Vita Cubes: The Healthier Candy Alternative

August 15, 2015
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Like any ordinary kid, my sons love candies.  I don't want them to be deprived of eating those sweets because they are part of growing up. All I do is limit their amount of candy intake due to health reasons.

Eating too many candies can cause tooth decay, obesity, and blood sugar spikes. But when eaten in moderation, sweets also have a place in a balanced diet. One of the best things to do is to look for healthier alternatives if your family is a sweet tooth and can't let the day pass without sweets.

In August 2, Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Rebisco Philippines Corporation invited us to a fun-filled event that made us bond with our kids and learn about Vita Cubesfruit-flavored jelly candies that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals aside from being yummy!

Kuya and I love all flavors! They taste like real fruits, and have the right sweetness and jelly consistency. They are kinda addicting too but we don't feel guilty munching them due to their health benefits.

I also asked Kuya to bring some for sharing with his classmates. I probed him after school about his classmates' feedback. He said that they loved them and even asked him where to purchase them.

Let me give you a backgrounder of  Vita Cubes.

What are Vita Cubes Fruit Flavored Jelly Candies?

Vita Cubes Fruit Flavored Jelly Candies come in SINGLES (Php1.00 per piece) that may be bought in sari-sari stores, supermarkets, and local grocery stores.

They may be bought per box containing 10 pieces of 50-gram packs or per individual 50-gram pack. The suggested retail price of a 50-gram pack is Php12.00.

Vita Cubes' packaging is so neat and simple but enticing, easy to slip on a small bag or pocket, perfect for baon in school or while traveling. All the necessary information about the product---nutrition facts, ingredients, manufacturer, manufacturing, and expiration dates,  are found on the packaging.

Vita Cubes are available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinsons Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop, and other local grocery stores.
Yummy has never been this healthy and healthy has never been this yummy with Vita Cubes!

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  1. how can this be healthy if it has sugar?

  2. how many can i give to my baby girl of 6yr old in 1 day ..


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