My Movie Stars Cafe Experience

May 18, 2014
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When mommy bloggers were given an opportunity to visit Movie Stars Cafe and spend Php2000 worth of GC through Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I didn't hesitate to sign up.

Experiencing what MSC could offer exceeded my expectations. Ross and I considered our dining experience there as one of our best mom and son dates!

On April 27, 2014, Sunday, Ross and I prepared excitedly for our much awaited Sundate. It's been months since our last date and I wanted it to be as memorable as always. As I shared before, Ross had multiple hospitalizations and I wanted to give him the best bonding experience to celebrate his recovery.

Location and Accessibility

Movie Stars Cafe is located at Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, one of the worlds biggest shopping mall in total gross area.


The place was far from our home but we didn't feel tired at all.

Different modes of transportation are available. It's hassle-free when you visit there wherever you are from in Metro Manila. It's 10 minutes drive from Philippine Plaza Hotel, Heritage Hotel and Hyatt Hotel and 15 minutes drive from Makati via EDSA Highway.

Click THIS to know how to commute to SM Mall of Asia.


Upon seeing the facade of the resto, it made us feel more excited! We saw different signed photos of Hollywood stars. Bright lights made the place very attractive and statues of different movie characters were seen from the outside too that made us want to see more!
The area was surrounded with four big screens and a hundred of television sets/monitors playing different films simultaneously. More photos of Hollywood celebrities, life-size statues of famous movie characters, and movie memorabilia were strategically located all over the place.

It was really a feast on the eyes, perfect for picture-taking too! Staying there was like we were in Hollywood!

The lighting was so sophisticated. It created different moods and helped in making each live performance outstanding!

The place was safe and a non-smoking area that made it more family and kid-friendly.

See MSC Gallery HERE.

Service and Hospitality

We were greeted and ushered by friendly staff members in costumes. There were no waiters nor waitresses there! Actors and actresses served the guests. They were consistently accommodating and attentive to our needs like getting used plates or serving beverages. They would go around and check if everybody's enjoying.


We were asked if we would prefer buffet or a la carte. We decided to go for a la carte.
Here's the menu for buffet:

and our meal.
We ordered El Grande Pizza, Notebook, Memory Lane, Sweet 16, Ripe Mango Shake, and Grape Juice.

We were surprised to see that the cafe had big servings, good for three to four people! We asked the staff to wrap the others for take out.

The food selections were simple but superb! There were lots of choices on food and drinks. MSC never settled for anything less in choosing ingredients. Food was served fresh. Guests could see how their food was prepared because the kitchen was not enclosed. The chefs and their stations were clean and orderly.

Check out MSC main menu and beverages HERE.

All actors and actresses were game when guests would like to take photos with them. They never got tired of roaming around and made all of us happy and entertained. People of all ages were having lots of fun! The sight of happy faces were priceless!

The mime artists were so hilarious I must say! Superheroes and fairy tale characters made kids feel that they were in storyland.
The 30-minute interval of live performances were mind-blowing! Even guests could join the dancing on stage! Ross loved "Beauty and the Beast: The Musical" Ang galing talaga! There was never a dull moment! Hindi namin namalayan na we were staying there for three hours already!
Guests were frequently updated with live performances through the huge screen located in front.

More about MSC Entertainment Concept HERE.


I was surprised a bit when I saw the menu. I felt that the price was a little high compared to other restos. But when I saw the servings and experienced the entertainment, it was worth it!

What made the experience extra special was I had a chance to meet and chat with other mommy bloggers. Sayang, I wasn't able to have a photo opportunity with them because I was busy looking after Ross.

In my opinion...

If you are a movie buff, love live performances, enjoy to try unique dining experience with family or friends, fan of kid-friendly restaurants, looking for a memorable party venue that is worth your time and money, I recommend Movie Stars Cafe! You'll surely go home with happy thoughts and your kids will have fond memories to keep.

I am giving you this Coupon Code: OWDD- 0415. Use this when you visit and dine at Movie Stars Cafe to get 10% off your bill!

You can contact MSC at


or reserve HERE.

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Thank you Movie Stars Cafe and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the great experience!

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