link.

Who would have thought that after a few years I would meet one of its owners, Ludy Mendoza Faraon, and become one of my best buddies in Nursing School. I got all the necessary information about Aling Banang's straight from the horse's mouth.  
From R-L: Ludy Mendoza Faraon, one of the owners of Aling Banang's, Belle Dellova (our good friend), and yours truly during our B.S. Nursing graduation practice at PICC
 I wouldn't forget the day during tropical storm Ondoy, when Ludy, Belle , and I were stuck in South Superhighway for 15 hours due to heavy floods. Ludy and Chiqui (her sister) were talking to each other on the phone and were so concerned with some of their staff members because their homes were almost under water and they had no place to go. They also had problems with their other branches that time but they prioritized the safety of their staff members. The two sisters instructed some of their family members to rescue those staff members from their homes and let them stay in their stores that were not flooded. Her mom, Ms. Rebecca, also cooked Pancit for the entire barangay that was victimized by Habagat. 

Their concern for others was innate. These stories touched me and made me love Aling Banang's and the people behind it more! 

It is more than the profit they get that matters. It shows on how they give back to express gratitude for the blessings they receive each day by continuously bringing gastronomic delight to their clients and helping others who are in need.

In line with this, I would like to share what we think about Aling Banang's as a gesture of our appreciation :
Hubby on Aling Banang's Tapsilog: "This is the best Tapsilog I've tried so far!"
Alena P. on Aling Banang's Sizzling Sisig:"This is mind blowing! Super sarap!"

Mom on Aling Banang's Pancit Canton:"Ito ang gusto kong timpla. Masarap talaga!"!

Me on Aling Banang's Special Halo-Halo:"Refreshingly delicious! It melts in my mouth! My comfort food..."
Obviously, we could feel all the love in the food they serve! 
After learning the roots and core values of Aling Banang's---its triumphs and victories, trials that came but conquered, and also the love and excellence that transcend with it as fruitful years come and go, I fully understood the reasons why it serves affordable and palatable dishes---meals made with love and passion.It is the owners way of giving...In return they are blessed.

 If you want to satisfy your cravings with the best but affordable Filipino dishes, visit any of Aling Banang's branches. You may also call for inquiries about delivery and catering services and experience heaven here on earth right on your doorstep!

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  1. Guys, I've tried most of their food. Simply put, SWAK sa lasa at presyo. We usually order during our departmental meeting.

  2. Hi, Hon! Remember when you ordered 12 servings of Lomi? You were able to feed 20 persons? Sulit talaga, 'di ba?

  3. hello,

    Just want to know if you have a phone no. of Aling Banang's Visayas Ave. which is near our place. We used to be ordering front St. LUke's but now is far from us 'cause we are here at T. Sora/Visayas Ave, now.

    Mader Linda

  4. Hi, Miss Lynjoy! I already left a message to my friend, Ludy, and she told me that she would ask her aunt the branch's phone number. I am still waiting for her response. Thanks for visiting my site. Happy New Year!

  5. Miss Lynjoy! I already got the number of Aling Banang's Visayas Avenue Branch as seen in https://www.facebook.com/aling.banangs posted on November 27, 2013: 806-7382 / 385-3085.


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