Fern-C kidz: Always Silipin ang C

May 28, 2018
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My friends always ask me how I manage to stay sane after twelve years of being a stay-at-home mom. I tell them that within those years of ups and downs, I learn to choose and prioritize what truly matters. Over my personal concerns and aspirations, I always put my family first. To keep the household running smoothly and my loved ones keep going while attending to my freelancing responsibilities, I never stop learning, experimenting, and keeping in mind the things and practices that work for my family. 

However, no matter how mindful I am when it comes to my duties as a mom, it is inevitable that sickness sometimes inflict me or my family members. This is the situation that I really, really don't want. Sickness is part of life, as they say, but it disrupts the smooth flow of the household and family mechanics. It is more difficult especially when the family has no helper or relative to depend on to look after the kids or do important errands while parents attend to their sick child. It is most difficult when parents themselves are the ones who are sick. When kids get sick, they miss school attendance. Furthermore, catching up after recovery causes stress not just on the kids but the entire family as well. These scenarios, like in other families, have happened to us a few times already that's why having a sick family member or getting sick seems to be traumatic for me.

Speaking of keeping in mind the things and practices that work to keep the smooth flow of our family life which includes staying healthy and well, we rely on eating a balanced meal, practicing a regular exercise regimen, staying hydrated, avoiding food and activities that aggravate our health weaknesses, having the right sleep, and of course, taking the safe and effective supplements to enhance our sound well-being. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, isn't it? That's why in our home, taking Vitamin C is a staple part of our health practices. For Loley, Paps, and I, our most trusted Vitamin C brand is Fern-C while Bunso takes its version for young kids, Fern-C kidz.

Our family trusts Fern-C and Fern-C kidz. We make it a point to always "Silipin ang C"! (Fern-C kidz Logo photo courtesy of Fern-C kidz)

I am a meticulous mom and I only want what's best for my family especially for my kids. "Silipin ang C"
matters to me that's why I choose Fern-C kidz. Through the years, its reliability, quality, and safety remain the same. 

Fern-C kidz is Bunso's dependable daily immunity buddy, a quality Vitamin C with Zinc that helps improve immunity, has non-acidic Vitamin C that doesn't disturb his tummy's integrity, and has Quali-C seal that ensures superb quality. 

Fern-C kidz is a Sodium Ascorbate syrup for kids with the same Vitamin C used in Fern-C, the number one Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C in the market today.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Fern-C kidz: Always Silipin ang C! (Courtesy: Fern-C kidz on Facebook)

I noticed a big change in our family's health and wellness when we chose Fern-C kidz kaya hindi ito mawawala kailanman sa aming tahanan. Like our family, always "Silipin ang C". Have your kids take Fern-C kidz and you'll never go wrong. 

Fern-C kidz: Always Silipin ang C (Courtesy: Fern-C kidz on Facebook)

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  1. Would you know if they have chewables ba for kids? The kids prefer chewables na instead of syrup

  2. Gamit din naman ng kids before eto. Okay naman sa kanila ang taste. Pero mas type ko ata subukan ang kape. Coffeeholic na ako mas need ko ng healthy na kape. Thanks for sharing bes.♥

    1. I am so glad nagustuhan din nila ang taste ng Fern-C kidz. Ang sarap ng Fern-Coffee, bes! Try mo! :)


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