I Will Always be a Proud PCHSian!

October 30, 2018
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This is a very long post, my dear friends. Para ito sa mga batch mates and schoolmates ko sa Philippine College of Health Sciences, Inc., who worked hard to be the best and finest nurses not just in the Philippines but abroad. Para ito sa mga professors and clinical instructors namin who guided and taught us. Para ito sa mga nanay tulad ko na gumagawa ng paraan para i-improve ang sarili amidst their very demanding job as a homemaker, mother, and wife. Para ito sa mga kakilala ko at ibang tao na hindi ko kakilala na hindi nagtapos sa "top' or "prestigious" universities or colleges in the country na underestimated and discriminated.

I will always be proud to be a mom, teacher, BSN graduate, Thomasian, PNUan, and most of all, PCHSian! 


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Philippine College of Health Sciences, Inc. equipped me and my schoolmates the skill and knowlegde to be world-class nurses and instill in us the value of hardwork, professionalism, and building relationships.

The teacher must never judge the capacity of students but rather create an avenue for them to soar higher and go beyond their limits." - HMI Valdez, SHS- La Salle Green Hills

October 29, 2018- 1:30 PM: This date will be etched in my mind and heart forever. I am writing this piece and going to share this to the entire world to serve as a reminder for all moms and the people who didn't graduate from "prestigious" universities or colleges to never stop dreaming even if you are tied with our responsibilities, never stop believing in your capabilities even if there are people who underestimate you, and never doubt in the power of your mind and body no matter how many obstacles you are facing. 

My hands are tied and as you all know, I am a full-time mom with no helper or someone to depend on to look after my child with special needs. I do freelance work, do blogging, manage my social media accounts, maintain a mom community with my mom blogger friends, and help my mom in our home-based business while homemaking. Well, It's the start of the semestral break and this is the only time that I can acquire important documents or inquire/apply for something including requirements for further studies because Hubby's at home to look after the kids. Yes, after nine years, I feel that it's about time for me to go back to school again because aside from the love for learning, I am doing this for Bunso, my autism angel, and for my professional and personal growth as well. I want to be equipped with strategies and knowledge for me to extend at home what his teachers teach him in school. For me, education is the pinnacle of human evolution. Why? Because the intrinsic urge of the human race to learn and explore and go beyond the limits of our current self is what makes us evolve into better beings.

So, I took note all the universities and colleges where Bunso's teachers graduated because all of them were good in what they do. Then yesterday, with all necessary requirements on hand, I hurriedly went to this college in the university belt who is claiming to be the top college for teacher excellence. The secretary of the dean was on leave so the dean herself accommodated me. She handed me the application form for the graduate school entrance test and the list of fees. While I was about to fill up the form, she asked for my Transcript of Records (TOR). The document that was in front of the file was my certificate of honorable dismissal and under it were three pages of my Transcript of Records when I handed them to her.

She said, "Wait, don't fill up the form yet. You graduated from Philippine College of Health Sciences (PCHS). It is a diploma mill school. Did you check the reputation of this school before you enrolled? Then why did you attend so many universities? I couldn't think of words to say this nicely but tatapatin kita, I can't accept you because I don't want our school to be tainted with a school with a bad reputation. We don't want our school to be associated with PCHS. Here in the university belt, we know each other. Tatapatin kita ha? I don't want you to waste your time and money na pakukuhanin kita ng entrance test 'tapos you will not be accepted here."

After hearing this, I was actually in shock because it was my very first time to hear a "Teacher" discriminating someone because of her last school attended and saying degrading words against a school. She didn't even check my TOR to know the answer why I attended so many universities. She didn't even ask me about how we were taught in PCHS. Then I explained, "Ma'am, I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Botany from the University of Santo Tomas. While teaching (I didn't mention that I taught in Xavier School for five years because I thought, "Is it necessary?"), I took up Certificate in Teaching Program from Philippine Normal University. I didn't just take 18 units as a prerequisite to taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers but finished the entire course including the practicum. In PCHS, I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing and graduated with honors in 2009. When I was a student, I wasn't mediocre, Ma'am. I gave my all. I studied hard." Actually, I felt uncomfortable mentioning to her that I graduated with honors because again for me, "Is it necessary?". But due to my situation that time, I thought it might help. Pero sana hindi ko na lang sinabi. In my opinion, what I achieved was just a bonus or reward for enjoying learning. For me, honors or awards are just titles. They can be celebrated but they don't define who a person is. 

When was about to defend my BSN alma mater that she considered a "diploma mill" which I found very unfair, she said, "Bakit doon ka pumasok kasi madalian lahat? Bakit nag-St. Jude ka then you transferred in PCHS?" I answered, "Ma'am, PCHS was the only institution who catered for working individuals and moms like me who wanted to do further studies in nursing that's why I transferred. The curriculum was designed for working individuals and people who couldn't do further studies at daytime during weekdays."

