How to Cut My Own Child's Hair Safely and Easily

August 27, 2013
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My youngest child is very fidgety since birth and I find it inadvisable to bring him to the barber to do his hair cut.

I had to cut his hair while he was asleep using ordinary pair of scissors but it was messy and I couldn't get a desirable outcome.

My habit of visiting Japan Home Centre led me to discover a tool that would help me solve the tediousness of cutting my son's hair. 

I saw this Php 88.00 HAIR CUTTER and I didn't even think twice. I bought it instantly. I immediately used it to cut my child's hair the next day and it worked!

This Hair Cutter from Japan Home Centre is one of my best buys! It costs only Php88.00. Would you believe that I use this to cut my youngest son's hair for almost three years already?



I would like to give you some tips on how to use this Hair Cutter especially when cutting an active child's hair:

1. You have to do hair cutting during bath time. Fill baby's bath tub with warm water. Make sure that it's not too hot by checking the temperature using your elbows. 

2. Have a spare basinful of warm water and a water dipper beside you for rinsing your child after soaping him.
3. Place a small basinful of water where you will put cut hair and wash them off the Hair Cutter.
4. Keep your child's favorite bath time toys readily available to make him busy while you're doing his hair cut. Be sure to have more spare toys on hand. Give those toys one at a time just in case your child gets easily distracted.

5. You may sing lullabies to divert your child's attention too.
 It will take you 20-30 minutes to completely shave off your child's hair and 10-15 minutes if you just want a trim.

6. You would notice that your child's bath tub is filled with hair. Do the usual bathing routine--wash his hair and body, then use the spare warm water to rinse him.   

7. Dry your child, groom him, and let him enjoy his new hair cut.

Remember to...

1. Dispose hair properly.

Don't flush hair in the toilet bowl or leave it on your sink. Just drain water from the basin and wrap hair on a newspaper and throw it in a bin for biodegradable stuff.

2. Wash and air dry the Hair Cutter thoroughly before storing it back to its packaging to make it last for a long time and for the blade to stay sharp and rust-free.

Why do I love this product so much?

1. Blades are safe for both kids and adults. They are made not to cut you unecessarily.   

2. The handle is easy to grip and slip-free.

3. The long blade may be used just to trim hair while the short one to completely shave the hair off.  
Short and long blades for comparison

4. It helps you save money. 

 In a salon for kids who have experts in handling different types of kids for their hair cut, the amount ranges from Php250.00-  300.00 per session. I used Japan Home Center's Hair Cutter 10 times already! Imagine the amount of money I saved!

Php250.00 x 10 = Php2,500.00 (amount of hair cut in 10 visits to the salon) - Php88.00 (amount of Hair Cutter)= Php2,412.00  + transportation expenses (amount I saved for almost three years)

4. It gives me confidence to cut my son's hair without hurting him or being hurt myself because the product is safe and it works!


Availability is just my concern. I remember going to different branches just to purchase this for my niece.  Most of those branches don't sell this, have limited stocks, or always out of stock.  

If you want to purchase this Hair Cutter and enjoy its benefits, just visit any branch of Japan Home Centre


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