10 Amazing Uses of an Ordinary Lip Gloss

September 10, 2019
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A lip gloss makes a girl’s lips look sexier and fuller while giving them a pretty shine. 

Tinted or colorless, a lip gloss can be intended for other purposes that you can’t imagine. But before trying and testing its versatility, please remember these: 
To lighten or lose the color of your lip gloss, you have to work it out first by getting a small amount and rubbing it with your palms or fingertips to make its color closer to colorless. 
Like putting it on your lips to avoid making it look greasy, don’t overdo it too when using it on other parts of your body. 

Moving on, the versatility of a simple lip gloss makes it one of every girl’s makeup stash. Here's why. 

1. It can be a perfect aid to fix your eyebrows. Just dab it on your eyebrows using your fingertip. Comb your eyebrows to put them into place using an eyebrow or spoolie brush. 

2. It can tame your baby hair, fix fly-away hair, and make your hair well-groomed and shiny. Rub a small amount of lip gloss on the palm of your hands and massage it directly on your hair. Comb and style it as you please. 

3. It can be a perfect eyelid primer. Swipe a thin layer of lip gloss on your eyelids before applying an eyeshadow. It will make your eye makeup last longer while giving it a dewy look. To make your eye makeup shinier, dab lip gloss in the middle of the eyelid. 

4. It can make eyeliner or eye shadow application on your lower lid smooth. Using a cotton applicator or eyeliner brush, line your lower lashes with a thin layer of lip gloss. Let ii dry for a few seconds then apply your favorite eyeliner or eye shadow. Smudge it a little using a cotton applicator or to have a natural finish. 

5. It can be used as a highlighter. If you need a quick fix in an evening event to make your skin look glowing, put a thin layer of “glittery” lip gloss on your brow bone, under eyes, cheeks, chin, neck, legs, or any part of your body that you want to accentuate. 

6. It can erase makeup smudge. If you don’t have a makeup remover on hand, remove the smudge of your mascara or eyeliner using lip gloss on a cotton applicator or tissue paper. 

7. It can make the scent of your perfume last longer. Rub lip gloss on your pulse points before you apply your favorite scent. Lip gloss makes your perfume adhere to your skin for hours. 

8. It can be a perfect substitute for cuticle or hand cream. Rub them against your hands and fingertips. Massage it in a circular motion on your nail and cuticle area to ease the pain of having dry cuticles and hangnails. 

9. It can temporarily moisturize dry elbows and ankles. Apply it as a moisturizing lotion. 

10. It can be a reliable ring remover and fixer of stuck zipper. 

Knowing all these can truly make you inseparable with your good old lip gloss. 

Photo credit: www.pixabay.com

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