Cheese Sticks with Jolly Real Mayonnaise & Ketchup Dip

April 12, 2015
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My family had no plans of going out today and I was clueless on what snack to prepare. When I opened the fridge, I got an idea when I saw a pack of  Molo wrappers, a bar of cheddar cheese, bottle of banana ketchup, and a jar of Jolly Real Mayonnaise.

Six months ago was the last time that I made Cheese Sticks for my kids. Kuya's pediatrician advised that he should avoid eating dairy and deep-fried foods for the meantime due to his  sensitive stomach. I knew that Kuya and also Bunso already missed eating Cheese Sticks. Cooking this recipe again would surely make them very,very happy. Wala naman sigurong mawawala. Paminsan-minsan lang naman.

It only took me 30 minutes to prepare and cook this recipe. I only used the following ingredients:

Cheese Sticks

1 pack 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch Jimcu Molo Wantan  Wrappers
1 bar Eden Cheese (165 g) , cut into short thin strips
clean water for sealing
palm oil for deep frying


Jolly Real Mayonnaise
banana ketchup
ground pepper to taste 


Cheese Sticks

1. Cut cheddar cheese into short thin strips. Make sure to cut it crosswise.

2. Wrap each  cheese strip with Molo wrapper. Seal the end with clean water.

3. In a pan, heat palm oil and deep fry raw cheese sticks until light to golden brown.

4. Serve hot with mayo-ketchup dip.


Combine equal amounts of Jolly Real Mayonnaise and banana ketchup. Add a pinch of pepper to taste. Mix well.

I'm so happy that I have discovered Jolly Real Mayonnaise. I love it because it makes my dishes zestier and yummier!

I always use Jimcu wrappers because they don't burn or tear off easily while cooking and they don't taste too sour.  I also prefer banana ketchup for fried dishes because it's sweeter than tomato ketchup. It bends well with Jolly Real Mayonnaise. I use palm oil for frying because according to Chef Mitzi Sison, it doesn't burn easily.

My kids loved the cheese sticks and dip so much that they requested for another batch in the afternoon! 

Here is the photo of the finished product. Try preparing this recipe for your family and friends. They will love it too! 

“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.” 

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  1. I'm really not good in wrapping cheese sticks or lumpia :-(

    Send some to me, please! Naglalaway na ko dito. Hihihi :-)

    1. Kat, kung magkatabi lang tayo ng house, ipagluluto na kita ngayon din! Ako rin, hindi maayos mag-wrap ng Lumpia or cheese sticks using the ordinary Lumpia wrapper .Kaya Molo wrapper ang ginagamit ko kasi moist. Kumakapit agad sa cheese kaya uniformly wrapped silang lahat. If you need a good lumpia wrapper naman, I recommend Jimcu. Mayroon silang squares na Lumpia wrapper kaya maayos tingnan kapag ginamit. Ang Jimcu hindi agad nasusunog.

  2. Sige I will try nga yang Jimcu. Meron pala existing na square lumpia wrapper. Nice! Salamat :)

    1. Kapag wala kaming maisip na lulutuin or pangmadalian, we buy Jimcu Square Lumpia Wrappers and premade na Chicken Lumpia at Magnolia Chicken Station. Solve na ang lunch and dinner!


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