REVIEW: Kolbadent Gum Alive Mouth Spa Toothpaste + Natural Whitening

June 28, 2017
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Having a perfect set of teeth is my topmost frustration when talking about physical attributes. Honestly, my present teeth situation can cause insecurities whenever I socialize with people. 

At a very young age of 10, I wore braces after complying to the Ortho's advice to have four of my teeth extracted to make my remaining teeth get fixed. This old practice of Orthodontics caused me to suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) that prompted me to quit my job as a teacher to avoid too much talking in order not to worsen my severe condition. To have it fixed, thirteen of my strong and cavity-free teeth were replaced by porcelain crowns and God. the procedure that I went through was painful! I also endured the sad reality that most of my teeth were already fake.

Having porcelain crowns is difficult. They are so difficult to maintain. Since the teeth underneath them are already in their abnormal state, they are already prone to decay when not being managed properly. Good oral hygiene is a must to keep them free from cavities and stains. But sometimes, regular toothpastes are not enough to sustain my teeth's whiteness aside from cleanliness that can last for hours due to food stains like the ones I get from sauces, tea, and coffee.  There are safe toothpastes that promise gum care and tooth protection which I need the most but sadly, no whitening function. There are also whitening toothpastes available but peroxide does the whitening and my dentist doesn't allow me to use such.  A friend of mine introduced me to a safe whitening toothpaste available online months ago and I am happy with what it does. Then lately, an online friend has made her way for me to receive a sample of Kolbadent Gum Alive Mouth Spa Toothpaste + Natural Whitening

Well, it's worth trying. I am impressed with what it claims that it can do to oral health and hygiene. On the packaging it says that it's made from the following natural ingredients, no peroxide or paraben, extracted into pure essential oils and uniquely blended with its exclusive formula:

White Bamboo Charcoal- helps absorb impurities

Bamboo Salt- an excellent traditional treatment for cleaning and whitening teeth

Sacred Fig Tree's Bark Extract- effectively strengthens gum tissues

Chamomile Extract- a natural soothing agent

Mint- for a refreshing breath and cooling effect

This toothpaste is trusted to be the most effective natural whitening toothpaste and its therapeutic properties excellently reduce gum problems, delicately dissolves coffee and tea stains, and significantly helps strengthen teeth and gums when used regularly, leaving our teeth naturally bright for that beautiful smile!

For best results, as suggested, just use half of normal quantity because it's pure and concentrated. Brush for three minutes and rinse thoroughly. Then brush with clean water once more. Use twice daily or after meals.

I am using it for a week and I love what it does. It helps me lessen my insecurities when I socialize with people. My mouth and teeth feel clean longer. My teeth don't build up plaque and stay glossy. The whitening part, well prior to using this, I've mentioned already that I am using another safe whitening toothpaste, but I have noticed that my teeth continuously gets lighter. Compared to other toothpastes, it tastes more herbal than minty but it's okay for me. Another plus point for Gum Alive is that it's available in leading drugstores and supermarkets like Mercury Drug, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Fisher Mall, Cash and Carry Mall, Shopper's Mart Chinatown, PC Supermarket Pioneer Centre, and All About Health & Wellness Store SM Center Pasig. There's no need to buy it online to avoid additional charges for shipping fee. For me it's still affordable at Php395.00 because I only need to use a small amount per brushing. In the long run, it's economical because it goes a long way. No need to buy often.

For more information about this product, go to and follow Gum Alive on Facebook for updates.

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