Rekindling My Passion for Watercolor Painting

September 09, 2016
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When I was in fourth grade, I was chosen by our class adviser to join the interschool on-the-spot art contest. I remember that I used to love sketching, coloring, and painting despite having no formal training. I didn’t even win but the experience left a mark on me. I never thought that somehow I was given a chance to do something that I really like with the best artists in our school.  It  boosted my self-esteem.

My love for the arts continued when I reached high school. I was in third year when our school collaborated with Kabalikat Civicom San Antonio, Nueva Ecija Chapter for its environmental conservation campaign. I was tapped again to join the poster making contest despite the feeling of being not good enough. But due to the support of my family and friends, I decided to go for it! To cut the long story short, this time, I won first place.

Due to so many concerns and priorities, I set aside honing this skill for two decades. When Mommy Bloggers Philippines posted an invite about The Crafters Marketplace Basic Painting Workshop, I immediately signed up.

I learned about The Crafters Marketplace from one of my favorite polymer clay artists, Miss Melody Manalaysay of Crafting Time, when she opened her outlet there, which I was eager to visit to see her creations.

Aside from showcasing the works of talented Filipino handcrafters, the venue is a place where enthusiasts can learn arts and crafts being taught by reputable artists in their fields of specialization. Being able to have my first formal training in Basic Watercolor Painting and visiting Crafting Time are hitting two birds with one stone. 

The Crafters Marketplace is very easy to locate too. It’s accessible to public transportation, very conducive for commuters like me.

Due to unforeseen heavy traffic, I arrived just on time when the session was about to start. It was facilitated with no less than Mr. Ian de Jesus, one of the sought after young artists in the country today.

He gave us a backgrounder about the history of paint and the difference among the watercolor pigments, binders, and brands. He said that the price range would depend on the binders used and their pigments. Like for instance, the cheaper the watercolor’s price, the lower the intensity of pigments due to the presence of more chalk or extenders. He also showed us the different types of paint brushes and their uses. Only this time that I understood the use of a color wheel not just in the arts but also in everyday living.

Moreover, I learned a lot in this session because it was done step by step. We were asked by Sir Ian to apply what we learned and he stressed out that in every endeavor, practice could be the only way to improve. I strongly agree because through the years of having no practice in this craft, I felt like a child doing it for the very first time. This session motivated me to revive the passion that I neglected.

I am not going to discuss everything in detail here because for me, the best way to learn about it through Sir Ian is to attend his training session. The experience is truly priceless.

Courtesy: Mr. Ian de Jesus

Aside from adults, kids now can unleash their creativity and love for arts and crafts in The Crafters Marketplace. Just recently, it has launched Little Crafters Art Play Group where kids can nurture their creativity through play, circle time, arts and crafts, and music and movement. You may bring your kids on the venue during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00 AM. Each session lasts for two and a half hours.

I encourage you and your kids to try any of the workshops facilitated by The Crafters Marketplace. You will never regret it, promise! It will be fun and fruitful as well. 

For updates, information, and promos, you may visit Crafters & Scrappers on Facebook and Instagram. You may aslo contact Miss Sunshine See at 647-895-1051 on Viber and Miss Alma Ramirez at 0926-623-1284.

The Crafters Marketplace is located in Rustan's Grocery, Lower Level, Shangri-La Mall, Edsa. After doing your grocery shopping or whenever you are within the vicinity, you can always drop by and see what it offers.

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