A Summer Checklist For Tweens by Mommy Blogger Pehpot

April 01, 2017
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It is not easy to raise up a child as it requires a high-demand and lots of hard works to do. From the moment a child was born to toddlerhood, the challenges are double up as they become strong-willed and starting to learn things on their own. But wait, it is not yet over, from childhood, tween years will come. It is the moment when your child is not yet a kid anymore but not most likely a teen.

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Tween years is the most crucial time of your childs progress. How can you handle a not-so-child and not-so-teen? It is delicate to mess up with their tweenhood. Any parent knows the struggles. However, you can make it fun for your new tween to grow up and take small responsibilities by this time.

Summer may be the perfect season to start teaching your tween how to manage oneself, how to deal with people, how to be open to parents, how to handle responsibilities, and how to enjoy life. You can start by giving particular chores he is fond of, like for example planting the garden, taking care of small brother or sister, washing the dishes, or folding the laundry. The responsibility should not be a huge issue if he handles it well or not, what matter is how willing he is to take it. After he had learned it, it is now time to teach him how to aim for a fantastic result on his responsibility.

Make it slow, just one step at a time, it is not that hard to teach a tween. It may sound complicated at first, but eventually, when your tween is familiar with the changes he will embrace it. After responsibilities are excellently done, give him a reward. It may be something he strongly desires of or something big for him.

To help your child enhance his skills, attitude, talent, and make some discovery to himself, you can engage him in a summer activity. By doing so, he might enjoy while he learns. There are some summer workshop and courses perfect for tweens and teens who are growing up and developing oneself.

There are some business-related summer workshops that your kids can get into; some fast-food chains offered summer workshops to enhance the childs interest in working and engaging in business. It is a good start for your tween. I found a list of some exciting summer activities that can help enhance our childs capability which is very relevant to their age. Mommy Blogger Pehpot enlisted more than 20 schools and establishments offering fantastic summer courses for toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, and even for adults.

Now, heres a recap of our summer checklist for tweens:

·         Self-management
·         People Management
·         Transparency to parents
·         Handling responsibility
·         Enjoyment

Treat your tween at their age, remember that they are no longer a baby, but they are not already a grown-up who can take full responsibility for their action. They are fun-able but be sure to guide them all the way!

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