Tupperware Fresh Staks: Help Store More and Waste Less

June 28, 2017
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According to Sharon Franke, director of the Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, air is one of the major factors that can cause fast spoilage of cooked or raw food. She stressed out the importance of airtight containers in food storage because they keep it from developing freezer burns, getting soggy or dry, or absorbing odors of other food items because these containers don't allow air to pass through freely.

After years of testing different airtight containers, she found out that the best choice was still made of glass with tight lids that should be virtually leak proof. But if  you feel that made of glass wouldn't fit your lifestyle or be applicable to you, she said that made of plastic could also work. Plastic containers, like glass, are non-porous which don't allow air to come in and out easily.

Food grade and non-toxic plastic airtight containers, for me, fit my lifestyle more since I have very young children. They are lightweight that make them easier to carry and clean without any worries of breaking them that even my kids can handle. Aside from being food grade, safe, and non-toxic, here are the factors that I consider in looking for the best airtight plastic containers and Tupperware Fresh Staks meet my requirements:

- help store more and waste less 

Tupperware, the brand of plastic containers used in households to store food and keep it airtight, was developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper in Leominster, Massachusetts. He patented its "burping seal" that made it unique from competitors.

- rectangular in shape that promotes the use of space efficiently

All-Around Pinay Mama,Tupperware Fresh Staks, best food storage, plastic containers

- containers can be reused for years

Tupperware Brands Philippines assures its clients of its products' superb quality that makes them last for years and it gives a 10-year product warranty against defects in the material or worksmanship under normal or household non-commercial use.

All-Around Pinay Mama, Tupperware Fresh Staks, food container, best food storage, plastic container

- stackable to maximize our fridge space
- contain a set of three different sizes that makes me use only what is needed 

Remember, using large containers more than we need can accommodate more space for air that causes food to spoil. The set comes with the following: one Medium Fresh Stak (Php799.00), one Large Fresh Stak (Php899.00), and one Jumbo Fresh Stak (Php999.00), perfect for storing less or more food items. 

All-Around Pinay Mama,Tupperware Fresh Staks, food storage, best food container, plastic container
 Medium (Capacity: 1.3 L; Dimensions: 27.6 cm L x 13.5 cm W x 6.7 cm H), Large (Capacity: 2.2 L; Dimensions: 27.6 cm L x 13.5 cm W x 9.7 cm H),  Jumbo (Capacity: 3.1 L; Dimensions: 27.6 cm L x 13.5 cm W x 12.8 cm H) 

- store raw or cooked food, fruits, and vegetables

All-Around Pinay Mama, Tupperware Fresh Staks, best food container, food storage, plastic container

- come with handles for easy pulling out of the fridge

All-Around Pinay Mama, Tupperware Fresh Staks, plastic container, best  food container, food storage

Tupperware Fresh Staks can surely keep food fresh longer while keeping the fridge or pantry organized. 

To ensure that I use them properly to serve their purpose, their lids must be properly placed. Below is a step by step instruction on how I properly seal them.

1. Place lid, groove over container rim and press one corner.
2. Slide thumbs over top of lid edges to opposite corners.
3. Continue to slide thumbs over edges to fourth corner.

To remove the lid, I just lift it on one corner then lift other three corners one at a time. Easy peasy!

I am more confident that our family saves more and waste less because Tupperware Fresh Staks really work! Like my positive experience, Tupperware Brands Philippines would like to give a special treat to one of you, my lucky readers/followers! The winner will receive a set of three Tupperware Fresh Staks shown above worth Php2,697.00! Yay!

Joining is so quick and easy. Just follow the steps below:

1. LIKE/FOLLOW Tupperware Brands Philippines's social media sites.
Facebook - Tupperware Brands Philippines 
Instagram - @tupperwarebrandsph 
Twitter - @TupperBrandsph

2. LIKE/FOLLOW me on the following social media sites:
Facebook - All-Around Pinay Mama 
Instagram - @allaroundpinaymama 
Twitter - @multitasking_sj 

3. Leave the following as a comment on this blog post: 


4. All steps must be done to qualify for this giveaway. 

This giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only. Giveaway period is from June 28 to July 7, 2017. Entries will be checked by yours truly. The winner among the qualified entries will be chosen by random.org. I will announce the winner on my Facebook page on July 9, 2017 and he/she will be notified through Facebook private message on the same day. I will be responsible in shipping the prize to the winner. 

Thanks for joining and good luck! I am so excited to know the winner, ship the prize to him/her, and learn his/her Tupperware Fresh Stak experience. I hope you learned something from this post that can prevent you too from wasting more food.

