My Realizations on Blogapalooza 2014

October 13, 2014
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When Blogapalooza 2014 was set on October 11 due to bad weather on September 20, it coincided with Kuya's Scouting Investiture in the morning and drum practice until 1:00 PM. But it didn't stop me to go to SM Aura and attend the event for the very first time. I prepared for it and I told myself that by hook or by crook, I should be there. 

Blogapalooza is a much awaited event for newbie and seasoned bloggers because it brings bloggers and businesses together for partnership. The businesses introduce their products and services to the bloggers and bloggers blog about them. In return, the businesses feature the bloggers on their social media sites or websites. Both parties get more exposure on the world wide web which means greater opportunities are in store for both of them. The event is being organized by Mr. Vince Golangco of and Mr. Anton Diaz of

I arrived in the venue at exactly 4:00 PM and I was overwhelmed with the presence of huge crowd! It was jam-packed! To maximize my time, I took photos of the booths first and did booth hopping on products and services of my interest. There were so many people and the exhibitors were too busy accommodating all of us. All I thought about was next time I should come 30 minutes before or on the exact opening time. 

REALIZATION 1: Being early or on time gives us more chances to learn about ALL the exhibitors/sponsors and  their products; get press kits, perks, and product samples; to play games; and to have ample time introducing ourselves and our blog. The talk starts after lunch so there's more time talking to other bloggers, meet new friends, and take photos.

I came all by myself. I was able to see other mommy bloggers but they were done doing all the activities and booth hopping. That was the advantage of arriving early. They were able to bond together.  

REALIZATION 2: Being with our blogger friends is more fun! We can play and have more photo opportunities together! 

Everybody was busy and some exhibitors were almost tired already to entertain late comers. Bloggers waiting on the line signing up the guest book was piling up. Good thing I brought calling cards with me!
REALIZATION 3: Bringing at least 100 calling cards really helps. Exhibitors have fish bowls where we can shoot our calling cards. It saves time in filling in guest books. 

I chose to wear comfortable clothes and flat jelly shoes due to the rainy weather. It was much easier to move around and join games.

REALIZATION 4:  Wearing comfortable and decent clothing gives exhibitors an impression that we are serious with what we are doing, and of course more photo opportunities are in store so might as well look good. It doesn't necessarily mean that we should wear formal clothes. Smart casual is fine. 

After my brief booth hopping, I stopped by the food sponsors to quench my thirst and fill my hungry tummy. Imagine I traveled for two hours, walked in the rain, did booth hopping, took photos, played games immediately after arriving at the venue. I was also overwhelmed by seeing so many people and for me alone it was exhausting. After eating, I felt better. When Marie of Mamanee's Nest told me that she was going home, I decided to go home too.   

REALIZATION 5: We don't need to bring our own snacks or food because sponsors have food in store for us. Bringing our own water can save us from being tired easily due to so much socialization and participation in many fun activities.

May of Fully Housewifed told me that I already went home when my name was called during the raffle. Sayang talaga!

REALIZATION 6: It pays to be on the venue from start to finish. There are series of talks in the afternoon where we can gain more knowledge about blogging and business. There are raffle draws and games where fabulous prizes are at stake. 

Marie was carrying five big ecobags. She told me that she arrived during the opening so she got more freebies. That was the advantage of being early! 

REALIZATION 7: Bring big ecobags to place freebies and loots. The organizers and exhibitors have lots of freebies in store for us especially during the first five hours of the event. Vince is giving away more prizes until the end.

I stayed for an hour only and my tablet and phone's batteries didn't get discharged. I also brought with me a back-up camera phone just in case.

REALIZATION 8:  Cameras and phones are must be fully charged. Bringing extra battery is a must too. Most of the raffles and games require us to register online or there are apps needed to be downloaded to join.

Despite staying just for a while, I enjoyed my first Blogapalooza experience. It could have been more fruitful if I came early. 

I hope and pray that there will be no other family activities that will fall on the same schedule as Blogapalooza 2015. I will sleep, wake-up, and go to the venue early to enjoy the event to the fullest.

Nevertheless, I am so excited to blog about most of these brands.

Guess what, guys? I received an invite from one of the exhibitors yesterday. See how influencial Blogapalooza is!

I'll definitely join again next year. To all my fellow bloggers out there, I encourage you to do so.

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