Five Surprising Myths About UTI Prevention

September 25, 2018
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Whether or not you've dealt with a urinary tract infection, you've likely heard all of the old wives' tales of how to prevent one. From guzzling cranberry juice to becoming celibate, it seems like everyone has a way to keep infections at bay. You may be surprised to find out, though, that many of those remedies are actually myths. 

1. Your Underwear Doesn't Matter

If you've completely converted to granny panties as a way to prevent UTIs, then you'll be glad to know that studies show it doesn't really matter what underwear you wear. You can bring back the cute undies, even if you want to fight off bacteria

2. Caffeine Is Fine

Don't pour out your daily mug of joe just yet. While a caffeinated beverage is definitely not a UTI prevention drink, one also won't cause you to end up with an infection, contrary to popular belief. 

3. Wipe Whatever Direction You Prefer

If you've always felt a little guilty about your personal hygiene, rest assured: the direction of your wiping makes no difference in your chances of getting a UTI. While this may be a concern if you never shower, chances are you keep yourself sufficiently clean. 

4. Jump in the Hot Tub

There are few things as relaxing as a soak in a hot tub, and now you can enjoy this pleasure without fear of an infection. If you're really worried about bacteria, you can certainly ensure that the tub is clean before you get in.

5. Antibiotics Aren't the Answer

The increase of resistance to antibiotics probably concerns you, and rightfully so. You don’t have to take antibiotics as a preventative tool. Instead, natural products that contain ingredients such as vitamin C and B6 are your best bet. 

Instead of avoiding the things that give you joy in life, why not try a product that will prevent UTIs and allow you to do what you truly love. Contact us for more information. 

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