Parenting Your Teenager

March 18, 2020
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Adolescence is considered a crucial stage in every child’s life. It is a time when he is adjusting to his physical appearance while dealing with hormonal changes that affect his mood and adaptability to his environment. 

As parents, it is the time that your child needs your attention, time, and understanding more. Keeping up with your adolescent child is very challenging. You have to adapt or “dance” with him because it is proven that few teenagers respond to parents who treat them like small children. Talking to your child as a guide and not as an enforcer helps to make this journey worthwhile. Here are some tips on how to parent your teenager and keep up with him. 

1. Be interested in your teenager’s activities but avoid being too nosy or snoopy. 

Know his routines, activities, friends and their manner of conversation and interaction. One of the best ways to do it is to invite them into your home and meet them personally to know them more. 

2. Set reasonable rules and limits and make sure that you stick with them. 

Set with him consequences ahead of time. Take away things or activities that they really, really like as penalties like no gadget, no television, or grounding. Never impose penalties that are unrealistic and you haven’t discussed. 

3. It is impolite to gossip about your teenager with other parents. 

He will resent it truly when he finds out. 

4. Don’t discuss a problem with your teenage child when both of you are very upset or rushing. 

Select the right time to talk about it and open a two-way communication channel. Have a heart-to-heart talk that both of you have a say. 

5. If you can’t resolve a misunderstanding or conflict verbally, work it out and compromise in writing. 

If problems arise again, you have proof that you have rules to implement that you have compromised already. 

6. Parents should have a separate “Dating Day” with their teenager, doing activities that interest him. 

Doing this will make you know each other more which leads to a strong harmonious relationship. 

7. If your teenager requests an allowance aside from providing him packed food, give him a reasonable amount but expect him to be responsible with his money. 

Teach him how to set priorities in spending his money. If he runs out of money most of the time and tells you to increase his allowance, sit down and discuss it over. You will see whether the money isn’t enough or he is just spending it unwisely. 

8. To teach responsibility, assign chores. 

Please be reminded that your teenager will not jump up or respond immediately whenever you want something done. Give him the freedom to select the time that is convenient for him and everyone involved. 

9. Habitual disagreements, conflicts, and hostility are signs that you need to consult professional help. 

Consult a family counselor to help you solve the problem. You may also work with the school guidance counselor. He can help your child process his concerns, feelings, and resentments while working hand-in-hand with you. 

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