Unfortunately, because I was in the state of shock, I wasn't able to tell these to her because I could see that there was no point in doing it after all which I regretted the most. I should have told her, "In PCHS, we were taught by the best professors and clinical instructors, we did our Related Learning Experience (RLE) in the top public hospitals in the country and different health centers and communities in Metro Manila. We had to pass the one-on-one revalida of all the major subjects that we took before we would be allowed to graduate. We had our thesis writing. We did our research-based work. We were encouraged by the institution to keep going despite our own personal concerns. Our professors were considerate but firm. The institution wasn't mediocre. It might be a flaw for PCHS to accept anyone but it shows that EDUCATION IS ACCORDED TO EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF THE STUDENT'S CIRCUMSTANCES AND MOTIVATION TO LEARN. The responsibility of our teachers there was to provide the avenue for learning and to give unbiased inspiration for the students to grasp their aspirations."

AAPM Musings, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Education, I am a Mom, PCHS, Philippine College of Health Sciences Inc., Proud PCHSian, Proud PNUan, Proud Thomasian, The Teacher in Me, Schools in University Belt, University Belt Manila
Then she didn't even checked the requirements that I provided but rather wrote her cell phone number directly on the brown envelope and said, "I will show your transcript of records to someone higher than me. Give me a call after two days to know if you will be considered or not." Then I told her while returning the application form, "I already wrote my name on the application form, Ma'am. I hope you'll give me a chance. Try me. I can handle pressure. Ma'am, if I need to take the basic subjects, I am very much willing to do it." Then she let me keep the form. I courteously said goodbye and left her office. While riding the jeepney going home, with all honesty, I felt so low but eventually what happened made me more motivated to keep going. 

What am I feeling right now? I have mixed emotions. I feel sad because I wasn't given a chance by the dean to even take the entrance test much less fill-up the form. That if I pass the entrance test, I can enhance myself through education in that institution but rather making me feel that my current situation is a hindrance for my growth. She repeatedly told me, "Hindi mabilisan dito. Baka hindi mo kayanin ang pressure. Hilaw ang background mo para kayanin mo dito. Here in our college, our undergraduate students are equipped with basic knowledge. Ikaw, worry ko lang baka hindi mo kayanin dito. Your CTP units are not enough." She didn't answer back after I asked, "Will you not consider my teaching experience?" 

I may be feeling sad but I also feel motivated because I believe that there is a college or university out there who is very much willing to accept me for who I am without any prejudice.

AAPM Musings, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Education, I am a Mom, PCHS, Philippine College of Health Sciences Inc., Proud PCHSian, Proud PNUan, Proud Thomasian, The Teacher in Me, Schools in University Belt, University Belt Manila
Will I call her to check if I will be given a chance or not? I still don't know because this keeps playing in my head, "Why MA Sped? Kasi very lucrative ang course? Malaki ang kita lalo na when you go abroad? Actually, you are the 18th person whom I declined because we don't want our school to be associated with a diploma mill school (I wasn't sure if she was referring to PCHS graduates only.). 'Yong iba nga doctoral degree pa." "I want to take MA Sped because I want to help my son with autism. He is my motivation for doing this. I have no plans of going abroad at the moment," I replied.

If you are in my position, what will you do? How would you feel?

October 30, 2018 at 4:20 PM

At this point, I received an email from one of the reputable universities who offer Master of Arts in Special Education. After All Souls' Day, I will be scheduled for an interview. Wish me luck, guys! Para sa atin ito!

By the way, prior to that, I called the school's graduate school department this morning asking if they accept students who graduated from PCHS. Here was the answer of the person in charge of TOR evaluation, "Oo naman, bakit naman hindi?" This response brought me to tears and told her about what happened. "Here's my email address and send me the photos of your TOR and Certificate of Employment from the school where you taught. I will get back to you." 

Thank you, Lord and universe! Thank you for believing that this Mama deserves a chance! After all, I believe that everyone deserves a chance to seek for knowledge. 

November 6, 2018 at 11:20 AM

I was scheduled for interview and I passed! I will be back to school this semester! Ang bait talaga ni Lord! Itinuro niya sa akin ang tamang school kung saan ay tanggap ako ng buong-buo regardless of my personal circumstance and background. 

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  1. Awww. How sad naman na dean pa naman sya ganun ang asal nya? Bakit siya naging dean? Anyways, push mo na si University na nag email. Huwag ka na dun sa bruhilda na yun. Pero nakaka challenge din no? Kapag dun ka kay Ms. Minchin, tapos ipapakita mo ang galing mo. Baka mag retire siya ng maaga! Mahigpit na yakap sis... love tayo ni Lord at buti na lang talaga magaganda tayo kaya kahit si Cruella e hindi tayo mapapapangit. Ang dami na niyang katauhan sa akin lol. Ibulong mo naman saan yan. At uy! Pnuan ako!!! Apir!

