Four Useful Tips on Getting Your Kids Interested In Math And Science by Julia Writer

November 21, 2017
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Parenting is a huge responsibility. You always want your kids to excel well in important subjects like Math and Science. But the problem is most kids find these subjects difficult. 

Most kids fear Math and Science because they are difficult or they find them uninteresting to learn. Here are some useful ways you can make your kids more interested in Math and Science: 

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1. Make learning fun and applicable to daily life.

Incorporate Math and Science into daily life by creating activities that children can apply at home. A good example would be cooking with them in the kitchen. You can bake a cake while letting them count and measure the ingredients needed to make the cake. After mixing the ingredients you can interject the different kinds of a mixture and ask which one is a solvent and a solute. You can also explain what happens when water boils and why the toast burns.

Another great activity to get them interested in these subjects is when you go shopping. You can teach them about money, fractions, and prices by making comparisons of which one is better to buy. By doing this, they’ll soon realize the importance of Math and Science in their daily life.

2. Expose them to hands-on experience.

Explore things together to encourage your child to learn Math and Science. One way to do this is by creating DIY projects together. Say for example toys made out of paper or recyclable materials. You can create interactive toys like a dancing puppet robot with the use of strings or a zip-line toy transporter to get the toys moving with the work of gravity. 

Why not take your kids to the zoo or the museum? There are numerous opportunities where they can have hands-on experience in learning about the history of technology and how things were made. By exposing them to these hands-on activities, your kids will have a lasting memory that will spark their interest more in learning Math and Science.

3. Praise the process of learning instead of focusing on grades.

Learning Math and Science is tough and can be challenging for kids. Sometimes they feel they’re not smart enough to learn these subjects so they quit. Parents can influence their kids on how they perceive Math and Science subjects on how they praise them. 

According to Carol Dweck, a psychology professor, parents praise the ability, talent, or intelligence too much and this is the opposite of good process praise. This is a  praise for the process of the child when he engages in hard work, focus, perseverance, improvement, and trying many strategies to learn a certain thing. So whenever your child is doing homework, praise the process and ask a question like “Wow, how did you do that?” while showing interest in what your kid is doing.

You’ve done your jobs as a parent when you see that the fun your kids are having with their homework or projects in Math and Science is greater than the fear they have of failing.

4. Give kids toys and play games that inspire them to learn more.

One of the things to get them more interested in learning is by playing toys and games. This encourages the child to have fun while learning the concepts of Math and Science. A number of great toys for them to play would be building blocks like LEGO, buildable towns or toy cars, and trains with tracks. You could also get them some fun Science experiment kits where they can build their own lava lamps or see what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar together by making a man-made volcano.

Nowadays, technology influences the young by exposing them to fun friendly games online. There are apps available in the market where they can learn how to code or create their own online games which are really amazing!

These are just a few tips to help your kids be interested in learning Math and Science. What’s important is the goal of incorporating these subjects into their daily life and not forcing them to learn the subject that they might end up fearing. Your role as a parent is to help them foster their interest and passion towards these subjects that would benefit them in the future.


Apart from trying these methods by yourself, you can assign a dependable tuition teacher at home to make your young kids understand and solve Match and Science problems. You easily find Math, Physics, and Chemistry tuition teachers around you. The goal should be to make your kids find these difficult subjects as interesting as early as possible in their life. 

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