November 26, 2017
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I just remember, Mars at Pards, two years ago, there were two young gentlemen who asked me through my Facebook page what deodorant would I recommend to them.

All-Around Pinay Mama #AskAAPM
Two gentlemen asked me two years ago about personal hygiene particularly about how to keep themselves smelling fresh all day.
If I remember it right, I commented on Mommy Pehpot's thread on her Facebook Page when she was asking for suggestions about what good deodorant would be best for lads. Maybe my comment redirected those gentlemen to my Facebook page asking for more details.

Actually, those were only two of a couple of questions that I received from followers and friends within my five years of blogging. Some shared photos showing that they found my tips working for them or recipes worth trying because they found them easy to prepare and delicious. I'd feel so elated and blessed when my loyal followers pin my recipes on Pinterest, share my musings on Facebook, or retweet my twitter entries. Through this, I find more meaning in what I do. 

All-Around Pinay Mama #AskAAPM
Your feedback makes me very, very happy. 
I've started blogging to have a diversionary activity while taking care of my family and small business and give in to my urge of continuing my passion for writing. I never thought that it could be a venue for me to make other people's lives easier, help them choose among practical options, and maybe somehow inspire them to enjoy living despite all odds. 

What is my point here? I am thinking that maybe if you have questions or concerns about life, love, relationships, parenting, recommendations, tips, and anything in between that you would like me to answer or topics that you want me to write about, please don't hesitate to send me a private message on Facebook, direct message on Instagram, or email at all.around.mama@gmail.com or the contact form here. Don't forget to use the subject, "#AskAAPM" so that I can attend to you immediately. I will do my best to give you the best possible answer to your question.

Thank you very much, dear Mars at Pards, for your unyielding support through the years. Because of you, I am still here. It is always a pleasure to help you in the best way that I can. It can surely make me the happiest Mama in the world.

#AskAAPM ands I'll be at your service! By the way, I will blog about the answers to the questions of the two gentlemen soon! 

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