How to Teach Kids the Love of Reading

May 29, 2014
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I started collecting story books for kids when I was still a preschool teacher. I incorporated them in my lessons and it helped my students understand different concepts and learn values in all subjects. When I had my first born, my collection did an integral part in making him love reading. 

Here are some ways on how we can teach our kids the love of reading:
Starting Early

I remember reading a story aloud when my children were still on my womb. It continues from the time my children are born and while they are growing up. It becomes a habit and part of their everyday living. 

Picking the Right Books

I choose books that are developmentally appropriate, maximize my kids' learning potential, and teach them good values. 

Babies may be exposed to books made of cloth. But make sure they are not easily dettached nor destroyed to avoid chocking hazards.

The younger the children are, the bigger the fonts they should be exposed to. They are more attracted to colorful picture books and become interested to books with less pictures as they know more words and understand different concepts. A book with videobook is highly recommended to kids that are just starting to talk so that they can read the words while listening to the voice recording. That is diving into learning. 

Knowing Your Child's Interests 

Some kids like comic books, others like books with more pictures or more words. As moms, we have to be observant and see what our kid's interests are when it comes to books. They are the ones to read and learn from the books that we give them. What we can do is to expose them to different titles and genre. Let's give them the power to choose what to read first and suggest our own choice after. It teaches them decision-making.

Looking for Resources

We are blessed due to the advent of worldwide web. We can browse books and their reviews through the internet. Goodreads is the best site for this. Free e-books are also available at Google Play and other learning wesbsites.

Encouraging your kids to borrow books from the school library is also a good way to have them exposed to more titles. We, parents, can borrow from our local library too. This way, we can save a lot of money.  

Story Telling 

Telling the story aloud is one of the fastest way kids learn. Changing of the tone of your voice when you tell the story tickles their imagination. Happy endings are more encouraged for kids. It makes them realize that books can give them a happy feeling and it makes them want to read more. 

Letting Him Understand What He Reads Patiently

We should be patient in waiting and adjusting to our kids' pace. Not all kids understand a particular word or story at the same time. Some kids are fast readers and learners, some need to be warmed-up. We have to understand that not all kids are alike.

Like for instance, I exposed my 2nd child early to books like I did to my eldest. Unlike his brother, he is more interested in flipping the pages of picture books rather than listening to stories. I let it be. I think it's good, at least he is interested. I am taking it slowly, I don't want him to rush.

We should always be around to answer our kids if they have questions about the plot or words that they don't understand.  

Encouraging our kids read the story aloud and silently over and over can help them to spell more words, increase their vocabulary, improve pronunciation, gain more confidence in public speaking, understand the plot, and know different characters.

Asking Questions to Check His Reading Comprehension

After you and your child read the book, ask him about his insights like his favorite character and part of the story and why; what he thinks about the ending; if he is the author how will he end the story; his feelings about the story. These types of questions will develop your child's higher order thinking skills.

Keeping Books Within Your Child's Reach

Make books strategically placed at home. Put children's books on the lowest part of the shelf so that your child can get and return them easily whenever he wants to read anytime, any day.
Talking About Books with Your Kids

Your latest reads can be a nice topic for family conversations. This encourages kids to express themselves more intellectually than the other way around. 

Setting a Good Example

Kids should see their parents holding and reading a book or magazine so that they know that they love to read.

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  1. agree ako dito sa post mo SJ. We should expose our kids in reading books at an early age para they'll get used to it diba. I also collect books kasi i see that baby A loves reading them, She likes animal photos din tsaka pag may nakikita syang nakasulat, she'll read it na parang akala mo naiintindihan talaga nya yung nakasulat. nakakatuwa! =)

    1. Thanks, Mary Joy! Ganyan din si Ice, parang baby mo. :) Yes, nakatutuwa talaga sila! :)

  2. I was able to find good info from your blog articles.

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice words and for sharing your free page!


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