How to Keep Your Household Papers Organized

February 12, 2020
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Finding the documents that you need in a stack of missives, papers, and bills is a waste of energy and time. This disorganization leads to late correspondence and interest payments because you can’t keep track of your documents anymore. If you are contented with filing them up on your desk, it’s time for you to end it now. Sort them and organize them right away by following these simple tips: 

- There must be one designated place in your home, a drawer or space within the shelf, where you can file bills, clippings, and business documents. 

- If the files and mementos per family member are too plenty, each must have his or her own storage box for easier access. 

- All important papers and documents like birth certificates; passports; investment, medical, tax, house, bank records; and insurance policies, must be filed in a lightweight accordion filing envelope and placed further in one waterproof bag that can be easily carried in case of emergency. 

- If you can’t file papers regularly, place them in a brown envelope labeled “TO FILE” where you can store them temporarily. Find time to file those papers when the envelope fills up. 

- If you still can’t decide where to file a particular document, use a “MISCELLANEOUS FILE” but make sure to check it once in a while especially when it fills up. By doing this, you’ll see that new categories will stand out and it will be easier for you to find unnecessary papers that will be discarded. 

- All mails should be located in one part of the house. Open them up on time and file them immediately in their designated folders or envelopes. 

- If you have kids, a corkboard or clipboard is the best place for you to pin or clip their circulars or school documents that need to be signed, processed, or filed. When the kids arrive home, get those documents from them and pin or clip them immediately. By getting your hands on them you’ll know their deadlines. 

- Place all business cards in a mini accordion envelope categorized per designation to avoid mixing them up that leads to confusion when you need them. 

- If you are a very sentimental person, it is advisable to use index cards in filing contacts. This can help you keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and even presents you’ve given in the previous years along with their names and contact details. It’s also easier to update the contact details of someone who relocates. Just discard the old index card and place it with the new updated one. 

- Keep your appliances’ instructional booklets in one clear book so that you’ll know where to find them when you need them. 

- Hang a letter mail basket near the main door and use it for bills and letters that need to be mailed. Put your keys on it so you will know where to find them. When you grab them, you’ll remember the mail. 

- Always review your files regularly and discard those that are no longer needed like year-old utility bills, warranties of discarded items, old receipts, or expired coupons. 

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