    1. Salamat. Apir sa pagiging PNUan! Siguro ayaw ni Lord na doon ako pumasok. Hihihi...

    2. Dalawang araw na ang nakalipas, MITM. I decided not to call her to know if I am reconsidered or not. Masaya ako at may nagtiwalang university sa akin. I am now waiting for the interview. Nangyari ito sa akin kasi naniniwala ako na binigyan ako ni God ng sign na humanap ako ng school na tuturuan ako higit pa sa tamang kaalaman tungkol sa Special Education. For me, above all the academic knowledge, mas mahalaga sa akin ang pumasok ako sa isang paaralan na tugma sa aking prinsipyo at values. I hope and pray that she will not encounter the same situation that I've had with her kasi masakit, nakababa ng self-esteem. Buti na lang hindi ako balat-sibuyas. Paano na lang kung ang nakatapat niya ay isang tao na madaling ma-depress o mag-give up?

  2. Anong year na ba at may ganyang discrimination pa din? Nakakalungkot ang naging experience mo. Buti ikaw, you took it as a challenge, eh paano na ang iba na ginanyan ng Dean? Dahil lang sa school na pinasukan di na tatangapin? That's the most ice-aged mentality I've ever heard. Kakaloka.

    Hindi ka siguro meant to be dun. He has better plans.

    So proud of you of for wanting to go back to school for Bunso. No one can stop a mother's love.

    1. Thanks, Kat! I believe that God has better plans for me kaya nangyari ito. Yes, I took it as a challenge because I know my purpose and worth. The love and support of my family and friends are enough to keep me going. Thank you for being one of them.

      No matter what happens, I will keep moving forward. Being a full-time mom is not a hindrance for me to make myself better. If only I could lend her my PCHS memories, baka hindi niya kayanin ang pressure na mag-aral ng BSN na pinagsabay ang pagiging ina, asawa, at freelancer. Hindi ako nagpasarap. Hindi ako nagbayad lang para matapos ng madalian. Oras ko sa pamilya, pahinga, dugo, at pawis ang pinuhunan ko nang mag-aral ako sa PCHS. In every institution there are bad apples. Kung may nabalitaan siya na naging tamad na estudyante na galing PCHS, it was not the institution's fault. Ang strength and weakness ng PCHS ay tinatanggap niya ng buong-buo ang kanyang mga mag-aaral kasi naniniwala ang PCHS na lahat ng tao, pasaway man o mabuting estudyante, working man o regular student ay deserving na makapag-aral. Salamat, sis. Salamat sa pagbibigay ng dagdag na lakas loob.

  3. Galing talaga ni paps. I also learn from his quotes ha. I guess discrimination and stereotyping will always be there. The best we can do is smile at them and show them that they are wrong. But seriously, I am so proud of you! And your family must be rejoicing with you.

    1. Malalim na tao 'yang si Paps. May mga insights siya na siya lang ang nakahuhugot! Hihihi... Yes, kahit saan may discrimination and stereotyping. All we have to do is to keep going! Kung minsan mainam din na ilalagay natin ang sarili natin sa sitwasyon nila. Every person has his own battles and circumstances. Baka victim din sila 'yun nga lang instead of turning into someone they hate the most, sana mas pinili nila ang tamang daan. Thank you for being always there for me. Alam na this! Yes, my family is very happy for me.

  4. Alam mo SJ, sa nabasa ko, dapat siguro yung Dean ng school na yung ang kailangan ng further studies as well as perhaps buy some more manners elsewhere. Masyado siyang conscious as if ayaw mabahiran ng kung anong klaseng estudyante sa kanyang paningin ang paaralan nila. Daig pa niya yung nagsabi ng "Mudblood"sa Harry Potter. Gusto niya bawal ang muggles at purong full blooded ang estudyante nila? How terrible! It only goes to show the kind of person that Dean was. She should embody a good character as she holds a huge position in her university. Pero ganun talaga, you simply can't buy manners and breeding. Balutan mo man ng ginto ang isang basura, mangangamoy at aalingasaw talaga ang baho nito kahit itago mo pa.

    Anyway sis, congrats sayo and I wish you all the best. Sana ako rin will be able to go back to school soon. I salute you for your goal and reasons for going back to school.

    1. Dama ko ang poot and disappointment mo, sis. Isipin na lang natin na baka victim din siya 'yun nga lang mas pinili niyang maging negatibo sa buhay at sa kapwa. Naklulungkot isipin kasi teacher siya. Mas nasaktan ako sa naunang 17 applicants na tinanggihan niya. Paano kung may depression ang isa man sa kanila, 'tapos mas nawalan ng pag-asa sa buhay? How I wish that she is more considerate lalo na sa mga taong gusto talagang matuto. 'Yan ang tungkulin ng isang guro, to motivate and inspire people. Sana dumating ang panahon na ma-realize niya na may pagkukulang siya sa kanyang sinumpaang tungkulin. Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat kapag nangyari 'yon.

      Pasok ka na ulit sa school, sis. Sabay tayo. Love you...


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