Ham and Queso de Bola Waffles Using Hanabishi Hotdog Maker

January 25, 2015
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We had left-over queso de bola and ham during the holidays and we didn't want to put them to waste by not consuming them until they became stale. Papa and I purchased Hanabishi Hotdog Maker for our boys after Christmas to satisfy their love for different waffle flavors just right on time. 

Why buy waffles if we can make our own, right? It's more economical due to the lesser cost of raw materials but higher yield. We are also sure that our kids consume something clean and safe because it's homemade. Hanabishi Hotdog Maker costs PHP700.00 but in the long run it's worth it and real value for money. The best part is the fun memories that can be instilled in our kids' minds because waffle making time is really, really fun for them!

It was the fourth time that we used this new kitchen gadget of ours and to tell you frankly, it was kinda addicting. It was easy to use and clean. Making waffles was a breeze! 

Let me share with you how we made our Ham and Queso de Bola Homemade Waffles.


1 big pack Magnolia Pancake and Waffle Mix
grated queso de bola, approximately 200 grams
big long strips of ham
4 large eggs

Other materials: 
Hanabishi Hotdog Maker, squeeze bottle for the pancake/waffle batter, and cooking brush (optional)


1. Preheat Hanabishi Hotdog Maker. When the light turns green, it's ready to use. Kindly see the brochure for further instructions.

2. While preheating the hotdog maker, prepare Magnolia Pancake and Waffle Mix according to the instructions seen at the back of the packaging. Place the prepared batter in a squeeze bottle. This aids in the easy and mess-free transferring of batter to the hotdog maker.

3. Grease the slots of the hotdog maker with butter and half-fill them with pancake/waffle batter.

4. Place grated queso de bola and ham strips.

5. Cover the filling with batter until the slot is 3/4 full. Don't fill up the entire slot to avoid spillage.

6. Close the hotdog maker. It only takes a minute or two to cook the waffle. You may check it from time to time.

7. You may flip the waffles and cook the other side quickly. Close the hotdog maker again. 

8. In less than 4 minutes, our moist and soft waffles are thoroughly cooked and ready to serve! Repeat the procedure for the remaining ingredients (makes 24 pieces).

“Waffles are just awesome bread.” 
- John Green

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  1. wow, ang galing naman! why buy kung pwede ka naman gumawa diba? Love it SJ! =)


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