It's Possible to Do a One-Man General Cleaning with Very Young Kids Around

July 20, 2015
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The afternoon of May 27 was the start of my most successful installment general cleaning this year. I already had two attempts early this year but I ended up fixing the same clutter that I normally fix everyday. I never thought that Bunso, a preschooler and more active than Kuya when he was at the same age, would behave and play on his own while I cleaned-up.

Pardon me, friends, if I shared photos of my general cleaning journey on Facebook. I was so happy that I was able to accomplish that much in one and a half days.

Obviously, I was so proud of myself because finally, I was able to let go of my precious nursing books and they were adopted by a good blogger friend. 

My friend, Jenette Soriano-Florig, said that it's nice to dispose and share old things to make way for new things. Yes, it's true. I feel very light and inspired to go back to my usual routines because I know that the things that I let go would be in good hands and it feels good to live and work in a clean and clutter-free environment. 

General cleaning with active boys around, including our husbands,  is merely impossible for us moms who have no helper or caregiver to lessen our load or to take care of our kids.

I was surprised because my endless planning and attempts pushed through. My strategy was indeed effective! 

Here are some tips to survive general cleaning while looking after your very young active kids:

1     Talk to your kids. Tell them that you are going to clean the house including its purpose and advantages. Plan with them the things that they are going to do while you are working. 

2     Start with the areas of the house that need minor cleaning for you not to be overwhelmed with so much cleaning and decluttering. It's a sort of priming and  motivating yourself. Doing this can make you feel accomplished knowing that you've finished lots of areas in a short span of time without your kids feel being unattended because you can play and take care of them during short breaks.

I feel relaxed whenever I see our precious books properly arranged on the shelves!

3      When items like clothing, shoes, and the likes are not being used within six months and up, they need to be disposed. You may donate them, share them with friends and loved ones, or sell them. But make sure that they are still usable and in good condition when you do. Always put yourself on other people's shoes. Who wants to receive dilapidated hand-me-downs or buy overused preloved items? Of course, nobody.

4    Next, declutter the areas that need major cleaning and sorting. By this time, your kids have the feel of what you are doing. You'd be surprised! They are going to help and cooperate.

I had pending orders while doing my installment general cleaning. I also had promises that were meant to be done the following week. Honestly, I couldn't concentrate when my kids' toys were unsorted so I fixed them first before moving on to my WAHM duties.

5     After decluttering and putting things in order with wiping and dusting on the side, do ceiling, wall, furniture, and floor cleaning and other finishing touches. Please start from ceiling to the floor. It follows the cleanest to the dirtiest rule.

6     Do multitasking to save more time. You may cook your viand by popping it in the oven, cook rice in the rice cooker, and do machine laundering while cleaning for instance. 

7     Most of the time, you need to touch the bedrooms, kitchen, laundry room lastly due to presence of active people and they are used all the time.

8     When the house is already spic and span, I do further sorting of files, documents, knick-knacks, photos, and receipts. Based on experience, it's better to check them out again once the house is already orderly so that you'll have a clearer judgement on what to keep and what to dispose.

How I wish that my working area stays this way ALWAYS! It feels good to work when the house is spic and span.

I hope that my general cleaning tips can help you. Do you have other cleaning tips that you want to share? Fire away! Feel free to comment! 

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