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  1. It is inevitable. We sometimes have food spoilage because of not proper food storage. And inasmuch as I would always remind the boys to put in a sealed container some leftovers, we still have spoiled food. Perhaps because we aren't using the proper storage. Which makes me eager to have those stackable Tupperware. I hope to win. Thank you.

    Facebook: https://facebook.com/berlindomingo



    1. yes, I agree. Thanks for joining, Momi Berlin! Good luck! :)

  2. I remember the running joke at school whenever we are nearing Christmas parties, "Mawala ka na wag lang Tupperware ng nanay mo." Hahaha! True to its promise, it can last for years. Gang ngayon gamit pa ni Mama yung kanya. Now I need a set for myself. Sana manalo ako! :)

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/katrinaagdeppa.santiago
    IG: www.instagram.com/petitemomma18
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/petitemomma18

    1. I can relate, Kat! I also remember na nag-invest si Mommy noon sa napakalalaking Tupperware Plastic Containers kasi diyan namin nilalagay ang polvoron na binebenta ko sa school at sa tindahan namin dati. Tumatagal kasi ang freshness ng food kapag nakalagay sa Tupperware. Naipamana na namin lahat sa relatives namin when we relocated at siguradung-sigurado ako na buhay na buhay pa silang lahat ngayon. Thanks for joining! Good luck!


  3. Wow!!! I really love Tupperware products.. kasi noong high school ako Yung naging amo ko kasi working student ako ay dealer po siya ng Tupperware. Kaya lahat po talaga ng gamit sa bahay niya Tupperware po talaga. Kaya subrang pinangarap ko Yun na Sana magkaroon din ako kahit ilan lang Kasi napakatibay po talaga tas saradong sarado talaga. Kaya mapapahamahal mo talaga ito. Tas, ito may pa giveaway si mayora, ito na po yun chance ko, baka sakali po. Wala naman mawawala Kung susubok. Yay! Good luck po talaga sa mga sasali, sa akin. Hehe
    Fb : Angelie Namindang
    IG : @angeliecuna
    Twitter : @cunaangelie

    1. Hahaha! Mayora talaga, Angelie! Good luck and thanks for joining! Investment na panghabambuhay talaga ang Tupperware. Garantisadong matibay at may 10 years na warranty pa. Saan ka pa, 'di ba?

    2. Yes, True po ganda. Investment napanghabambuhay ang Tupperware kaya sulit po talaga.. Opo, ang tagal po ng warranty niya Kasi naaalala ko dati Yun sa amu ko pag may nasira sa takip ng Tupperware niya pinapapalitan po niya. Tas Yun pwede naman gamitin St mukhang bago uli. Pero alam ko May limit din Yun sa warranty nila Kung panu nasira or anu. Hindi ko na gaanu maalala kasi. Hehe

  4. Hi All around Pinay Mama!I am a certified Tupperware Momma.So joining this contest is a must for me.I hope to win. Thank you!


    1. Apir, apir, apir, Patricia! Thanks for joining and good luck!

  5. FB : https://www.facebook.com/angeliecuna
    IG : https://www.instagram.com/angeliecuna

    Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/CunaAngelie

    1. Ayan, nakalimutan mo tuloy iwanan ang URLs mo sa unang comment mo! LOL!

    2. Yun nga po ganda. Sa excitement ko na sumali. Hehe Sana po valid pa din entry ko. 😂

  6. Love Tupperware! So durable. In fact, I'm still using some of my grandma's Tupperware items!


    1. Tupperware is so durable talaga. Pwedeng ipamana from generation to generation. Thanks for joining, Jhanis! Good luck!

  7. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

  8. I love stackable storage and I'm a big fan of Tupperware. They use less space in the cabinet and in the ref. I hope to win these lovely Tupperware Fresh Staks!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madz.torio
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/mommy.n.more
    Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/mommymadz

    1. Yes, they are, Mommy Madz! Thanks for joining! Good luck! ❤

  9. Joining! I super love Tupperware. My mother also loves Tupperware, naalala ko nung bata pa ko, yung isang buong cabinet namin sa kusina, puno ng tuppeware, parang nag hoarding sya. Then I realized kung pano sya nakatulong sa amin lalo na pag nilalagay namin yung mga left over naming food sa ref. Now, that I'm married I want to have my own tupperware especially I have kids na gusto paulit ulit yung food at least pag nakalagay sya sa tupperware alam mong hindi matatapunan ng kung ano2 yung mga pagkain. I hope I can win in this giveaway. :)

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rackell.villareal
    Instagram: @rnvillareal
    Twitter: @unique_bride

    1. Thanks for joining, Rackell! Good luck sa'yo, Mother! :)

  10. I like using Tupperware products because it is a trustworthy brand. The covers are also leak-proof so even storing leftover soup is safe.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/carol.chan.92167789
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/carolchan16/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/carolchan_16


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